Building Adapts

The Ministry of public works has adapted European track gauge for SEAT in Martorell factory, allowing the car company to increase the use of rail for the transport of their cars. Railway policy of the car SEAT manufacturer goes the hand of commitment with the environment and the sustainable movement that emphasizes the company. Proof of this are the two railway lines that the manufacturer uses to transport of short distance. The first of these lines is that, for almost two years, joins the plant in Martorell with Barcelona’s port, from where there are thousands of vehicles through the sea. Today, 95% of cars that SEAT transports through the sea arrive at the port on this railroad. The second of the railway stretches joins Martorell with Barcelona’s Zona Franca plant, and is used primarily for the transportation of components. If we add transport through these two railway lines, annually of a 57,000 heavy vehicular traffic and 2.6000 avoided tons of carbon dioxide.

SEAT is the only company in the automotive sector which may cover the entire creation of cars in national territory, that is responsible for the design, development, manufacture and marketing of cars. This company is integrated within the German group Volkswagen and has its headquarters in the Catalan town of Martorell, where 75% of production exported to more than 70 countries. SEAT currently has a total of thirteen thousand employees and four centers of manufacture in the country, where are manufactured as important models for the firm as the lion or the Ibiza. It also has a technical center which is in charge of all operations for research and development of the cars, and that has a staff of nearly thousand professionals. In this Center all activities are developed to lower fuel consumption of cars and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, obtaining excellent results in the past year.