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Environmental News

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Topics of issue: The UN will protect the Baltic Sea from oil. Nizhny Novgorod environmental police. The ozone hole is related to the acidity of the oceans. Award for 'Best Environmental Project of the Year'. Action 'green thumb'. International Mountain Day. Seismologists predict a giant earthquake. —- Review article Is your thumb green? In Europe,

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The Bible

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It is not product of the twinkling of an eye. The Bible records a parable of the Lord Jesus we find an excellent illustration for This topic. Large crowds followed Jesus, and he turned and said to them: ‘if anyone comes to me and does not sacrifice the love to his father and to his

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Service Bicycle

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Bike maintenance, as well as any other equipment that requires maintenance. Remember the saying ‘the machine like a caress, clean and grease’? Approaches to conducting maintenance. There are two basic approaches to conducting maintenance (TO): mean time to failure and preventive maintenance. This applies not only to bicycles, and any equipment. The bottom line: In

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Mobile Content

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But the fact is that most of these news are superficial, just telling the reader about what where and when to appear (for example, some new mobile application). Difficult to argue – such news, of course, necessary. But after all, often not only want to know which company wrote the software or the next game

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Reuters Subject

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In declarations of Beltrn picked up by Reuters, one talked about the subject of the proposals received of the following way: have been no more advances (in the negotiations). Nobody still has done us a proposal on the subject of industrialization (y) all know that one is going to be the base so that certain

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