The Propeller

A. are always special equipment installed or installed and used for different purposes (fire and utilities, A., shop trailer, crane, etc.). A. intended for racing sports competitions, including the establishment of speed records (record-racing AA). A. Transportation, in turn, are divided into cars, trucks and buses. Cars have a capacity of 2 to 8 people. They are available with closed (Sedan and Limousine), open (phaeton) and open (convertible) bodies.

Trucks equipped with a body to carry cargo, load them from 0,25 to 100 tons Cargo ag without a body or a small body intended for ballast adapted for towing trailers systems, called AA-trucks, they are saddles (for trailers) and towing (for trailers). aa or AA-tractor with trailer system (trailer, semi-trailer-dissolution, trailer-Heavy) form a road train. Buses with the body for up to 8 people. Subdivided into urban, suburban, intercity (tourism), local transport, etc. On cross-AA split on road, off-road (mine) and A.

increased and high permeability. Trip designed for use on the general road network. Off-road, with increased overall dimensions and axial loads may be used only on special roads, such as quarries. A. increased and high permeability are designed to work in heavy traffic conditions and on the road. The main form of A. – wheel-drive (ie, having the drive to all wheels). In addition to wheeled, still distinguish the following AV-terrain: wheel-tracked crawler with interchangeable propellers or wheels, semi-tracked, with simultaneously tracked propellers and wheels, snowmobiles with propellers as wide caterpillars or worms; A.