Ramon Gallegos Nava

The end of the 20th century left us a great lesson: knowledge in modernity is characterized by its fragmented nature, his separation of the subjective context, of the interior, the absence of the spiritual basis of self-knowledge. This type of knowledge is irrelevant to a formative education of a conscience holistic. Knowledge led us in another direction, we build a predatory society of life and human beings, with great development material and technological but impoverished morally and spiritually. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava points out that the holistic education does not reject the educational objectives to increase the cognitive abilities of the students, but points out that all these objectives are peripherals to form a new awareness that will allow us to give a new evolutionary step as humanity, and that none of them or all together define a genuine comprehensive education for lifeall are desirable but they are insufficient to form beings humans with an internal order, with capacity to live together responsibly in a sustainable society.

All these educational objectives are necessary but not sufficient for responsibility and kindness, elements this is so by a very simple fact: knowledge does not make us better people. Virtually all educational systems are based on the assumption that education is that is best student more and have better knowledge, but this does not generate sense of life, helps us be more efficient but not more responsible, it allows us to know but not transform, gives us information but not wisdom. In holistic education knowledge is articulated in the context of a large coherent educational picture, that allows to have an education based on the integration of knowledge, not only in the context of the disciplines. In this way, education no longer reduced to a low instrumental training the lens partially physical sciences or, in the worst cases, of scientism, but that education is integrated into the context of the human knowledge under a plurality of perspectives that allow us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the kosmos.