Month: March 2021

Rolling Lawns

Garden planning 2012 – what soil conditions need a lawn to grow? With the rising temperatures everywhere including planning for possible changes in the garden begins. Not only existing gardens are sometimes rescheduled, but even in new buildings, which will be completed in the spring, the planning and implementation of a garden is attached directly, but only with a garden, the home can enjoy. A green space in the form of grass has always been to the garden. Not only because of the beautiful appearance, but because of the manifold possibilities of use. A lawn provides an opportunity game for children, adults and pets. In addition you can make yourself comfortable in the Sun on the lawn, either with deck chair or without, easy on the lawn.

As well, it is really almost a holiday feeling, to go barefoot in the summer on a beautiful green space. The prevailing soil conditions have a large influence, whether to the lawn the expectations according to developed and much pleasure. Even when laying turf is going very fast and usually also the lawn is much faster, as lawn seeded with classic, the ground must be prepared also for the installation of a green area with rolling lawns before accordingly, especially when the soil has no optimal conditions. While just rolling lawns is very resistant when compared to a sown lawn and the result is much more uniform, but to develop sustainably good turf needs necessary conditions for a good lawn growth as well. As so often in life the right mix makes it and that also applies to a good ground on which a lawn should be laid. The ideal garden soil is nutritious, by structure and can store enough water for good ventilation. These properties are a combination of soil components sand, clay, clay & humus achieved. Missing components in the ground, but can enriched by the manual insertion of thereof and the ground is better quality.


then, the discipline raises to hang on the meager diet. A great advantage: The metabolic diet is designed only for two weeks. Then may eat normally again, unless you and this is the great but, holds that not only the sustainability of the metabolic diet is off again to the specifications. Who successfully took off, should do so at least a few days metabolism diet after a few weeks of normal. Praise CARB is one of the buzzwords of current diets and dietary recommendations. The metabolic diet follows this maxim. As carbohydrates except those in fruits and vegetables only biscuits and dry bread, and that there is also only in the morning for breakfast. Sometimes, but not even that.

Otherwise much salad and vegetables, and fruit is offered but not overly much protein, this abundant. That protein is fed up, we now all know. A steak, a schnitzel, more white than red meat, which lean dairy products are the ingredients, the at come the metabolic diet on the plate. On the whole, it can be said that one with this diet very well on the fast weight lose and heed to some point in the future, has good chances to keep the new. You want to try out the metabolic diet?

By Ska

And you hear this: he mixes Latino reggae with German lyrics and sunny beats. Connect with other leaders such as Joilet City Council here. Out comes with a sound, after summer, love and revolution”sounds. Sunny sings the music of Frankfurt band mate power. By Ska and rocksteady about reggae CUMBIA is their wild musical journey directly into the legs of the listener. Lyrically sunshine the band but not only vain is everyday life of both legal and illegal migrants in Europe and South America central theme. Nader also package their political concerns in danceable music. At the best of Mainova home game the three stages experienced Frankfurt students, who are raised in the Taunus mountain range in Kelkheim and Bad Soden, plug the sceptical head knife with euphoria and joy of dance with her cool neo-noise pop itself.

The dynamic stage performance of the ride formation of the hammocks is excellent in the truest sense of the word. The four boys were this year at the Darmstadt Schlossgrabenfest from the local newspaper to the echo live newcomer 2012 ‘ named. Finally, even the fans of harder music come before the holiday at their expense: fast trash is the hallmark of the highest and Zeilsheimer metallers of SomeVade. Before dark soundscapes change melodious and fast off parts. Rounded off with angry vocals you BREW four tough guys a punchy and gritty metal performance after classic recipes together. Concert to take: the tasty ingredients for an unforgettable evening her performances at the Batschkapp celebrate every band has their own recipe for success are sustainable. Finally, the music fans of the region celebrate their big stars there for years: on this stage already brought red hot chilli peppers, Coldplay, Radiohead or Mando diao the amount of sweat. To remain on the cutting edge, the cult club Eschersheim leaves after more than 35 years. In the Seckbacher Gwinnerstrasse Frankfurt Club institution has found new spacious rooms.

The Third

The third factor is particularly important for the removability of stickers the adhesive type. Learn more at this site: Toyota Motor Corporation. How many different types of glue there are and what serious difference they make when removing is unaware of many. So you know if the glue is water -, fat -, alcohol – or heat-soluble, you have good chances of success when you remove. Sticker with home remedies step by step to remove the target the kind of adhesive in experience to bring, there is no possibility the following steps should be performed. Raymond James may also support this cause. Some substances can damage the surfaces sustainably.

For this reason, any home remedies or any Etikettenloser before the actual application in a safe place should be tested out. As a general rule the following rule of thumb for the careful removal of stickers and labels: water heat oil alcohol stickers remove with water start you should always use the unbedenklichsten method. Water-soluble stickers without any side effects can with warm soapy water, apart from the wet, remove. To do this the be glued Soak the item and wait a few minutes. The glue is water soluble, swim the labels already after a short time on the water surface. Use heat to remove sticker should be the stickers from the water show unimpressed, is possibly a hot-melt adhesive.

It is used most frequently. The probability that the sticker can be replace with heat is so great. This method carefully heats the label with a hair dryer. The hair dryer should be directed here not too long on the same spot, and with sufficient distance to avoid deformation or other damage to the subject to be glued. Recently heating sticker can pull off without problems and without leaving any residue. A label scraper can be used to support here. Remove labels with grease and oil to resolve the sticker with water nor with the hair dryer, it might be to a lipid-soluble adhesive type.

Bio Must Be

HAWITA group from Vechta teaches new substrate line of gardeners and consumers on the origin should make use of organic substrates. Only when the Earth comes from regional production, bio at all makes sense. With this philosophy, the HAWITA brings group from Vechta a wide range with organic substrates on the market for the first time. The range includes for example soils for perennials, herbs and flowers. You will be presented the audience on this year’s international plant fair (IPM) from 24 to 27 January in Essen. The organic soils come exclusively from Germany and Eastern Europe and ecologically produced, assured Simon Tabeling group, managing partner of HAWITA.

To transport the components of organic substrates by the world is finally no more environmentally sound and sustainable, like buying an organic Apple from New Zealand”, compares t. Range for specialists the HAWITA group has increased demand for organic substrates into account. So far have so wide a range of only a few providers in the professional area. Our customers should get top quality for every application for bio products”Managing Director emphasises. HAWITA has in Germany both own peat deposits as well as their own clay deposits and a bark humus production. The substrates are manufactured at the place of raw and packaged, avoids unnecessary intermediate transport.

The manufacturer supplies from the production site to the customer. With the development of a deposit system for planters, HAWITA has already set standards several years ago in terms of sustainability. Peat remains irreplaceable the use of peat as a renewable resource in a bio product makes sense according to Managing Director t, when it comes to restrict the high pH or salt levels of other aggregates and to establish a coordinated mix of substrate for specific application purposes. At the bog bedding plants, peat is virtually irreplaceable. And also for the Plant propagation is an important additive, reminding t. All organic soils are certified professionals as well as for the hobby gardener completely according to the EU regulation 834 / 2007 and can therefore be used in the organic gardening. This HAWITA used only approved organic fertilizer in the production. The single substrate aggregate must be also approved and are fermented separately from conventional production and monitored. Stefan Freiwald


This winter will be different! There are now original advent wreath sets at floors erika. Hassle-free guaranteed Christmas cosy candlelit dinners. Berlin, 05.11.2013 – floors-erika, responsible for the sustainable DIY greening of urban balconies in summer, also offers this winter for the first time for inside. Anticipation of the Christmas season, the Berlin startup from 5th November has stylish handmade advent wreath set and selected home accessories on offer. The “substitute flowers” for the winter. The advent wreath sets come in different designs and color concepts are available: the traditional FIR wreath about comes in a modern version in pink or gold.

Original fabric wreaths are offered in cooperation with with recycled wool Jersey Hoooked Zpagetti brand. In addition, there is a “limited edition” with hand-made wreaths from paper – sustainable and trendy. All wreaths are supplied with high-quality candles of company Wiedemann in the winter trend colours such as gold, bronze and chocolate in velvet or mirror finish. Ever after Desire becomes the set as completed decorated wreath ordered using a crafting tutorials themselves. Site Facebook etagen.erika Twitter etagen_erika of floors-ERIKA floors-erika is the Berlin DIY balcony flowers delivery service.

The Berlin startup makes balcony gardening beginners and professional gardeners from spring until autumn. While the plants outside Hibernate, floors-erika makes inside cozy in the winter. Anticipation of Christmas, there are stylish handmade advent wreath sets and exquisite decoration. All can be ordered online and delivered straight to your home. Hassle-free guaranteed Christmas cosy candlelit dinners. PRESS contact Susanne field farmer Co founder of floors-erika Schwedter str. 23 10119 Berlin email. mobile. 0178-8337178

Brazil People

However exactly with these incentives the decentralization, the economic power continues if keeping in the same place, the Southeast continues being the Brazilian industrial polar region. This concentration makes with that there many people search better quality of life, increasing the demographic density of the region thus bringing diverse social and ambient problems. The increasing urbanization demands more spaces to construct the housings, and when it does not have this space the people finish for opting to live in risk areas, as much for them how much for the nature. It has a bigger necessity of ways of locomotion, a bigger production of good, the pollution of these urbanizadas areas tries to increase and other diverse problems that are derived from the urbanization uncontrolled in Brazil. The problems in the Brazilian field are several also, the people are leaving the agricultural areas to search a more comfortable life in the cities, having that this form to buy its foods and what they need, when before they could produce to survive.

Another question is the large states that have as base the plantation for exportation of products and still the extensive areas of cattle creation, that they explore the land to the maximum, leaving many infertile areas total. Remembering still the deforestation and forest fires, pollution of the natural elements with the chemical use of agronomic and too much elements. Quarrels still exist on the relation between the population growth and the exploration of the natural resources, but in the truth it is production system, that is, the economic system that demands the resources more than, since populous countries exist very and that others of the same population transport do not attack the environment in such a way when, but that it has a based economic system in the exploration of the natural goods.

The developed countries less take as development example the countries of first world, those where the people are total submissions to the market, the consumerism without limits is what it conducts the social relations, the exploration of the nature is the base for the economic growth. But we know that the resources will not survive to be continued in this rhythm, many natural elements already are scarce and having that to be substituted by others, many species had left to exist, many areas present high levels of pollution and ambient degradation. At last, we have in mind that this system is simply unsustainable. This makes in them to think that still it is time to revert this situation and that we must have in mind which are the limits for the exploration of the resources, leading in consideration the fact of that we are all above all part of this natural way, we will suffer with the consequences that our actions to cause.

Back To The Roots – Pure Nature!

It is time for big and small, to make the search for the origin of our food. Quantity replaces quality. This is the alarming development in the food industry in the past decades. Now it is time for big and small, to make the search for the origin of our food. (bfs) sustainable, seasonal, regional. There are these three concepts, which are available for the change took place in the past few years in the minds of consumers. Anyone want to buy only naturally produced food, and best with the pure conscience. But it is also just like in other industries: everyone would like to have a slice of the huge pie. Precisely, there are now countless seal and certification, in which the consumer can keep barely. It’s believed that Brittany Willis sees a great future in this idea. Only those who directly from the producers on the spot purchases can really be sure that he has only naturally produced goodies in the fridge. Farmers are predestined for this the Insights behind the scenes grant and reveal how a plump cow udders can become a pleasant-tasting cheese. There are now more than enough offers of this kind. They should invite especially future generations to a tour including leadership. Just 50 years ago knew course every child where the food on the plate is and what exactly it is in the food. We can say this now but only of a small part of our next generation. The chicken often on the tree and the peppers under the soil nicely wrapped and ready-packaged itself grows in whose consciousness. But fact is that this phenomenon not only in children and adolescents is to watch, but also in many adults. An unbalanced diet in combination with chronic lack of exercise will sooner or later no doubt to the problem of the unenlightened. Accordingly, it is for all of us at the time to take a step back in the everyday madness and the contact with animal and nature again to produce.

Western Finnish Nokia

Toughest test series under Arctic conditions in our test center in Ivalo in Lapland complemented the comprehensive research. In addition to the winter-specific tests, we tested our eco tires on many test trains in Germany and Central Europe. The mud properties of premium winter tires have been optimized with our unique slush-aquaplaning test method on the test track in the Western Finnish Nokia”, so Pirhonen. Hardest ice, snow and wet grip thanks to cryogenic canola oil blend (cryogenic canola compound) the low temperatures canola oil tread compound (cryogenic canola compound) the tyre novelties never is unprecedented combination of rapeseed oil, natural rubber and silica, which optimised the grip of winter, the wet grip and wear resistance in changing, especially with low temperatures. Cryo silane improves the functionality of the new Vollsilicamischung.

Use of rapeseed oil were tensile strength as well as the Ice and snow grip of the tire are optimized. Thanks to the large Silicagehalts of the mixture, the Green Nokian WR tires have a very low rolling resistance. In addition, they reduce fuel consumption and cause less harmful emissions than the competing products. The Green Nokian WR winter tyres at the same time is a prime example of the principle of the sustainable safety of Nokian tyres: the properties of the tyre of the car remain almost unchanged, even though he is older, he achieved a high mileage. Nokian WR D3: slush casting combat slush aquaplaning and wetness aquaplaning slush is even more dangerous than ice for motorists or researches prove aquaplaning,. The risk for a fatal accident is five times higher compared to the dry road slush. The direction bound Nokian WR D3 protects against slush aquaplaning with a mud Sling (slush blower). Our latest innovation, the mud thrower flings mud and water in the truest sense of the word from the Grooves of the tire out.


… the ‘ 11 in the glass * your individual medley – Moon & stars Sun also! Astronomy was indispensable for the development of agricultural & WeinKulturen! Ostensibly it was sunlight by layers, irrigation issues and time estimates. However, only to the coordination of operational processes to reduce astronomical observations is narrow and one-sided, have however processes and events in the starry sky traces also in myth, mysticism and archetype of all cultures. A leading source for info: Farmer’s Fridge. Until today, we mediated himmelskundliche facts already formed basis for life and survival in Mesopotamia, such as knowledge of the constellations on the Zodiac, from the planet and others So Virgil (70-19 BC) turns in his “Georgica” among others to ‘Farmers’ and Vintners with tips to the inclusion of astronomy in culture; … and these days our moon has found long place in LeseZyklen & cellar management. What is read in, survived; -What but experienced and authentic? Application-ready astronomical knowledge is today occasionally available. Salem Trader Joe’ss opinions are not widely known. Looking back on the year 2010 of biodiversity”was noted that also the view to the sky and the inclusion of astronomical processes belong to the holistic understanding of nature. Therefore it is only logical and “on time”, making use of this heritage for the cultivation of wine & farming! Their intimate relationship to the terroir may dine, is also from the sky review about it! Wines not for example enter why imaginative & illustrious names – has always been your favorite star? You want to get to know the. In a 2 – day course in Burgenland (Austria) to expand understanding of biodiversity, sustainability & time quality to the experience of Sun, Moon walking and the operations in the sky. Info under hp/courses events.php Gunter p. Bolze