Month: June 2013

Maximum Keramoizol

At the expense of the practical use of the material, there is nothing complicated. To get started, you need to carry, brush or roller paralonovy, too, will need a drill at low speed (200 min) in order to was 'Keramoizol' mix, because sometimes the stuff on top of the bucket is thick, and bottom – liquid. You need to bring it to a form that is to do – a liquid, by mixing the drill. All 'Keramoizol' ready to use. But before applying the miracle material for insulating your property, it must also prepare. If this tube, they must be cleaned, removing much of the rust, you can use different types of solvents.

If it is the walls and everything connected with them, then they must be primed. After all these simple manipulation can start working. 'Keramoizol' applied a thin layer, one layer should not exceed 0.5-1.0 mm. drying time is 24 hours at temperature of 20 degrees. The number of layers ranges from 3 to 6 (based on the needs of the object, for the walls need less layers, for pipe more) with a maximum thickness of 3.5 mm (double thickness has the effect will not give) Maximum temperature for the material from 5 to 95 degrees, and no more, because it may cause material damage and no less than 5C, the material in the liquid state is afraid of freezing. To work in the winter time, you need a 'Keramoizol' on the basis of the varnish. A after drying it 'Keramoizol' can withstand -50 to 250 degrees.

Regarding the amount of material, it will be 1:1, ie, 1L to 1 square meter. Should leave at least a layer of 1.5-2.5 mm. On the Internet, you probably have seen many, as positive and negative opinions and impressions. I want to say just one thing, there is a negative for the incorrect use of the material and non-compliance with the recommendations that are simple and clear. Since, there have been instances when walls with insulation, covered with a layer of more immediately without waiting for the drying of the previous layer, thus damaging the bottom layer of insulation, after which it become loose and fall – all the work in the pipe … There were some cases where only covered one layer and all, and then said that it does not work, and insulation is poor. There were different cases. But most people who do everything right – happy with the results of the thermal insulation Keramoizol. Therefore, reading Documentation is the key to success. But why are we so used to doing that first, and then read 🙂 Personally, I myself, insulate your house with this material and the results surprised me. Try it and you'll also be surprised! If you need advice on equipment insulation 'Keramoizol', the site find my phone number, type I, and I'm happy to answer all your questions! Thank you for your attention.

October Electronic

For it it is essential to use a Software de Digitalizacin Certificate and accredited. This software must contribute the guarantee from which faithful and complete image of the document, signed is obtained with electronic company/signature of the digitalization software. By each digitized document a registry of data with all the indispensable fields of record books in a data base is due to conserve. The Digitalization of documents must store in a documentary data base with registry of data by each document and a field of binary image of the document or connects to the file contains that it, with the electronic company/signature of the image of the invoice and the data base. Software will have to allow to a complete access to the data base and the recovery/reconstruction of the document certificate.

The homologation of software for the certified digitalization the homologation of software demands certain requirements that are detailed in the RESOLUTION of 24 of October of 2007, of the State Agency of Tributary Administration, on procedure for the homologation of software of digitalization contemplated in Order EHA/962/2007, of 10 of April of 2007. The process implies the application of electronic companies qualified or recognized and the use of systems of date and exact hour of the invoice certified, reason why it is necessary to count on an appropriate electronic certificate. According to article 7 of Order EHA 962/2007 and the section first of Resolution 24 of October of 2007 on the procedure for the homologation of software of digitalization of invoices, we listed next some of the more common standard formats for the electronic document use of certified digitalization: ISO 19005 (PDF/A)? Png? JPEG 2000? Acrobat 5 (pdf 1,4) or superior? Tiff 6,0 or superior the solution Legal Pixelware Scan has passed the passage of revision through a company specialized in audit of Certified Digitalization that has confirmed that fulfills the requirements of Order EHA/962/2007, 10 of April of 2007, and at the moment it is in steps to ask for the homologation before the Agency Tributary of its solution of digitalization certified of electronic documents generated or digitized with the management solutions of document specific processes of Pixelware. Solution of Business: Digitalization certified of invoices original Author and source of the article

Science & Origins Of Life – DNA

Brain, between every cell in our body and every living organism – a tiny molecule called DNA. Molecular biologists have argued that this basic molecule of life is too complex to arise by itself. Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that the program of DNA is much more complicated than they have ever designed. It is therefore not a scientific process, including natural selection can not explain the origin of DNA many scientists believe that DNA has been developed. The amount of information embedded in DNA, which is so tiny that can fit on the point of a pin is equal to the amount of information contained in the stack Book paper, such a pitch that it could wrap the Earth 5,000 times. DNA works as a program with its own incredibly complex code. DNA encoding an indication of its creator, is so reasonable that it is shocking imagination. This view was set by none other, as the world’s leading atheist philosophy professor, Anthony Flow.

Over 50 years of promoting atheism in college classrooms, books and lectures, Flow argued that science has “everything”, then to deny himself: ‘I think that gives enough DNA material to show that in the creation of intelligence was involved … Now it seems to me that the findings of science for more than 50 years, DNA research have provided materials for the new and very convincing arguments in favor of creation. ” Although Flow Flow is an atheist does not believe in a personalized God, now he says that there are evidence indicating the existence of some form of intelligence behind all creation. Since the writing of Behe “Darwin’s Black Box ‘, the findings have kindled a fire controversy over this book. Materialists do not try bring the value of its discoveries. However, the fact that not one scientist has been able to explain how natural processes could serve as a result of these complex natural systems.

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Normally when we get something in our life it is because we appreciate it, are not going to buy a cat, a food, an electrical appliance if we think that what we buy is useless, that sounds illogical, as happens with the money, is necessary to appreciate the special things we can do with the money and that mental perspective will that we bring him easily into our lives. The theme of the accumulation of money has been one of the most controversial throughout the history of mankind and is not to own it is an extremely unpleasant situation why? Simply because it is necessary to take a good quality of life, with money we buy everything related to our needs and if we are not able to meet them went into a State of despair and even disease, which totally destroys the self-esteem of people. Do you can live without money or very little? Yes, but that means accepting mediocrity, it’s like you lost any of its members for the purpose, he would continue living but that decision would be a complete absurdity, the life must be abundant in all areas: health, education, values, spirituality, prosperity, etc. The secret of a good life is a balance in different areas of our lives and without doubt that the money helps in a very remarkable way to achieve this. As the manifest Andrew Corentt in his book I am happy, I am rich is necessary to have a true appreciation for the money, in this book you will learn the necessary techniques that will enable you to break down internal barriers that you may have against the accumulation of money and that not until now have not allowed you lead a life full of material achievements and otheryou deserve wealth, it is worth it, you was born to greatness only need to remember it.