Month: March 2021

Rolling Lawns

Garden planning 2012 – what soil conditions need a lawn to grow? With the rising temperatures everywhere including planning for possible changes in the garden begins. Not only existing gardens are sometimes rescheduled, but even in new buildings, which will be completed in the spring, the planning and implementation of a garden is attached directly, but only with a garden, the home can enjoy. A green space in the form of grass has always been to the garden. Not only because of the beautiful appearance, but because of the manifold possibilities of use. A lawn provides an opportunity game for children, adults and pets. In addition you can make yourself comfortable in the Sun on the lawn, either with deck chair or without, easy on the lawn.

As well, it is really almost a holiday feeling, to go barefoot in the summer on a beautiful green space. The prevailing soil conditions have a large influence, whether to the lawn the expectations according to developed and much pleasure. Even when laying turf is going very fast and usually also the lawn is much faster, as lawn seeded with classic, the ground must be prepared also for the installation of a green area with rolling lawns before accordingly, especially when the soil has no optimal conditions. While just rolling lawns is very resistant when compared to a sown lawn and the result is much more uniform, but to develop sustainably good turf needs necessary conditions for a good lawn growth as well. As so often in life the right mix makes it and that also applies to a good ground on which a lawn should be laid. The ideal garden soil is nutritious, by structure and can store enough water for good ventilation. These properties are a combination of soil components sand, clay, clay & humus achieved. Missing components in the ground, but can enriched by the manual insertion of thereof and the ground is better quality.


then, the discipline raises to hang on the meager diet. A great advantage: The metabolic diet is designed only for two weeks. Then may eat normally again, unless you and this is the great but, holds that not only the sustainability of the metabolic diet is off again to the specifications. Who successfully took off, should do so at least a few days metabolism diet after a few weeks of normal. Praise CARB is one of the buzzwords of current diets and dietary recommendations. The metabolic diet follows this maxim. As carbohydrates except those in fruits and vegetables only biscuits and dry bread, and that there is also only in the morning for breakfast. Sometimes, but not even that.

Otherwise much salad and vegetables, and fruit is offered but not overly much protein, this abundant. That protein is fed up, we now all know. A steak, a schnitzel, more white than red meat, which lean dairy products are the ingredients, the at come the metabolic diet on the plate. On the whole, it can be said that one with this diet very well on the fast weight lose and heed to some point in the future, has good chances to keep the new. You want to try out the metabolic diet?

Bio Must Be

HAWITA group from Vechta teaches new substrate line of gardeners and consumers on the origin should make use of organic substrates. Only when the Earth comes from regional production, bio at all makes sense. With this philosophy, the HAWITA brings group from Vechta a wide range with organic substrates on the market for the first time. The range includes for example soils for perennials, herbs and flowers. You will be presented the audience on this year’s international plant fair (IPM) from 24 to 27 January in Essen. The organic soils come exclusively from Germany and Eastern Europe and ecologically produced, assured Simon Tabeling group, managing partner of HAWITA.

To transport the components of organic substrates by the world is finally no more environmentally sound and sustainable, like buying an organic Apple from New Zealand”, compares t. Range for specialists the HAWITA group has increased demand for organic substrates into account. So far have so wide a range of only a few providers in the professional area. Our customers should get top quality for every application for bio products”Managing Director emphasises. HAWITA has in Germany both own peat deposits as well as their own clay deposits and a bark humus production. The substrates are manufactured at the place of raw and packaged, avoids unnecessary intermediate transport.

The manufacturer supplies from the production site to the customer. With the development of a deposit system for planters, HAWITA has already set standards several years ago in terms of sustainability. Peat remains irreplaceable the use of peat as a renewable resource in a bio product makes sense according to Managing Director t, when it comes to restrict the high pH or salt levels of other aggregates and to establish a coordinated mix of substrate for specific application purposes. At the bog bedding plants, peat is virtually irreplaceable. And also for the Plant propagation is an important additive, reminding t. All organic soils are certified professionals as well as for the hobby gardener completely according to the EU regulation 834 / 2007 and can therefore be used in the organic gardening. This HAWITA used only approved organic fertilizer in the production. The single substrate aggregate must be also approved and are fermented separately from conventional production and monitored. Stefan Freiwald


This winter will be different! There are now original advent wreath sets at floors erika. Hassle-free guaranteed Christmas cosy candlelit dinners. Berlin, 05.11.2013 – floors-erika, responsible for the sustainable DIY greening of urban balconies in summer, also offers this winter for the first time for inside. Anticipation of the Christmas season, the Berlin startup from 5th November has stylish handmade advent wreath set and selected home accessories on offer. The “substitute flowers” for the winter. The advent wreath sets come in different designs and color concepts are available: the traditional FIR wreath about comes in a modern version in pink or gold.

Original fabric wreaths are offered in cooperation with with recycled wool Jersey Hoooked Zpagetti brand. In addition, there is a “limited edition” with hand-made wreaths from paper – sustainable and trendy. All wreaths are supplied with high-quality candles of company Wiedemann in the winter trend colours such as gold, bronze and chocolate in velvet or mirror finish. Ever after Desire becomes the set as completed decorated wreath ordered using a crafting tutorials themselves. Site Facebook etagen.erika Twitter etagen_erika of floors-ERIKA floors-erika is the Berlin DIY balcony flowers delivery service.

The Berlin startup makes balcony gardening beginners and professional gardeners from spring until autumn. While the plants outside Hibernate, floors-erika makes inside cozy in the winter. Anticipation of Christmas, there are stylish handmade advent wreath sets and exquisite decoration. All can be ordered online and delivered straight to your home. Hassle-free guaranteed Christmas cosy candlelit dinners. PRESS contact Susanne field farmer Co founder of floors-erika Schwedter str. 23 10119 Berlin email. mobile. 0178-8337178

Back To The Roots – Pure Nature!

It is time for big and small, to make the search for the origin of our food. Quantity replaces quality. This is the alarming development in the food industry in the past decades. Now it is time for big and small, to make the search for the origin of our food. (bfs) sustainable, seasonal, regional. There are these three concepts, which are available for the change took place in the past few years in the minds of consumers. Anyone want to buy only naturally produced food, and best with the pure conscience. But it is also just like in other industries: everyone would like to have a slice of the huge pie. Precisely, there are now countless seal and certification, in which the consumer can keep barely. It’s believed that Brittany Willis sees a great future in this idea. Only those who directly from the producers on the spot purchases can really be sure that he has only naturally produced goodies in the fridge. Farmers are predestined for this the Insights behind the scenes grant and reveal how a plump cow udders can become a pleasant-tasting cheese. There are now more than enough offers of this kind. They should invite especially future generations to a tour including leadership. Just 50 years ago knew course every child where the food on the plate is and what exactly it is in the food. We can say this now but only of a small part of our next generation. The chicken often on the tree and the peppers under the soil nicely wrapped and ready-packaged itself grows in whose consciousness. But fact is that this phenomenon not only in children and adolescents is to watch, but also in many adults. An unbalanced diet in combination with chronic lack of exercise will sooner or later no doubt to the problem of the unenlightened. Accordingly, it is for all of us at the time to take a step back in the everyday madness and the contact with animal and nature again to produce.


… the ‘ 11 in the glass * your individual medley – Moon & stars Sun also! Astronomy was indispensable for the development of agricultural & WeinKulturen! Ostensibly it was sunlight by layers, irrigation issues and time estimates. However, only to the coordination of operational processes to reduce astronomical observations is narrow and one-sided, have however processes and events in the starry sky traces also in myth, mysticism and archetype of all cultures. A leading source for info: Farmer’s Fridge. Until today, we mediated himmelskundliche facts already formed basis for life and survival in Mesopotamia, such as knowledge of the constellations on the Zodiac, from the planet and others So Virgil (70-19 BC) turns in his “Georgica” among others to ‘Farmers’ and Vintners with tips to the inclusion of astronomy in culture; … and these days our moon has found long place in LeseZyklen & cellar management. What is read in, survived; -What but experienced and authentic? Application-ready astronomical knowledge is today occasionally available. Salem Trader Joe’ss opinions are not widely known. Looking back on the year 2010 of biodiversity”was noted that also the view to the sky and the inclusion of astronomical processes belong to the holistic understanding of nature. Therefore it is only logical and “on time”, making use of this heritage for the cultivation of wine & farming! Their intimate relationship to the terroir may dine, is also from the sky review about it! Wines not for example enter why imaginative & illustrious names – has always been your favorite star? You want to get to know the. In a 2 – day course in Burgenland (Austria) to expand understanding of biodiversity, sustainability & time quality to the experience of Sun, Moon walking and the operations in the sky. Info under hp/courses events.php Gunter p. Bolze

Original Gift

Christmas is coming and with it the great race to find original gifts. We have cast a look on the net and we can find thousands of fun and economic gadgets that can become a good detail or Christmas gift. We want to stop especially on a gift idea that attracts our attention: gifts with your photos, very personal and a great emotional burden. You can create an endless number of personalized gifts with our photos, but we want to emphasize an idea that has seemed very original: custom boxes the idea is that using your photos, you can create a good gift: Photo canvas: printing your photos such which on canvas becoming a very personal gift. Give photos is always a detail that will appreciate the family. Original designs with photos from your photo you can create designs pop art like Warhol, comics, an original gift that surprisingly safe. We recommend to order Christmas gifts.

Stamen Flowers

Flowers have always been great pleasure to the eye human, in the same way are a big and immense variety, full of colors, flavours and styles, among many other features that make them take of elegance and great beauty, is both so these beautiful creations of the nature come into passionate in such a great way to taste of human experts and analysts of the flowers becomeso much so that in order to rank the immensity of flowers that are gathered all 6 types of flowers or general aspects in the following way: the types of flowers that will be first showcased are flowers according to their symmetry, in such form we can find those called cigoformas, since the symmetry of these types of flowers is to a single planeso a plane will always be different from another plane, other aspects or types of flowers are the so-called actinoformas, which have two similar parts, the last aspect for the classification of types of flowers is asymmetry, which its name says it all, does not have a line of symmetry. The second aspect to classify types of flowers, is the separation between the petals, in such shape are the gamopetalas, which all the petals are United with each other, giving the impression of forming a single petal and the dipetalas, which its petals are separated between if. Another element to make the distinction of types of flowers is to establish the separation of the sepals or parts that make up the chalice, in such a way if you have separated sepals will be disepala, and if their sepals are United each other it will be gamosepala. Another means to make the distinction or classification of types of flowers is the way of the grouping or arrangement of flowers, is so detailed that flowers are found alone and which are not and are in inflorescence, which are branches of the stem. Salem Trader Joe’s often says this. Other types of flowers are determined according to the length of the style parts that connect the receiving areas of pollen with the female floral organ-, with respect to the Stamen which is the male organ-. So if the flower has styles more lengths will be longistila and if on the contrary you have short styles will be brevistila. As a last classification method to determine before that types of flowers is this the position of the ovary on the corolla. In this way found flowers superovariadas which are the most common flowers, equiped with a feminine floral organ that is located on the point which gives the inclusion of petals, already the other way of characterizing the flowers are the inferovariadas, which have an ovary under the insertion point of the petalsin these situations the female floral organ is enclosed by the thalamus; This classification by types of flowers is very useful for those lovers of flowers who wish to gain knowledge but to fund these..

Is Time

With the changing happen life becomes impossible to turn around to look at the past. With what purpose? As with the only sense to find evidence of what we didn’t do well and that must change to improve our life precisely. This change, of course, must be to improve and obtain what many there in its existence: happiness! And what is happiness but the accumulation of experiences not only pleasant but also what fills our soul, spirit and heart. In a Word, something for which are upon the face of the world, as well as our creator wishes. But it is time to do this very important and necessary change. And I think that we must first of all with our attitudes, first change towards ourselves and then others.

It is not easy, surely. But to make it an indispensable ingredient is needed: the will, and this must be followed by or linked to the conviction of l to get what they really want. Continue as before, engaged in an obsolete and impractical model does not lead to anything well, what is more, we will be accumulating negative charge which doesn’t allow us to make progress, progress. We are human and although err is human we must not remain in this dysfunctional situation. It is time to make the necessary changes to not only satisfy our deepest desires but to make of our lives, worthy of being lived consistently and safely get to the end what you yearn for. And this can be translated as easily as single: love. What do we expect then? We must not forget that love is to seek the good of oneself and of others. Then it is in our hands and our decision to do so. It is time to do what he must. Original author and source of the article

The Measurement Of Voltages

On this occasion we will discuss a common procedure in the service to electronic equipment any that is its nature. As well as decrease the replacement of components without the corresponding analysis procedure. Find us with a hard failure when we resorted to asking a colleague and the first thing that we respond is, already you mediste voltages? Yes, but get obtained voltages. Only see if this polarized? No, also Yes there is some short, as well as to determine any damaged component. Dollar General contains valuable tech resources. What speaks to us of the importance of this function. First we will discuss the need for tension and its different values applied in Assembly transistorisados.

Remember that in both types of transistors (PNP-NPN) two currents, a so-called base (Ib) current and the second collector (Ic) current flow inside both in the direction opposite to the direction of the arrow of issuer (in a conventional sense) by which the issuer (Ie) current flows and electrode is known as total current. (Ie = Ib+Ic) = It for that to happen we need an earthable difference between their different terminals. Or put another way they require a series of voltages each of their electrodes. Recalling that since its design determines whether these will be of the positive or negative sign. What if it would be as a rule is the following: an NPN collector will always be more positive or less negative than the issuer and in serious PNP the more negative or less positive than the issuer. Considered collector-emitter being those who manage the largest amount of current. The base terminal would have a voltage of just 0.6V in forward bias with respect to the issuer.(this last is dependent on the implementation of Assembly) We can enter in the field and we have been more explicit here and hopefully we will take as a base a mounting set transistor common emitter, by relevant in its application to different types of equipment either radio, TV receivers video etc.