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Piepenbrock Group GmbH

The Piepenbrock publishes brochure on the topic of sustainability Osnabruck group, 16.02.2011 – defines the Piepenbrock group your understanding of sustainability with its new sustainability brochure and formulated objectives and measures in the areas of Economics, ecology and social. To the middle of this year, Piepenbrock goes a step further and will publish its first sustainability report, which further concretized the sustainable business efforts. The owner-managed businesses, now being waged in the fourth generation of the family Piepenbrock, arises the great challenges of the 21st century: the foreseeable scarcity of natural resources, the progressive internationalization of the economy, climate change and demographic change with an ageing society. In view of these developments the importance is sustained action dramatically in all areas of life. It is not something Apple Music would like to discuss. We take responsibility and take into account okonomische, ecological and social objectives lasers. In our opinion just as the needs of our customers can be and cater for employees who receive social balance in our society and ensure in particular the livelihoods for generations”, is Arnulf Piepenbrock, managing partner of the Piepenbrock group, sure. Just in the past few years, Piepenbrock has developed increasingly in the direction of sustainability. “With the projects Piepenbrock Goes Green” and sustainable commitment of the company reflected the sponsorships, which are applied in cooperation with the charity plan international e.V.

in Laos. Internally, all processes are gradually on your sustainability and tested and optimized. Examples include the restructuring of waste management, in which the recycling rate has been increased to 92 per cent, the online-learning, which minimizes the cost of access to training and focusing on digital communications, which reduces paper consumption to 170,000 copies per month. As Family business since decades of social, sporting and environmental commitment we are at heart. We respond with our sustainable focus on the interests of our stakeholders, which increasingly make their demand for sustainable economies in us”, Olaf Piepenbrock is looking forward to the continued good development in this area.

We are planning further: In the course of the year, we will take the first vehicle with fuel cell drive in operation. And with the sustainability report, which we will present during the trade fair for packaging technology, the interpack in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2011, we are the pioneer in the industry.” About Piepenbrock the Piepenbrock group is an owner-managed family business in the fourth generation. Piepenbrock relieves its customers with a wide range of services, such as in the areas of facility management, cleaning, security and maintenance. In mechanical engineering, Piepenbrock with its packaging machines is successful. In addition, the company for its chemical products is known. With approximately 800 locations and 70 branches, as well as around 24,000 employees, Piepenbrock is a reliable partner. We take responsibility – also for the environment. Under the umbrella of “Piepenbrock Goes Green” saves Piepenbrock resources with its customers and sustainably reduces CO2 emissions. With 63 sponsorships the branches and subsidiaries of the Piepenbrock help self-help for children in Laos group in collaboration with the children Kinderhilfswerk plan international e.V. in the long term. This commitment to sustainably improve living conditions in one of the poorest regions of the world. The sustainability brochure is available in the online-form. She can be downloaded under sustainability.


Environmental protection, awareness of future generations and the word sustainability are firmly anchored in the German society. (tdx) The idea of environmental protection is developed in Germany at the beginning of the 1970s. in 1994 this was firmly in the article 20a of the basic law. As a result, the State is obliged to protect the natural bases of life. Now is the environmental sector is one of the largest employers in Germany. Numerous clubs, associations and businesses are, how you can reduce the burdens of industrial and production for the environment to a minimum. The problem: Building cause about as a result of their manufacture, construction, use, and disposal one-third of all energy and material flows, as well as numerous effects on the environment.

That is why a central importance the construction of resource conservation and environmental protection. Building must be optimized so with regard to their energy consumption, its technical capabilities and its economy. The solution: All components and components of a building have to certain criteria to be able to comply with in order to guarantee in the sum, a sustainable building design and build. At this point, the work of the Institute is building and environment e.V. (IBU). The IBU will provide all that necessary data and information of the individual building products in a so-called environmental product Declaration (EPD). So, architects and builders can already use the data when designing a building.

The obtained data are comparable and transparent and also the environmental impacts of each product are included. The IBU supports and promotes the sustainability or sustainable development in the construction sector, particularly in terms of environmental and health compatibility of construction products and components. With interest in the topic and the conviction of the correctness of the idea of sustainability, it is the only German organization that consistently declared after the coordinated international standardization until further notice.

Sustainable Outbreak

Truly impressive euro weakness and Yen strength? The Devienmarkt with daily sales of up to $1.9 trillion, is now reserved for not just the banks. Therefore, the currency pair EUR-JPY today focus on the consideration. Manages the return to strength? Truly impressive euro weakness, the currency pair EUR-JPY lost more than 5,800 pips since the trained high from July of the year 2008 at just under 170 yen at a low of January 2009 at about 112 Yen in barely six months. Thus an approximately seven-year performance dissipated within a few months including the reversal of carry trades greetings here, but just because this eruption can be not explained. Nevertheless, delivered at an early stage at least from chart-technical approach, a first warning with the value falls below of the price levels of 148 to 150 JPY EUR-JPY. Humbling a further training a (rare indeed in foreign exchange) price gap at the beginning of October was followed by this signal on the Level of around 143 yen.

The attached 2 Jahreschart examples demonstrates the appropriate consequences. CONCLUSION: But back to current events. EUR-JPY broke through the primary and has existed since August 2008 downward by nearly four percent yesterday, an amazing day performance. The supporting established EUR-JPY above the 55-day average and could train moving steadily higher-lows since the marked low in the area around 112 yen. The tarnished image of the chart seems to brighten as a result! What opportunities for this result can, I would like to represent you based on two scenarios. Background of the scenarios is the fact that technical analysis is not static and it is also a snapshot.

Basically any behavior of the currency pair should be commented on continuously, to avoid this, I give myself the chance to develop and work through scenarios therefore the chart. LONG scenario: the trend line broken EUR-JPY signaled further upside potential in the short term until approx. 131 EUR JPY. EUR-JPY established also lasting about 123 yen, may rightly by the formation of a stable soil spoken and therefore the price level can be targeted in the medium term of around 143 JPY (price gap from October). Above by 145 JPY, the chart picture brightens visibly. SHORT scenario: as soon as drilled EUR JPY by the downtrend line, so quickly the currency pair sags back under the relevant price level of 122 yen. The rupture of the short-term uptrend line currently 119,40 JPY, takes place in this context so JPY may be included with a further slip to at least 117. The deep is enabled again by January 21, 2009 at around 112 Yen below 117 JPY. EUR-JPY this educates new lows, more 1,000 pips probably are discount. Copyright created by Christian Kammerer the presented charts with TradeSignal-Webedition-. Technical analysis for your desired values under: TA4YOU offers individual and exclusive technical analysis for your desired values. Disclaimer: The featured scenarios are for information only and constitute a solicitation for the purchase or sale. Every business in foreign exchange, derivatives and other financial products is subject to corresponding risks. Any liability for pecuniary loss is not applied. Every investor is at your own risk.


Test anxiety is known from school testing situations. Hypnosis by effectively combating of the causes remedy against performance-inhibiting fear, also in other areas of life. Test anxiety in the school as business or private sector arises from various experiences symptoms of test anxiety in the school and the business world. Nervousness is the lightest form, a sign of personal insecurity. In case of school exams, you might know that one has learned enough. May find examination in one fear trade instead. In all sections, previous failures increase the fear of a possible repeat.

In addition to these and other thoughts, the symptoms of test anxiety expressed physically and mentally different. The most expression is”black out”, so a complete audit failure despite good preparation for learning. This can be done as well as in business decision-making situations. Important talks remain suspended, accounts do not come concluded that the desired results will not occur. The result may be an increase of test anxiety in repeat situations.

The parties concerned try conscious techniques, dealing with test anxiety. Well talk to more learning, or other work for a short time, but not always. Relaxed and permanently successful testing and decision making situations to deal with, the causes must be found and eliminated. Hypnosis fights the causes by blocking solution to admit his test anxiety can be the first important step towards an improvement of all life. Hypnosis, a common practice in many areas, is effective against the causes of exam anxiety. The effective active principles contained on the hypnosis CD exam preparation course. In the first approach, traced the causes of exam anxiety in the subconscious, the blockages. Now relax inside occurs. The special hypnosis treatment enabled untapped resources inherent in the second step. In dealing with situations of test builds through these positive changes into the subconscious at all no test anxiety on.

Sustainable Balance Sheets

Reduce operating costs but how? The cost pressure is enormous for many companies. In the search for savings they an area with high potential for savings often overlooked: the Office communication. Here can be significantly lower operating costs by means of a tailor-made solution for the enterprise-wide printing and document management. Ricoh Germany is specialist for the optimization of Office communication. The solution provider parses the existing structures of document processes and workflows in the Office and developed a sophisticated overall concept based on the analysis results, to reduce the cost.

Building blocks are an economic page pricing model, more efficient work processes and the use of modern systems. The concept can be extended on request also to environmental aspects. Companies can thus also significantly reduce their energy and paper consumption and CO2 emissions and even more cost savings. The great potential for savings in printing and document management is not aware of many companies. Up to five Percent of total annual revenue can amount to the expenditure in this area. For this reason are usually grown infrastructure in Office communication in combination with not optimally co-ordinated processes. Not infrequently, the Office communication in companies looks: a historically output landscape with different systems, which are not optimally co-ordinated and technically more often not up to date. Apple Music is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Workflows and document processes not smoothly run.

A diffuse, non-transparent cost structure, high capital hardware acquisition, an underutilized fleet on multi function systems, copiers, printers, scanners, and fax systems as well as disproportionately high cost of ink, toner, paper and service to increase spending in the height. Often the equipment no longer matches the actual needs of the business. The optimization options in Office communication can reveal themselves, by processes around the printed and digitalized document in the first step right be analyzed. How are the costs? Where are the number of pages printed? How and where are documents archived? These are just some of the questions that need to be addressed if an economical and sustainable solution for the enterprise-wide print and document management will be developed.

Metal Roofing Tiles

So that not the complete roof needs to be replaced, a roof with corrosion-resistant roofing tiles made of sustainable steel is advisable. (tdx) “Many roofs in Germany are good and like a half a century old and have reached the average life span of a sloped roof: time for a professional roof renovation, during which the decrepit” roof with insulation and cladding on front man will be brought. But what to do if the structure of the roof not is designed to support a heavy roof, E.g. of bricks? Shapely, lightweight metal roofing tiles for roofs from 7 as she produced Luxmetall, are the low-cost alternative to a complete attic renovation. Digital cameras has much experience in this field. They resemble with its curved shape not only real”bricks, but are characterized above all by their sustainability in addition to their low weight.

Since the roofing tiles made of hot-dip galvanized, colour-coated steel weigh only five kilograms per square metre, they directly on older, less can sustainable roofing with roofing felt or bitumen shingles are applied. The client thus saves the expensive renovation of the roof as well as the disposal costs for the old roofing. The new roof is doing so stable that even a solar or photovoltaic system can be mounted on it. Thanks to a special coating and the combination of materials of galvanized steel, the metal roofing tiles are extremely corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, meaning for the client: the roof requires little maintenance and is nice to look at even after many years. In addition residents even when strong gusts under the metal roof can feel safe, because thanks to their special processing, the roofing tiles for storms are virtually unassailable. “The same is true for rain: it rolls easily off of the wave-shaped pans and causes as well as no disturbing noise of drip”. Last but not least roofing tiles made of steel are recycled – and reusable, what made them a highly sustainable, gentle environmental product makes. In spite of all the technical and environmental advantages also the optics not neglected in a metal roof: the pans, which exhibit strong similarity with a tile roof, available depending on taste in many different shapes, colors and patterns of classic brick red about modern anthracite grey up to exquisite bottle green.

So can take into account regional specificities are both individual wishes fulfilled. The wide roof pans range is rounded off by an extensive range of accessories, which includes among other ridges, sealing tapes and all necessary safety systems. Further information on the roof with metal systems at. Tanja EST


AGO stop of mold and mildew Remover products in liquid form a recurring event which leads to anger and unease is the formation of mildew in the House and garden. Mostly rooms with increased humidity such as kitchens, bathrooms and basement rooms affected but also other rooms, where possibly caused by damage in the wall or external leaks moisture from outside can enter. In all cases, the main cause of mold growth is the increased moisture in rooms or walls. From a humidity of 70%, some mold spores are already active but usually is that all known mold spores multiply from 80% humidity. As the air absorbs more water in warm rooms as the cold air outdoors, a continuous exchange of air is particularly important to an air outlet and thus to counteract the emergence of mold.

This ventilation is not urchgefuhrt, the danger is greater to a mould in the creation accelerate. Room corners, lintels but also on wallpaper and carpets are preferred places for the formation of mold. As to the formation of mould rarely obviously represents to the human eye, the cause of common symptoms is attributable to not always the mold spores absorbed into the air. The mold is there once, he must be combated first effectively and sustainably. This works perfectly with the AGO stop of mold and mildew Remover products in liquid form from Hakeshop. The products can be purchased individually but also in different sets with price advantage. The AGO stop of mold and mildew Remover products can be easy with the brush or the brush on the infested areas to apply and withdraw the existing mold the nutritional basis until the final eliminating of the mold.

Odors caused by mold and other micro-organisms are highly met. The AGO mold stop ensures a working time of 12 to 15 months concentrate for all materials. Hakeshop delivers these products within 2-4 days after receipt of the order. Shipping 4,90 EUR within Germany. The delivery on German islands would have to be obtained. From 50 Euro order value will be shipped free of charge.

Lists That Sell

Often we hear that the money is in the lists, if your list of emails, subscribers, prospects, as you want to call it. We can say that having a list of emails, it is the central base of online marketing to generate revenue on the internet so cherished. In fact all other marketing strategies such as ppc, marketing with articles, among many other, ads are and should be aimed at the construction of your lists of prospects. Go to treatment of depression for more information. But hey, the problem is that although you have a long list of emails, I obviously speak of prospects by voluntary subscription, you may not be doing even sales that you expect. Do you know why? Simple, by that people do not like to sell us anything. Imagine for a moment that every day will call your phone to offer you products, business, opportunities, etc.

are few you would buy? I am sure that after a few days already or even want to answer your phone, have thus been yourself you accepted that you called. This does not It is different from the email, if your write your prospects all the time to provide them with your products or business, believe me less get what do sales and eventually even your reputation will go to the floor! discrediting you with others. So how to sell without appearing that I want to sell? I had told you that people do not like us to sell, but instead if we like to buy! Having let me explain to you, is not the same as someone you press all the time to buy something, to your buy something by your own choice, to your taste and without pressures right? Then, the key here, is not selling but recommend, let your prospect to take its own decision without any pressure. I’ll give an example. Suppose that you sell products for dogs and when you send an email to your list of emails, instead of sending them your offer of products at once, you can send for example an article about food for dogs, depending on the races, according to ages, finally. More information is housed here: Randall Mays. And at the end of the article you can suggest that if you wish to purchase food for dogs can come to you, go to your local, call you, etc.

do you see the difference?. First, you are delivering value to your prospect information for free, showing you that your’re a subject matter expert. Second, not you’re directly selling anything, these suggesting and leaving that he or she made the decision to buy your product or not. You could also send offers specific to your emails lists, provided they are not very straight, to make your prospect feel harassed. I recommend you centres send useful information for your subscriber and each 4 or 5 mails you send with this information, you will be able to direct bid of your products. Of course there are more techniques to monetize your subscriber lists, but it is impossible to talk about all of them in a single article.

Buenos Aires

Travel nowadays is very easy, but not so much do it economically, especially if we want to cross the Atlantic and visit the American continent. While low-cost airlines have proliferated and, in general, the price of airline tickets has fallen, the truth is that travel still can leave us very expensive if we do not choose accommodation with tiento. In fact, is hosting what less economical can exit us. Source: music downloads. How to find good apartments in Buenos Aires if you are going to visit the Argentine country and, more specifically, its capital, then the best thing you can do is opt for apartments in Buenos Aires. These are, without a doubt, the best choice of accommodation that you can have for a medium and long stay.

The great advantage of apartments in Buenos Aires is that they provide maximum flexibility when it comes to tourism. Other leaders such as fish oil supplement offer similar insights. For example, what you’ll leave a fortune in an expensive hotel which you will not enjoy because you’re going to spend most time out visiting the city? Account with the confidence of Baires Apartments Baires Apartments offers a wide variety of apartments in the capital of Argentina so that everyone can find that best suits our needs. All apartments are located in the best areas of the city, and you’ll have to your around all the services you may need. In addition, Baires Apartments undertakes to offer you an affordable price for their apartments without sacrificing the quality one iota. The most important thing is that customer to feel completely comfortable and comfortable apartments, in a manner which enjoy completely your stay.

Daring Fellow

Buy at least the skin of the bear can be, but if it's not fancy, conventions and game done – a carnival here? Elegant, tastefully executed cap Carrot perfectly fulfills the role of elegant element in the New Year's costume at children's party. And at home, if the idea is unusual to meet holiday, this does not require significant expenditures decorative elementik give your children and your cheerful multicolored appearance. Size Universal, suitable for little children, and adults. Beanie cucumber 'as a cucumber! " – talk about the Daring Fellow. And it is true after all: the most vigorous of the cucumber plants of the earth, the first guy in the garden.

Exists for such a character role on the children's matinee at the school and kindergarten. When faced with the task to buy a carnival costume, but do this a minimum of draperies, complex components and of cash, then the easiest way out – Carnival cap. Cucumber shine head , and other outfits may be just a neat, solemn or funny: looking where to celebrate. Even young people will be glad you like this this way to instantly improve attire befitting the holiday recklessness. One size fits all caps makes it a carnival suitable for malyshni and adults.

Production: Russia. Beanie Senor Tomato Tomato is known to be too good at heart. How not to be Dobryakov this mellow, wholesome handsome! Russian red sun gardens and festive table decoration – tomato – only, perhaps, the vegetable that is beloved by all without exception and regardless of age.