Month: February 2015

New York

Serve these shallow lines to understand that I found suddenly in Valencia without having to go to the newspaper every morning, as he has been doing every day. The reaction of most of my friends and acquaintances, in Valencia and beyond, was similar: you will now return to Madrid, I guess. None of them seemed to consider that Valencia can be a destination in itself and not, simply, transitory place of an encomienda which, once complete, albeit abruptly, requires that you go to other payments to continue developing your professional activity. There is nothing in Madrid replied to my interlocutors that he cannot do in Valencia. For some perplexity, added: I like this city much more, life is better in this land and, because to choose, I’d rather stay. To me, what they want to say, found me my answer of overwhelming obvious. One has lived on in Bilbao, Logrono, Barcelona, Madrid, New York and Salamanca and in all parties has made friends and has been reasonably happy. Why missed, therefore now magnificent opportunity to have known Valencia, its people and its climate, its culture and its history, his industriousness and his vital joy, and not share them and enjoy them all what you can it? The only thing paradoxical in that repeated dialogue from now you’ll go, no, I will stay, it is the attitude of my interlocutors that, instead of believing that live on this earth is a gift from the gods, they think that someone who has accidentally come to her to what really sucks is to leave as soon as you can. Such an attitude is certainly due to certain historical fatum suffering from border regions, with an indeterminate awareness of its own identity. Do not know very well what they are, if you dwell or cristinas, if of the North or South, whether this or that, and sometimes reveal underground and absurd inferiority complexes with respect to other lands and other people who have nothing to envy.

Technology Manitou From The Company CVH

An extensive range of telescopic forklifts and terrain is used for unloading of construction materials and equipment from trucks and cars to move cargo on site and their submission to the jobs in the area of the tower cranes for feeding and positioning of metal in the assembly of bearing cages of industrial buildings for roofing, etc., etc. Especially popular during the construction low-rise buildings located in large areas – sports, hotels, exhibition centers, shopping centers, warehouses, terminals – used telescopic handlers, cranes Maniscopic. The line of trucks Manitou Maniscopic includes more than 40 models: from tiny three-wheeled Twisco, to athletes Maniscopic series mht, capable of moving loads weighing up to 16 tons, or a series of mrt, allows you to raise loads to a height of 21 meters. Manoeuvrable and compact loader manitou, designed so that provides a complete overview of the working platform of the cab. High ground clearance (up to 50 cm), high-profile tires and excellent traction characteristics allow the machine to work on any sites, even with a layer of dirt 40 centimeters. Machines can be equipped with a family Maniscopic different buckets, forks, grips, dumps, hooks, jib, concrete mixers and baskets, so many of them can used as a loader and as a mobile crane and a telescopic aerial work and how much more. Forklift manitou family Maniloader include both conventional wheel loaders, and a number of hinged, as well as line trucks with a rotary spade – these trucks can pick up cargo from the mound in front of him and pour it on the right or left side, without changing his position. Family of operating platforms Maniaccess a wide range of self-propelled articulated, lever, crank, and mast lifts, designed for use indoors or for use on rough terrain, with slopes up to 40 degrees.

Manitransit – line specialized trucks new generation. Loaders of this family are designed for unloading vehicles at any point in the route of the journey. The special design of these trucks allows you to attach them directly to the body of the truck. Loader for sale. The issue of security of people and goods – one of the key issues of production equipment sale. In developing each new model the designers tend to Manitou give the operator maximum visibility of the working area and full control of all systems. Indicators track the performance of all essential components and processes, and control automation, if necessary, blocks machine. Security is provided not only for highly accurate and original decisions, but also due to complete automation of the production process, multi-stage quality control system and testing each sample. Attention to changes in customer needs and the ability to quickly respond to them has made the company Manitou world leader in developing, manufacturing and sales of lifting equipment for the terrain.

Archaeological Park Erqueyez

For the second consecutive year, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the SADR and the Association of Friendship with the Saharawi people of Seville organize the SAHARA BIKE RACE, a socio-sport event and solidarity to meet the complex life of the Saharawi camps refugees and in the desert, living in tents and share their culture. This extraordinary bike path through a wilderness of true Western Sahara, sand dunes, rocks, large covered concourse fossils … enjoy sweeping landscapes, nights under the stars and the hospitality of the Saharawi people and the richness of Bedouin culture . Previously, in refugee camps, participants will share the daily life of the exiled Sahrawi people, knowing their tents, their meeting places, its souks, its history and customs, such as tea ceremony, to check that the odds do not make them lose their ability to spread optimism and hope. Participants in the RACE BIKE SAHARA II will travel a distance of 350 miles, parallel to wall built by Morocco to split into two separate Western Sahara and the Saharawi families between occupation and exile. A journey from refugee camps in Western Sahara until released under the slogan: "Break the wall." The caravan of cyclists will leave Sevilla charter flight and arrive in the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria, notably the Wilaya of El Aaiun. From there the cyclists depart bound Tifariti (capital of the liberated territories), where they will encounter with the Bedouins who live in the heart of the Sahara desert and a visit to the Archaeological Park Erqueyez impressive.

This proposal adventurous, athletic, supportive and demanding will take place from March 26 to April 4, 2010, during Holy Week. Its price, 900 euros, includes flight from Sevilla and internal transfers, full board, technical and medical assistance, insurance, visa and Bike Race Kit Sahara. Information and registration through the Association of Friendship with the Saharawi people of Seville, in the tf. 954 28 22 05 or the mail address of the blog is SAHARA RACE BIKE.


PROJECT OF IMPLANTATION OF AN ORGANIZATION CHART FOR SUPPLIMENT DEPARTMENT OF ONE MANUFACTURES. Organization chart of supplies and suppliments. Attributions of the areas Managing of Supplies and Suppliments? Ernandes Coast Dos Santos? Administration and Management of the organization of the supplies and suppliments. Suppliment elaborates plain of strategy pra manufactures of them. Its subordinate is the areas of Warehouses, expedition, invoicing, controls and pesagens of residues.

In charge Warehouse? Wemerson Paiva? It all manages the process of storage of films and to guarantee the separation of materials for kits of production. Assistant of Warehouse? Carlos Humberto? To organize all the suppliment supplies of manufactures Conversion. Guaranteed the maintenance of the supplies. Assistant of production control? Mario Igor? Update of the production controls. has reported of production of manufactures Conversion. Assistant of control of inks? Marcelo Fields? Update of the controls of inks and reports of production, to organize and to control supplies of inks discusses of entrances and exits of inks in supplies. you supervise loads and discharges of inks. Invoicing? Raphael Amaral? To guarantee the invoicing of manufacture, and to co-ordinate the team of expedition in the executions of the tasks of the company.

Pesagem Shavings? Enrique? To guarantee that all the shavings generated in the production are weighed in the pesagem system. Assistant of Warehouse 1 and 2? Eder/Tarciano? To organize all the suppliment supplies of manufactures Conversion. Guaranteed the maintenance of the supplies. Assistant of production control? Mario Igor? Update of the production controls. has reported of production of manufactures Films. Invoicing? Fagner? To guarantee the invoicing of manufactures, and to co-ordinate the team of expedition in the executions of the tasks manufactures Films. The Too much positions and answer to the manager of supplies and suppliments, that define the attributions of each function.

Stimuli Economic

With the Americans throughout the country by tightening the belt, may seem an unusual moment to start his own business. But the truth is that it does not exist a moment better! Did you know that the great depression created more millionaires than any other time in the history of the United States? The reason is that even in a recession, people still spend money on needs. And when you combine the recession and an industry tested as of the tax preparation with the remarkable golden opportunity of buying a franchise standard, Tri Tax economic stimulus package gets. Tri Tax, one of the main tax services, be granted a franchise between 10 individuals selected at a reduced cost and offer financing. Tri Tax is looking for people who want to succeed, but rather are in a financial situation that is not ideal. The company aims to promote business success through a program with key in hand, an unprecedented support, and one dynamic tutoring. But why Tri Tax is an excellent opportunity? And why now? Because there are two things certain in life, and taxes are one of them. Millions of people and families need tax preparation services each year, reason by which the franchisees most see an immediate return on your investment.

With the current economic downturn, many people have with their tax refund, and Tri Tax is the resort perfect for them, since it offers a professional service at an affordable price. A Tri Tax franchise is an ideal opportunity for people who have never been owners of a company. Through years of trial and error – and the impressive success – the founder Carlos Marquez has compiled everything you need in one easy to use system that he allows you to achieve success. While other new business owners reinvented the wheel with every decision, you will have the security of a franchise proven behind you. The next success story of Tri Tax might be yours.

Apartment City

Buenos Aires, with their looks and splendor, was able to transform into one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The number of attractions and delights, as well as the economic facilities that provides relative to currencies such as the dollar or Euro have positioned it as an exponent in the world. If you plan to travel to Buenos Aires, no doubt you should feel the warmth of the local culture and the tango. If that is your idea, you can rent an apartment in Buenos Aires, the obelisk and thus see and show off the splendor of this unique city. The Paris of the South the landscape of cement of this city is unique, so as well as cultural variety and different places to visit throughout the year. Sites like Museum MALBA, Buenos Aires casino, loe stadia of Boca Juniors and River, etc. There are several benefits that provide temporary rentals in buenos aires.

Think that stays in luxury hotels have increased due to high demand, on the other hand, the price of this type of property income has been reduced due to the boom of construction in the city that, even now, still existing. Therefore, if you want to visit Buenos Aires, taking into account rents vacation as one of their options for your stay. There are different ways of hiring an agent or broker to help you in your choice. Today, the use of technology has favored this having numerous companies that manage and administer its reserves in a manner totally online. Have you tested any of these services?