Month: December 2013

Ramon Gallegos Nava

The end of the 20th century left us a great lesson: knowledge in modernity is characterized by its fragmented nature, his separation of the subjective context, of the interior, the absence of the spiritual basis of self-knowledge. This type of knowledge is irrelevant to a formative education of a conscience holistic. Knowledge led us in another direction, we build a predatory society of life and human beings, with great development material and technological but impoverished morally and spiritually. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava points out that the holistic education does not reject the educational objectives to increase the cognitive abilities of the students, but points out that all these objectives are peripherals to form a new awareness that will allow us to give a new evolutionary step as humanity, and that none of them or all together define a genuine comprehensive education for lifeall are desirable but they are insufficient to form beings humans with an internal order, with capacity to live together responsibly in a sustainable society.

All these educational objectives are necessary but not sufficient for responsibility and kindness, elements this is so by a very simple fact: knowledge does not make us better people. Virtually all educational systems are based on the assumption that education is that is best student more and have better knowledge, but this does not generate sense of life, helps us be more efficient but not more responsible, it allows us to know but not transform, gives us information but not wisdom. In holistic education knowledge is articulated in the context of a large coherent educational picture, that allows to have an education based on the integration of knowledge, not only in the context of the disciplines. In this way, education no longer reduced to a low instrumental training the lens partially physical sciences or, in the worst cases, of scientism, but that education is integrated into the context of the human knowledge under a plurality of perspectives that allow us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the kosmos.

Sustainable Tourism

As we all know, tourism is an inexhaustible source of revenue, which has been more than demonstrated by tourist powers clamped together as Spain, USA or France. But as all human activity associated with an impact on the environment, so you need to know how to develop this magnificent activity responsibly. In this regard Costa Rica is trying to develop a friendly tourist industry to the environment, or in other words to achieve sustainable development. It is important to clarify that sustainable development or measures taken for tourism development under this scheme, aimed mitigating environmental impact, since as mentioned above all human activity carries an impact. Of vital importance in this matter has been the role of the ICT (Costa Rican Institute of tourism) which has established a programme of certification for sustainable tourism or CST, which consists of categorisation and certification of tourism companies according to the degree in which its operation is approaching to a model of sustainability. For this are assessed four key areas: 1. environment physicist-Biologicoevalua interaction between the company and the surrounding natural environment, involving the implementation of policies and programmes for sustainability, protection of the environment, among others.

2 Service facility (this area corresponds to lodging establishments) are evaluated aspects related to systems and internal processes of the company, in terms of waste management and the use of technologies for electricity and water saving. 2. Service management (this area corresponds to agencies Tour operators) comprises the process through which the company considering all exogenous and endogenous elements, designed a tourist product in line with the market trends and characteristics of the country and the localities where goes to market the product. 3 ClienteSe evaluating the actions carried out management to invite the customer to participate in the implementation of sustainability policies of the company. 4 Environment Socioeconomicose evaluates the identification and interaction of the establishment with the adjacent, analyzing such communities, the degree in which tourism enterprises respond to the growth and development of the region through employment generation or the achievement of benefits for the community.

USTDA Supports Growth

The Forum will bring together legislators and sponsors of projects in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, the West Bank and Yemen with finance and technology options based on USA to help meet the growing needs of the region. The Forum, organized by the USTDA, in collaboration with the U.S. commercial service.UU. and the Department of State of United States.UU., will promote strategic partnerships and trade between the Middle East and North Africa region and the U.S.

energy sector long-term. USTDA is pleased to promote the efforts for the development of clean and renewable energy resources in the energy sector in the Middle East and North Africa as the basis for economic growth, said Leocadia I. Zak, acting Director of the USTDA. We look forward to unite key stakeholders from the energy sector and the region and United States technology providers to facilitate an ongoing collaboration. While these opportunities are good for the environment also create jobs and drive growth and development, said Zak. The agenda of the two-day Conference and a half will focus on the development of the sector, policy issues and financing options, as well as opportunities for projects in areas such as power combined cycle fueled by gas, cogeneration, solar, wind, hydropower, biomass, desalination integrated / energy, rural electrification, transmission and distribution, smart grid and regional interconnections updates.

To register for MENA POWER 2010: A forum for projects and technology in the Middle East and North Africa, please visit the web site of the Forum at. For further information please contact Ms. Pamela Peseux, MFM Trade Meetings, Washington, DC to the + 1.202.347.2725 or + 1.866.636.4729, Email: MFM Trade Meetings is the Manager of international conferences selected by the United States Agency for development and trade for the management of logistics, marketing and research projects for the Forum. United States trade and Development Agency: the United States Agency for trade and development (USTDA, by its acronym in English) promotes economic development and of United States commercial interests in developing and middle-income developing countries. The Agency funds various forms of assistance technical, feasibility studies, training, orientation visits and workshops for businesses that support the development of a modern infrastructure and a fair and open trading environment. The strategic use of the USTDA of foreign assistance funds to support the policies of investment and solid decision-making in host countries creates an atmosphere, suitable for trade, investment and sustainable economic development. The USTDA in their eagerness to fulfil its mission, puts emphasis on the economic sectors that may benefit from U.S. exports of goods and services.

Stadium Change

Here that the crisis is of the human being, of his thinking, from his consciousness. (Santillan 1996: 12) Therefore, mankind is experiencing this crisis in values, in which his conscience is fragmented and loss within the meaning of that is left to carry by external things and not from inside. It can be said that little reflection about what men really want and need to be happy, values have appreciated very relative way, human sense has been losing and the subjects are not seen as such, but as reproductive and competitive forces in a globalized world that increasingly demands more tecnologismo and science in the actions being undertaken, leaving aside the human part, this already not is taken in many cases into account, since for the governmental, political, educational authorities, entrepreneurs, the subjects they are product of processes established by them and the important thing is what is policies that establish. In such a situation it is necessary a change of consciousness in which the man acted and relates to others, aware of the impact of their words, their actions that should always be directed towards the good of what is your environment in which lives and coexists. This holistic education is the opportunity to start with this change in education that may lead to the evolution of consciousness both the student and the trainer or teacher who works in public and private schools. Gallegos Nava does mention you need a paradigm shift in education, since we are in a change of era, in a change of consciousness which implies the presence of a crisis, which must be overcome over time if we want to live in a better world, with spiritual beings living a human experience as the author points out. (2008: 17) This holistic education your objective is to be the conduit for the evolution of the conscience of mankind, since a characteristic of modern and postmodern cultures egocentrico-existencial Stadium to a conscious spiritual holistic own a sustainable transmodern culture, moving from a fragmented to an awareness of entirety, ir information to the wisdom of human values as ideals of the nature of being, of egocentric identity to the spiritual.

Building Adapts

The Ministry of public works has adapted European track gauge for SEAT in Martorell factory, allowing the car company to increase the use of rail for the transport of their cars. Railway policy of the car SEAT manufacturer goes the hand of commitment with the environment and the sustainable movement that emphasizes the company. Proof of this are the two railway lines that the manufacturer uses to transport of short distance. The first of these lines is that, for almost two years, joins the plant in Martorell with Barcelona’s port, from where there are thousands of vehicles through the sea. Today, 95% of cars that SEAT transports through the sea arrive at the port on this railroad. The second of the railway stretches joins Martorell with Barcelona’s Zona Franca plant, and is used primarily for the transportation of components. If we add transport through these two railway lines, annually of a 57,000 heavy vehicular traffic and 2.6000 avoided tons of carbon dioxide.

SEAT is the only company in the automotive sector which may cover the entire creation of cars in national territory, that is responsible for the design, development, manufacture and marketing of cars. This company is integrated within the German group Volkswagen and has its headquarters in the Catalan town of Martorell, where 75% of production exported to more than 70 countries. SEAT currently has a total of thirteen thousand employees and four centers of manufacture in the country, where are manufactured as important models for the firm as the lion or the Ibiza. It also has a technical center which is in charge of all operations for research and development of the cars, and that has a staff of nearly thousand professionals. In this Center all activities are developed to lower fuel consumption of cars and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, obtaining excellent results in the past year.

Adult Behavior

When comparing phrases of children with the one of adults, make with that studious they arrived at the conclusion you say that them of the children are not imitations of speaks of the adults, therefore the speech of the child is commanded by rules, therefore the children possess some different words of the grammar of the adults, however and from the speech of the adults, who the child passes developing its proper system of rules underlying to its elocutions. Currently, other arguments in favor of the inatista hypothesis exist, defending that the college of the language is not a model of the cognition. Pinker standed out the fact of that mental people with delay or problems not necessarily have linguistic problems, however exists cases of entire families with linguistic problems, whereas its cognitivas capacities are absolutely normal. 3. The old theories and the new boardings on the Skinner language are the most famous defending psychologist of the behaviorista conjectura. One of its main principles, and its followers, is that the learning if of the one through a called methodology operative conditioning. The changes in the natural behavior are resulted of events that follow this behavior. On the other hand, events exist that stimulate the repetition of the behavior that they are called reinforcement, on the other hand remain events that they make the opposite, diminish the recurrence possibility, that we came to call punishment. Amongst the psychological-philosophical chains that had kept attention to this field, the behaviourism and the inatismo if had detached for its discoveries and contributions that had revolutionized the studies that objectified to explain the ocorrentes linguistic revelations in the first years of life human being. In accordance with the behavioristas or ambientalistas that until the half of century XX had contained the learning theories, the language was it resulted of the contact of the individual with the way (experiences) and by means of the o reinforcement, stimulaton and reply, attributing to the organism a minimum innate structure, that is, to learn to speak would be a physiological process as to learn to walk of bicycle, to swim etc.

The Propeller

A. are always special equipment installed or installed and used for different purposes (fire and utilities, A., shop trailer, crane, etc.). A. intended for racing sports competitions, including the establishment of speed records (record-racing AA). A. Transportation, in turn, are divided into cars, trucks and buses. Cars have a capacity of 2 to 8 people. They are available with closed (Sedan and Limousine), open (phaeton) and open (convertible) bodies.

Trucks equipped with a body to carry cargo, load them from 0,25 to 100 tons Cargo ag without a body or a small body intended for ballast adapted for towing trailers systems, called AA-trucks, they are saddles (for trailers) and towing (for trailers). aa or AA-tractor with trailer system (trailer, semi-trailer-dissolution, trailer-Heavy) form a road train. Buses with the body for up to 8 people. Subdivided into urban, suburban, intercity (tourism), local transport, etc. On cross-AA split on road, off-road (mine) and A.

increased and high permeability. Trip designed for use on the general road network. Off-road, with increased overall dimensions and axial loads may be used only on special roads, such as quarries. A. increased and high permeability are designed to work in heavy traffic conditions and on the road. The main form of A. – wheel-drive (ie, having the drive to all wheels). In addition to wheeled, still distinguish the following AV-terrain: wheel-tracked crawler with interchangeable propellers or wheels, semi-tracked, with simultaneously tracked propellers and wheels, snowmobiles with propellers as wide caterpillars or worms; A.

The Solution

Many men who beat his family come from striking families, which generates a string of violence that seems that it has no end, violence generates unhappiness and unhappiness individual uneasiness, is a vicious circle. Then what is required is social justice, so families have enough to live and develop in an environment of equity, respect, collaboration, solidarity in independence and justice, conscious knowledge-based democracy. Then it is necessary and urgent that teachers are prepared to impart an education that is required in these times, as on the basis of the observation of reality and of inquiry, programmatic knowledge and creativity can be oriented to the solution of the problems which exist in the environment, with a vision win all and find the peace and the sustainability of the planet. Currently the education, industry and society in general, form a learning community focused on violence, with much more force and generality that the search for peace; transformation can occur only when the individual conscious transformation occurs, and this will only be achieved when individuals have an integral education. To achieve an integral education, the philosophy of Buddha can be incorporated into teaching practice, as to form a complete being is necessary to a workout that consists of the cultivation of the mind, the development of wisdom and a genuine ethics enforcement; through this training human beings with a mind calm and serene, aware of the needs and problems of their environment, can develop human beings responsible for his conduct and assertive in any decision taken on the well-being of everyone. To achieve this triple training, it is necessary to start with a meditative practice to pacify the mind, because it is there where they generate conflicts that subsequently externan, through this practice lead to each individual to the autoconicimiento that helps you to become aware of their reality and their interconnection with everyone and everything.

Measurement Window

Window height is measured along with established sill, and then is deducted from the thickness of the sill of the future. If you order a box with the balcony door, it is necessary to measure the overall width of doors and windows, individually – window height, width and height of the door. The width of the window is determined by its lower part, and the height must be measured and to the left and right. To accurately calculate these distances, it is necessary to use such devices as the level or plummet. They help to ensure smooth contours of the window opening. For the installation of arched windows is usually measured 100 mm from the edge of the opening in the center, it will be calculated bend radius. For some window openings can be ledge to make the profile inside the opening of the outside of the walls. Then the size of the profile is made in the light of these values (20-40 mm).

Before measuring it is desirable to clean the window opening of the plaster to determine the true size. As Typically, this makes the installer from the company to install windows. Make measurement on its own, and then install a ready profile of yourself – not recommended. Ordered box may not be suitable for your opening, and correction of these mistakes will cost you more in the long run. When ordering, installation of windows from a specialist you have a guarantee on all work and servicing. After measuring the produced, representative of the company will calculate the exact cost work, and writes in the order form the entire configuration of the future windows (name and type of PVC profile, number and type of valves, fittings, color, material, thickness of glass). Only then will manufacture and installation of window frame will be done correctly.

Glazing Of Balconies And Loggias

PVC windows of balconies and loggias. Plastic windows are highly popular. However, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) – ideal for window frames in the main walls. Alas, even if on a balcony or a loggia in the PVC-profile set double glazing, the additional warm living room will not work. Space itself – the side walls, floor, ceiling and balcony railing itself does not have a main wall properties and, accordingly, would freeze in winter. Even if they are thoroughly warmed, then in the morning will appear condensate.

The situation could be remedied by setting the balcony of radiators, but such work requires permission for redevelopment of IAC (Interagency Committee) in the prefecture of the district, one of which can cost of getting double-glass cover the cost of insulated material and put together Putting plastic box with a 2-chamber double-glazed windows to the balcony did not appropriate. In conventional aluminum system also can insert double glazed windows (this will greatly reduce the noise from the street), and the cost will be considerably less than the average cost of PVC glazing in Moscow – $ 160 / sq m Frameless glazing (glazing Finnish). Frameless glass system has come into our market a few years ago as a very expensive and exclusive product. Outside the frameless design of frameless glazing of balconies and loggia is a solid glass wall, without frames and uprights. Balcony can be fully opened, slide the blade to the side windows and turning them against the wall, where they form a kind of 'book', glass canvas slip on the rollers at the top and bottom of the aluminum rails. When closed, glazed lockable key. Of course, frameless glazing system is very easy to use and externally looks very impressive, but it costs an average of 3 times the aluminum counterparts and is 320 $ / sq ft