Measurement Window

Window height is measured along with established sill, and then is deducted from the thickness of the sill of the future. If you order a box with the balcony door, it is necessary to measure the overall width of doors and windows, individually – window height, width and height of the door. The width of the window is determined by its lower part, and the height must be measured and to the left and right. To accurately calculate these distances, it is necessary to use such devices as the level or plummet. They help to ensure smooth contours of the window opening. For the installation of arched windows is usually measured 100 mm from the edge of the opening in the center, it will be calculated bend radius. For some window openings can be ledge to make the profile inside the opening of the outside of the walls. Then the size of the profile is made in the light of these values (20-40 mm).

Before measuring it is desirable to clean the window opening of the plaster to determine the true size. As Typically, this makes the installer from the company to install windows. Make measurement on its own, and then install a ready profile of yourself – not recommended. Ordered box may not be suitable for your opening, and correction of these mistakes will cost you more in the long run. When ordering, installation of windows from a specialist you have a guarantee on all work and servicing. After measuring the produced, representative of the company will calculate the exact cost work, and writes in the order form the entire configuration of the future windows (name and type of PVC profile, number and type of valves, fittings, color, material, thickness of glass). Only then will manufacture and installation of window frame will be done correctly.