Month: December 2012

The Torrent Of The Cedron

Often Jesus happened through this place. This valley surely was witness of some episodes narrated in the bible, most important it went when Jesus arrived at the mount from the Olive trees in the eve from his passion and death. The torrent of the Cedrn also known like valley or stream, separates the old part of Jerusalem of Monte of the Olive trees; it is characterized by his rough and singular landscape, to which it gives to his typical aspect a stony and rough punteada hill only by a few olive trees and one that another one matojo of grass. In that place rock tombs exist until today numerous, as the tomb of Absaln, the one of Josafat and Zacaras, which go back to itself II a.c and are considered more to the tradition than to the certainty of their origin. This valley surely was witness of episodes such as the revolt of Absaln, narrated in 2. Of Samuel or the reconstruction and splendor of Jerusalem, view in Jeremas 31; 38. The most indicated, as we mentioned at the beginning, she was the lived one by Jesus before the treason of Judas Iscariote, narrated in the gospel of Juan 18; 1-11 and say; When Jesus finished praying, he left with his disciples and he crossed the stream of Cedrn. To the other side there was an orchard which it entered with his disciples.

Also Judas, the one betrayed that it, knew that one place, because often Jesus had met there with his disciples. So Judas arrived at the orchard, at the top of a detachment of soldiers and guards of the heads of the priests and the fariseos. They took torches, lamps and arms. Jesus, that knew everything what it was going to him to happen, left to them to the encounter. Who they look for? I ask to them.

Just Breathe

They make a revision of what it was made and of what was for making. What it had beginning, way and end and what was for the half. But and you, what you felt of the life in 2011? Which the feelings that had prevailed in your heart? your emotional balance, resisted the temptation so easily to give up the life and the people? You lived with all intensity in this year? He laughed when he was pra to laugh and he cried pains and the losses? You respected your pain? You obtained to understand that only with the time there pain finds a place inside to rest? The time made or is making your pain to rest? of the people who had been with you in this year: the friendships had fortified who you are, leaving indelveis marks of character, respect, affection and love? Or they had been if diluting to each strange moment, to each word badly said, or that badly it was written, or still, ‘ ‘ friendships lquidas’ ‘ if they had emptied with the time? you, left as everything this? Emptiness? With hurts, distrusts, fears, frustrations? Or you surpassed, or still she is surpassing this eddy of emotions lived in 2011? I do not know I eat I was your year, ‘ ‘ what you earn and what you lose, nobody needs saber’ ‘. But that in 2012 either one year to feel the life, to see the life, to live the life and to use to advantage all more, each time, scarce moments with the essential people for you, with those people who are part of your way, that you make to be who you you are and that she would never have to leave of being. The sun will continue shining, same in your more difficult days, when you not to feel will some to leave the bed if remember that 2011 already passed what it remains daqui in ahead is to go arranging the things in your heart, to go taking care of of the left spaces, to go treating the opened wounds, to go walking, not to the meeting of the happiness, but to go walking made use, tranquilo and night watchman. It goes happy! You must go happy. Perhaps you obtain to go happy Complemented for the video of Wishlist music Pearl Jam and for the video of music Just Breathe Pearl Jam.

Speaking of Dreams

The hand that it writes, that it marks, that makes to appear and fortifies the environment of dreams. The hands of the author, that the personages create and direct; the personages whom they contemplate for its proper hands as that to search for a way, an exit, one soluo.SEGUNDA? Hands are not true nor real They are mysteries that inhabit in our life to the times, when I look my hands, I have fear of God It does not have wind that it moves the flames of the candles, and you look at, they are moved For where if incline they? How penalty if somebody could answer! … THIRD? I have horror of having little you here already said I go what you to say. My words gifts, badly say I them, will belong soon to the past, will be outside of me, I do not know where, rigid and fatal I speak, and I think about this in my throat, and my words seem me people I have a bigger fear of what. I feel in my hand, do not know as, the key of one carries stranger. all I am an amulet or a sacrrio that was with proper conscience of itself. He is for he terrifies that me to go, as for a dark forest, through the mystery of speaking E, after all, who knows if I am thus and if he is this without a doubt that I feel? … FIRST? You always count, my sister, you always count Not you stop to count, nor you repair where days border The day never ray for who hillside the head in the seio of the dreamed hours You do not twist the hands. This makes a noise as of a furtive serpent You speak to us much more of your dream. It is so true that he has not felt none.