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Conclusion Therefore

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With regard to the last question, if the pupils believe that the application of educative games can help in the setting of contents, 99% of the pupils had answered that yes, and the justifications had been sufficiently diverse: ‘ ‘ Yes, because people learn more through figuras’ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ Yes, therefore conhecimentos’ would

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The Lid

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The method used to prepare the fruit depends on the use that is want to give. Fruit prepared in syrup is best for use in desserts; prepared with sugar powder or unsweetened fruit is best for cooking, because it contains less liquid. Packed in syrup dissolve the recommended amount of sugar in warm water and

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Russian Federation

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Our competitive advantage lies in the fact that we work directly with corporate management Chery and deliver you the details directly from the factory of the manufacturer. Thus, when buying parts you do not overpay Cherie intermediaries, and purchase items at the price of the manufacturer. Management of the company Chery is interested in, so

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