Month: January 2012

Royal Navy

Apparently, they crossed the resulting migration towards the coast near the Uruguayan oil strip width of 30 meters and a length of 20 kilometers. Land pollution is the result of a collision between two commercial ships. When an accident of Greek and Maltese vessel in the ocean has resulted in at least 14 thousand cubic meters of fuel. According to scientists, the number of dead penguins may increase. The country's authorities intend to impose a large fine on the owners, because of ocean pollution that has occurred, resulting in dead birds.

The population of the Magellanic Penguin continues to decline and in our days. Up to 20 dolphins have died off the coast of Cornwall English. According to the Association of British divers, environmentalists, the dolphins are likely to have been thrown ashore in while a strong ebb. Arriving on the scene, rescue workers said they opened their eyes a spectacle it was "just horrible." Five animals have been able to save – the rescuers on the boat had to take them to a safe place and let the sea. The reason for the mass death of dolphins off the coast of Cornwall English teaching could become the Royal Navy.

Autopsy of animals showed no obvious cause of death, so that environmental specialists can talk as long as only hypothetical. At present, ecologists examine whether there were no deaths of dolphins in the area of unusual underwater noise caused by movement of ships or military exercises. At last Week 55 besklyuvyh rare dolphins ashore in Madagascar.

Soviet Union

And you hear many examples of how not to speak. But what the demand from broadcasters, if the politicians, again with higher education, and not one thing wrong accent in words and confuse the case which, besides, are not familiar with the elementary logic, and because of this are often told not connected, and sometimes even contradict themselves in the same sentence. This is just one of those numerous exceptions, when a plumber and academic think and speak the same vernacular. But return to the foreign spoken language. At one time the British colonialists created a mini-English Dictionary for the residents of the colonies.

The volume of these dictionaries vary and range (and now those are) from 800 words, as far as I know, until 5000. I note that a huge part of vocabulary in these dictionaries – so-called function words (ie words performing the function is not nominative, and employees to express relationships between phenomena Actually, such words are usually related to prepositions, conjunctions, auxiliary verbs, etc.). Function words are absolutely necessary in the English language to build simple sentences. But, of course, such dictionaries included, and includes other most common translations, selected for various criteria of applicability. In the Soviet Union to create such a volume dictionaries typically 3,000 words.

Moreover, in such dictionaries included many Sovietism, like "farm", "Komsomolets", etc. Tried to avoid religious language. In Western Europe and North America have been and there are other measurements for the selection of vocabulary. Generally, it is accepted as 'truth', you need 7-8 thousand words for more or less fluency.