Month: July 2013


Little can be done for prepares children to as devastating news for them such as the breaking of a few parents. The same separation or divorce are unexpected developments for the couple, who despite noted a deterioration in their relationship always hopes that somehow this dynamic change and everything fix, until you come to a point this is evidenced as an impossibility. In many cases focused on their own pain and abatement by the failure of their relationship, parents are not able to warn the sadness of their children before the new life that have started. Although it is inevitable, yes it is possible for parents to try to connect emotionally with their children and facilitate their journey by the pain, so that its impact will be minimal. What is there to try to convey to the children in this dark period? In addition to that children have always present that his parents will be there, come what may, it is precise that they are aware of that loss is a part of life, that it is inevitable and the only alternative is overcome it and face the future with a smile. In any case, if children notice how, despite what happened, both parents are there for them; gradually that pain and that feeling of loss shall be mitigating, and come a time in which accepted quite naturally and without reservations that new situation. But for this you must understand, firstly, multiple losses posed a double break for a small:-firstly, the child is exposed to a minor living with both parents. Already you may not have recourse to both anytime and probably his contacts with some of them reduce the fixed regime of visits (except in cases of shared custody).

-On the other hand, the distancing with respect to certain relatives could take place. In effect, the child might end up throwing less to his uncles, cousins and, especially, his grandparents. -Could even take place a change in the residence of one of the parents, which motivate to your After a change of school, with the consequent need for the child make new friends, precisely at a time of your life special shyness and withdrawal as a result of the breakup of their parents. Minimize and even avoid all these signs of loss will be in your hands and your former partner. Sean which were the reasons that led you to materialize your separation or divorce, try to that not affected more than necessary to your little ones. Keep in mind that they are the weakest and who could therefore largely suffering the effects of your break. Try to understand their feelings and listen to their doubts, their grievances and concerns. It will help them enormously.

The Calcium In The Feeding Infant

The consumption of dairy products is a theme always present at the consultations on infant feeding. Surely you also you’ve made sometime some of the following questions: my son does not take milk, what do I do?, is it the same thing take yogurt?, how much cheese can eat?. Here you have the answer to these and other questions. When we speak of dairy food group, we are including milk and only two of its derivatives: yogurt and cheeses. These three products provide good quality protein and constitute the main source of one of the most popular nutrients: calcium. This mineral is essential for ensuring the formation of healthy bones and teeth.

Hence its importance in the diet of children. Children, like adults, should consume one sufficient amount of dairy products to meet your calcium requirements. But, how much calcium needed per day? This mineral daily recommendations vary by age: 1 to 3 years: 500 mg. of calcium on the day.Two servings of dairy products are sufficient to reach this amount. Some options son:o Two cups of leche.o a cup of milk + a glass of yogur.o a glass of yoghurt + a dessert of milk (rice pudding, flan) .or a small piece of fresh cheese (30 g) + a glass of yogurt. From 4 to 6 years: 600 mg. of calcium daily.To the above suggestions you can add any cheese or milk preparation: white sauce or bechamel sauce, ricotta cheese, some cereal prepared wholly or partially with milk. 7-10 Years: 700 mg.

of calcium per day.At this stage, three servings of dairy products is recommended. You can choose the combination of foods that you prefer. Here are some ejemplo:o Two glasses of yoghurt + a dessert of lecheo two cups of milk + a glass of yoguro a cup of milk + a glass of yoghurt + a piece of fresh cheese variety of dairy products, as well as its form of presentation, is growing: milk flavored; desserts; yogurt smoothies, drinkable, fruity; various cheeses. Among so many options always is possible meet child calcium requirements and at the same time respect your preferences. The key is to satisfy your appetite with nice food as well as nutritious.

Zapatero Deserves To Govern In South

JOSE BRECHNER Bolivia had so many Presidents that there must not be a single historian who can mention them. Some lasted a week in Government, others just a couple of days, and did not miss what was President for several glorious hours, which allowed him to sit in the Office of the Governor and take the Desk accessories. Among those was one who wanted to get a decree prohibiting inflation. After many explanations he made account that he understood the functioning of the economy and refrained from its decision. That happened in Bolivia was not surprising. Many idiots passed by the Government, but in those times there were no current communication media that allow us to see them and listen to them live. Evo Morales is without doubt the most ignorant of all the Presidents who ruled Bolivia in the last hundred years, but is loved by the Liberals that even appointed him Doctor Honoris Causa degree from any University.

For his luck it is not the only handicapped intellectual in power. His friend and comrade in arms Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero with more eloquence continues to be less gross. The unique Spanish Homo Stupidus said as President of the EU, which would have to penalise the community partners who breach the forecasts included in the 2020 strategy. The mofa to comment was felt in the international press, from The Economist, the Financial Times, highlighting one of the editorials in the Wall Street Journal with the title legislating prosperity. It is that the idiom is the new religion. It is in all points of the planet which governs the Liberals, pompously excelling in the United States with the academic Barack Obama who can not say good morning without reading in the Teleprompter. The leftist intelligentsia that bragged of educated and was lacking in grey matter right, he is finally showing his true profile of primate.

Myths Of The Land Market .

Every sphere of activity of human society has its own stereotypes and their mythology. Not escaped this fate and the Russian land market. In this article we highlight some of the deep-rooted misconceptions and beliefs which are often guided by our fellow citizens in solving the pressing land question. Considered cases are based on the actual practice of the client to our company, so we can safely talk about their relevance for today. As the remarks should be noted shortcomings of the Russian land legislation, the possibility of a dual interpretation of many of its provisions, which allows officials to delay the solution of many problems or make ambiguous regulations, not in facilitating clearance of necessary documents. Moreover, often, the citizens themselves, unknowingly, make it difficult for a process described above, based on incomplete or inaccurate information. The purpose of this article – to help readers sort out the opportunities available in the land market and expose some of its myths.

Everyone who has ever engaged in registration of land ownership or the preparation of documents to deal with him, knows that one of the required documents be a seller of land is cadastral passport site (formerly called the cadastral plan). geodesic Hundreds of organizations are ready to offer its services on its production and work on surveying the land. Their prices start at 2000 rubles for a small plot for gardening, to tens of thousands of tracts of agricultural land. Turning to him, you never hear from the staff of these firms no word on what or for titling property, or for subsequent transactions, surveying the site is not a mandatory procedure and get yourself cadastral passport you can own, in Cadastral Chamber of its area in the middle ten days after treatment, having spent a penny and no amount of waiting times at the end of six months surveying.


The icy winds of winter in the French countryside bring out even more the absence of the beautiful colorful flowers year after year flood valleys and mountains with exquisite perfumes, and as she is (or will) the exception, we all await with excitement. When the last tear of ice disappear with the arrival of spring, the entire city will be reborn in a wonderful picture, full of life and joy. Children coming to play in the parks, veterans smiling (with laughter, always filled with so much experience) to see more first birthday so rare in this world, and girls wanting a more sun set accompanied by his ever-loyal fans and lovers; and finally, what does it? If we enjoy the eternal city of love. Plus, not enough to just imagine. I can not wait to realize the many passionate yearnings of the people of Paris. But only if it is winter. And three months, if not more, are needed to start.

As much as you want I can do all the work, although it has army of one thousand and fauns, none would dare to corrupt the perhaps too strict rules imposed on us to be "happy." But try to see the positive of this saddening subject: Can I take a break from the old "routine of fairies and flowers, and perhaps able to travel outside for a while. I've always wanted to know exactly what things exist beyond the dark forest. What people do to be happy? How is it that whenever you come to visit the woods look so happy? I know! That doubt has always accompanied me …