Month: September 2014

Fellow Programme Researcher

'We believe that the tape is a reflection' – said Hirihusen Jakob (Jacob ), a visiting scholar in the field of heliophysics, nasa, the University in Huntsville, Alabama – 'This is where the solar wind particles, ejected into interstellar space, are reflected back into the solar system galactic magnetic field. " Hirihusen () – the main author of the article, in which the results of an investigation and which was published in the issue "Letters of the Astrophysical Journal on January 10, (Astrophysical Journal Letters). 'This is a very important discovery ", – said Eric Posner (Arik Posner), Fellow Programme Researcher isn Borders (IBEX) at nasa headquarters. "Interstellar space located just outside the boundary of the solar system, is largely unexplored area. Now we know that there may be strong, well-organized magnetic field, located right on the doorstep of our Solar System '.

Data obtained using the apparatus of ibex, in excellent agreement with recent results obtained with the Voyager interstellar spacecraft (Voyager). Voyagers 1 and 2 are now just at the fringe Solar system, and they also "feel" strong * magnetism nearby. However, measurements made by Voyager instruments are relatively narrow (local) character. Research unit ibex provides information 'in broadly. " Tape on which he observes, is big enough and stretched nearly the entire sky, and this suggests that the magnetic field beyond the tape, should be equally great. Although the maps tape (See below) is a luminous body, in fact, the tape does not emit light. Instead, it declares itself by particles called energetic neutral atoms' (ENA) – mainly hydrogen atoms.

Tape emits these particles, which ibex catches, moving in an orbit around the Earth. The reflection process, postulated Hirihusenom and other sponsors, is somewhat difficult to understand, and include multiple reaction 'charge exchange' between protons and hydrogen atoms. The result of this process, however, is simple. Particles that make up the solar wind, flying beyond the solar system and left about a distance of 100 astronomical units (about 15 billion kilometers), come into contact with the interstellar magnetic field. Magnetic forces detain "runaway" of the particle and throw them back whence they came. 'If the mechanism process of reflection, really, is this – and agree not all – some form of tape will tell us much about the orientation of the magnetic field lines in our corner of the Milky Way '- said Hirihusen (). And this field, can be our future depends. The solar system now passes through the Milky Way, abounding in cosmic rays and interstellar clouds. The magnetic field of our own Sun, vented solar wind in a bubble, called the heliosphere, largely protects us from these dangerous things. However, the bubble itself quite vulnerable and exposed to external fields. Strong magnetic field, located just behind outside the solar system can compress the heliosphere and interact with it in an unknown manner. No one is safe can not say whether this will increase our natural defenses, or weaken it? Spacecraft ibex will closely monitor the tape in the coming months and years ", – says Posner. 'We can observe the shape change of tape – and it will show us the way we interact with our galaxy there, at a distance ' It turns out that we can learn a lot by looking in the mirror. Stay in touch with the Science @ nasa, not to miss the latest news.

Russian Cleanliness

The modern world of entrepreneurship took into circulation a new word cleaning – cleaning, taking place on foreign clean, which translated into the Russian language means – cleanliness, cleaning, cleaning. This new definition includes a list of services: office cleaning, cleaning, holiday home, cleaning, though cleaning is done according to accepted European standards, and includes all professional care for decorative materials and furniture. Performed this service in advance by trained specialists who have been trained prof. Work carried out the same as conventional cleaners to do every day, for many years, except that quality is improving in many times and approach as well. Now, after such a cleaning is hard to find any traces of dust under the couch in the waiting room or on the chandelier in the conference hall, as Cleaning organization works primarily on their own authority and performs work on professional equipment with the provision of customer service the highest level.

Today's world – an appropriate approach to everything, even cleaning. Empirically proven that the important conditions productive work of a man who spends time in the office is a comfortable workspace and visually appealing interior. Comfortable temperature, cleanliness and fresh air have a positive impact on work and disability office worker. In this consensus is both psychologists and environmentalists. When carrying out cleaning works in the professional maintenance of cleanliness in respectable places (business centers, hotels, etc.) complying with all requirements of international standards of cleaning, the proportion of diseases respiratory diseases, skin diseases and other employees is 25 – 30% according to statistics. Perfectly clean office – The person company, its employees and managers at the same time carries the load as an aesthetic and hygienic.


DIFFERENT TYPES OF CLIENTS TYPES OF CLIENTS THE AGGRESSIVE SUBTYPE FEATURES Strong character, irritable, moody, impatient, hurried, gray, furrowed brow, tone beaten. This may be the natural form or a personal problem has q. His aggression may be due to inappropriate behavior by anyone in the company WHAT TO DO Keep calm. Count to 10 or 15.If it is our fault, accept the fact and find solutions quickly. Listen with patience, let off steam. Show a strong desire to help. DO NOT Fighting, contradict, to express contempt, false excuses. AGGRESSIVE IN GENERAL THE QUEJADOR He complains of the service, the product of the company. Scolds left and right. He clings to “trifles” to attack in different ways. Listened it until the end and then let them know you understand but do not share their views. Be very polite and diplomatic. Answer and oppose him in the same tone, get on the defensive. Give “Rope.” THE DOMINANT He likes to impose its views, always seeks to be important and wants to force others to do what he wants.Does not accept suggestions of any kind Save serenity. Taking it to the field of logical arguments. Show submissive or scared. Overtly rebel and discourteous to “put in place” THE OFFENSIVE Rightly or wrongly passed to the field of rudeness, insults and attempts at humiliation. Apply evenly respect, show our culture, with appropriate behavior. “Equals”. Reply also rude and disrespectful. : Aggressive, Quejador, Dominant, Rude. Aggressive: Displays more than others and always wants to excel, they like to show off their qualities, demands allegiance, shows contempt and undervaluation. With them, we must keep calm, count to 10 if it is our fault, accept and look for solutions, listen with patience let them vent, show a strong desire to help .. Quejador: It is believed and looks over his shoulder. “You do not know who you’re talking about.” With them you have to listen calmly to the end and then let them know that means but not share their views, be polite and diplomatic. Parent: He likes to show off his knowledge, he is happy saying what must be done, he loves to correct contemptuously, you need to know your opinion. With them, you have to keep calm and take to the field of logic. Rude: Find defects in all, speak negatively, complain constantly. With them evenly Order respect, show your culture with appropriate behavior. Treat customers according to their personality. Selfish: praise him in private and in the presence of friends and acquaintances, cite his opinions in the course of the conversation.

Paulopai Son

Perpetual love wonderful Times those the men were dressed with esplendor and elegance the delicate, sensible women extremely feminine. The man being the head of the family the dictator of the laws and its desires is irrevocable orders; the women mothers of the children and in service educators obedient fidiciary offices and. Joo Alberto Martins comercianteem Is severe Paulopai and loving of an only Tereza son a young candy, romantic and impetuous its mother falecera when still he was baby. Tereza young girl consisting its 16 years pink faces, black hair and eyes, delicate traces of small stature; he was not satisfied himself to have been born woman and its father not to have a son man, in such a way, it acted as youngster and was treated as one until handling with weapons was accustomed. It did not delay to appear pretending, but who domou its heart was the young journalist Philip Castrates just formed with a small column in the local periodical. Mr.

Joo, honest trader with a modest financial situation without great ambitions alone wanted the happiness of its son. Both already dared in the visits of Philip the touch of its hands and its visits were frequent. Mr. Joo received in one morning the visit from noble Baron Jose de Almeida widower has three years wanting to kill its curiosity on the enchantments of the son of the trader who had it some loans, when seeing with its proper eyes the extraordinary beauty of Tereza, considered without roundups marriage, a common act of a cold man and calculating he wanted to possess it as an adornment without any affection. Mr. Joo was infuriated with such proposal, but he was pressured and without having as to react to the threats he gave its only one filhaem marriage. Terezatentou to act as it could to the situation declaring openly that possua no affection to the Baron and did not want to marry foiem goes.

Cheap Travel

Cheap travel to Granada for a holiday in the snow the municipality of Granada is presented as a comprehensive proposal for tourism in the Iberian peninsula. The area is a large plateau located at 738 m above sea level. The city of Granada has an enormous amount of historical treasures to visit, many that attest to the passage of the Moorish culture by Spain. The historic centre of Granada is one of the best preserved in Europe. But for who enjoy life outdoors more, and winter sports, about 30 km from Granada you will find Sierra Nevada, one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Spain. Its proximity makes it possible to get cheap travel to Granada, and daily travel to tracks of ski.

The natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada is notable. The site is a large natural park, where it comes to preserve the local flora and fauna, at the same time maintained an active tourist and commercial life. Sierra Nevada at the southernmost station on the continent. Is located at 3000 m of height, which makes it simultaneously accessible, but ideal for the practice of winter sports. The climate of the Sierra Nevada is extremely mild, dominate the days of sunshine throughout the year. One more remarkable from its ski features is what them for all level of difficulty.

Whether for who is taking its first steps on the snow, or for more experienced skiers, Sierra Nevada insurance you will find the appropriate track for each. Lagoon and Veleta tracks are more difficult. From the top of the complex, it is possible to descry the spectacular Mediterranean Sea, a view that will surely endure for many years who have the fortune to contemplate it. The resort of Sierra Nevada in itself constitutes a tourist variety proposal, since fun not just get off the skis. There are shops, clubs, cinemas, and lots of places for a walk. It is also possible to organize a parade for this beautiful place, full of rivers and small watercourses. Hiking is another option for lovers of natural life. The site It has large amount of routes for those who wish to walk, ride, a bike ride. Book now same any of the many cheap travel to Granada and Sierra Nevada to know this incredible place near of everything, but far from the daily concerns.