Adult Behavior

When comparing phrases of children with the one of adults, make with that studious they arrived at the conclusion you say that them of the children are not imitations of speaks of the adults, therefore the speech of the child is commanded by rules, therefore the children possess some different words of the grammar of the adults, however and from the speech of the adults, who the child passes developing its proper system of rules underlying to its elocutions. Currently, other arguments in favor of the inatista hypothesis exist, defending that the college of the language is not a model of the cognition. Pinker standed out the fact of that mental people with delay or problems not necessarily have linguistic problems, however exists cases of entire families with linguistic problems, whereas its cognitivas capacities are absolutely normal. 3. The old theories and the new boardings on the Skinner language are the most famous defending psychologist of the behaviorista conjectura. One of its main principles, and its followers, is that the learning if of the one through a called methodology operative conditioning. The changes in the natural behavior are resulted of events that follow this behavior. On the other hand, events exist that stimulate the repetition of the behavior that they are called reinforcement, on the other hand remain events that they make the opposite, diminish the recurrence possibility, that we came to call punishment. Amongst the psychological-philosophical chains that had kept attention to this field, the behaviourism and the inatismo if had detached for its discoveries and contributions that had revolutionized the studies that objectified to explain the ocorrentes linguistic revelations in the first years of life human being. In accordance with the behavioristas or ambientalistas that until the half of century XX had contained the learning theories, the language was it resulted of the contact of the individual with the way (experiences) and by means of the o reinforcement, stimulaton and reply, attributing to the organism a minimum innate structure, that is, to learn to speak would be a physiological process as to learn to walk of bicycle, to swim etc.