Month: September 2013

Ventilation Designs

Design ventilation system kitchen and bathroom. Ventilation system in apartment or house basically illustrated by cuisine and bathrooms. Therefore, planning these rooms necessary inflict onto walls drawing placement and diameters openings for air ducts. It is also necessary to cause the layout of the wires leading to the fans. All kitchens and bathrooms are equipped with holes for ducting, which is closed by a grid or lattice. Fairly often there is an overwhelming desire to move the hole closer to the wall or ceiling, on the grounds that make it hardly noticeable to the eye. This operation should be performed only in exceptional cases, because hole is connected to the vent pipe, the transfer is time-consuming process, especially if the walls are made of concrete (drywall much easier task).

Mounting Fans essential provision in the bathroom room, toilet. The role of the fan in the kitchen is successfully carrying out an extract, which is connected to a vent. Using the hood provides a significant advantage of kitchen ventilation system, from which no be abandoned. If your plans need to include it into the vent fan nest. Mounting the fan should be carefully considered.

Note supply of electric wires and installation of circuit breakers. In bathrooms fan switch is often the light switches, but it is best to install separate from the main circuit breaker button. When installing a fan in the kitchen, this button recommended to have a closer for the convenience of the desktop. For example, next to the electrical outlet. Modern household fans are divided into two types: – channel. They are placed inside the duct, and suggest further channel branching into other rooms – radial. Mounted at the end of the ventilation duct and grille closed. In bathrooms combined, as well as in kitchens is desirable to establish a radial fan inserting it into the vent. If, however, separated bathroom – channel fan is the best solution, which allows ventilation to breed with one fan. Choosing the fan must take into account the volume of the room, which he will serve. It should be 80% of fan power, as part of the airways is absorbed. Ducts Ducts are used in homes and apartments often have standard sizes. The table below shows the area of ducts and that they are able to serve. Section diameter round duct, mm cross-section of rectangular duct, mm S , 100 m 100×50> 120×60 10 125 10-15 150 15-20 200h60 Kitchen ductwork must be run from the hood to the vents above the kitchen cabinets, hiding so much of the ventilation system. Recommended a flexible aluminum duct inside furniture, plastic – from the outside. Plastic duct is easy to maintain and less distinguished in the interior than corrugated metal. Duct separate bathroom is best done above the ceiling (in the voids between the concrete and ceiling) to completely cover it. In this case, you should apply a rectangular duct, which will provide an opportunity to place a false ceiling above.

The Role Of Tour Operators Today

Probably most people reading this article will be gone on vacation at some point in their lives. As many have also visited at some point a travel agency to plan their holidays, although there will be many others who have never been there (perhaps younger). The term refers to that tour operator company able to organize a trip to a destination. It will have capacity to contract boat tickets, plane or train (or spacecraft), book a hotel room, cottage or apartment, and manage the necessary transfers from the airport, port or train station to the hotel and to organize different excursions and entertainment or services which give customers stay more enjoyable your holiday destination. The more services meet your vacation package, the greater the level of organization required to prepare the product, but also the greater the benefit to the company, being able to obtain margins benefit of all and each of the services offered. In other words, you get a profit margin for the flight out, the same hotel, as much of the trips …

etc. For many years the major tour operators worldwide have prepared, marketed and sold millions of holiday packages in all major global destinations: Spain, France, Italy … etc, creating a strong business relationships with hoteliers, travel agencies and transport. For accommodations relationship is even harder because most of the time spent on vacation a traveler is the hotel or apartment that has contracted on holiday. The benefits for tour operator and hotel in the case of large contracts are large.

The tour operator, either through its own network of travel agencies or through the action of its business on it, they can sell individual products and lead the hotel on his client’s needs will stay at the hotel. On the other hand, and ensuring an average occupancy determined, the hotel can make the necessary steps to manage the best possible use of their establishment: recruitment, forecasting the amount of cleaning supplies and buy groceries … etc. And then came the Internet, and then some, but not a lot has changed little in the way of doing things. The evolution of society in its use of new technologies, coupled with the emergence of budget airlines – no dependency relationships with the major traditional tour operators – means that increasingly more customers are in the way Internet able to make their own packages without the intermediation costs that entails. Before hiring a variety of services directly by the client was impossible to do.

Independent University

Companies that integrate the sustainability in the heart of their strategy, fidelizando to the new intelligent clients. ” In addition, it is good for the planet, for the soul, the family and a righter world and tico” , the investigator of tendencies Faith Popcorn thinks (the USA). To all this, she adds the prestigious weekly magazine Die Zeit, of Hamburg, even affirms that she has herself initiated a reorganization of Capitalism. ” Serious social investigators observe that they are changing the attitudes of the industrial society, when the machines of the factories marked you rule of the life and trabajo”. In the present society of networks, wired workers (term of British sociologist Anthony Giddens, talking about to the workers of the network in its fight against the tide of data) and technostress contradict with the imperative of competitiveness and creativity that the modern society of the knowledge demands. Before she was the people of the Church and the politicians who exerted a function of social model.

” Today they are manager” , it affirms to the ex- monk and consultant Anselm Bilgri, founder of the Zentrum consultant fr Unternehmenskultur, of Munich, that advises to the German economic elite in ethical questions. For Bilgri, the enterprise culture of S-values essential to be successful in the long term. In the case concerns that us of Venezuela, the manager must generate transformations for his management in order to take step to a true culture organizational humanist who being respected the reach of a good ethics, allows that she has organizations humanists, where, the human resource feels well compensated, is clear the fulfillment to him of his functions, she motivates herself to them, him of preactive participation in the decision makings that favors to the company Is due to consider itself, as it express the professor of Esade and the Independent University of Barcelona, Javier Aguilar, expert in creation of companies, that the management humanist and ethics, that usually conceives to the organization from a holistic perspective – that leaves from the premise of which the company is all integrated, where all the implied parts are equally important, he is leitmotiv of the enterprise social responsibility (RSE). At heart, one treats is of ” to guide itself by the common sense, which sometimes is complicated, due, mainly, stress, the fatigue and the hypervelocity, so present in the majority of atmospheres profesionales” , he aims. In his opinion, ” at the most he is reversed in improving the labor conditions of workers, major is the commitment of these and, consequently, its motivation and productivity, which repels very positively in the final account of resultados”. In addition, ” the satisfaction of the workers is what makes possible that the company can offer a better treatment to the clients, establishing nearer and emotional connections, that are the base of authentic fidelizacin”. Not in vain, ” since in the companies of services the people are what the greater added value generates, the managers must create a culture takes care of that them and it develops all posible” to them;.

Repair And Construction – Clinker Brick

The clinker from the German language means – a brick. The resulting "Oil an oil" actually means a ceramic stone, high density. The origin of the clinker has been two centuries, the founders of it are Dutch. They started to produce clinker to compensate for lack of presence in the production of natural stone materials. Clinker from the Netherlands got its spread in Europe and then in the U.S.. In Europe, this kind of brick is used actively. Clinker brick is resistant to frost, temperature changes, reducing maintenance costs and repairs. In addition, the brick is different waterproof, sound insulation and insulating properties.

Strength of clinker is obliged to special technology of high-temperature firing. At such high temperatures over 1100 degrees, there remains no voids and inclusions. Use of clinker brick in the reconstruction, the construction, use it as well as steel and concrete. In Russia, the clinker is not as popular, perhaps because of its low vodopoglaschaemosti, it is 6%, and a low level fails to state standards. Certify the clinker to the manufacturers specifications. Here is such a repair! When using the clinker, in Europe, it is placed in a special mortar that is used to water absorption. We can distinguish clinker paving bricks – construction.

He is considered one of the best materials for decoration in landscaping, gardening in the construction industry. In addition to good performance, physical properties, the clinker is combined with the landscape of nature. Because it is the willing to use for the tracks in parks and gardens, and to design the space in front of the various agencies: shopping centers, administrative facilities, exhibition halls. Clinker paving bricks or pavers highly functional. He is able to withstand high dynamic and static loads, because the clinker used for paving in the city's busiest streets with heavy traffic. Clinker also resistant to aggressive chemicals, moisture and frost – this is another plus in the selection of this material in as paving stones. Laying itself is not complicated, paving comes in several layers that act as litter. First – sand compacted base, then a layer that performs the function of protection against frost, then be spreading gravel and then sand layer should be. Source builder portal