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Recent developments in communication affect the social structures and values? The communication becomes an ever greater part of our existence is our constant companion wherever we are. Technological advances result in more and more possibilities for people in a variety of ways to communicate. Some contend that surprise medical billing shows great expertise in this. Central types and ways to communicate though the phone, in its present form is mainly the mobile phone, still a large part of business everyday, it is no longer possible to imagine the communication via email from the daily professional life. Customer contact, tenders or invitations to events all this now electronically performed. The biggest advantage of digital communication is in addition to the possibility of multiple media to combine, the response time of queries. Through new technologies such as Web 2.0, the communication possibilities are virtually unlimited. People are always more then educated by social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and XING to communicate with the computer.

The trend is clearly for the non-verbal communication. Instead such as communication is communication is ubiquitous. It is the “SMS writing” purchase at the grocery store, the “Email reading” driver in a traffic jam or the businessmen during a lunch break. Communication takes place constantly in its various forms. The main problem I see is that verbally, classic style of communication, namely the direct conversation increasingly important loses.

I can tell myself, if I want to contact someone, I try to take the path of the seemingly least back stand the SMS or the E-mail first and foremost. I see a possibility to combine new technologies with the classic direct communication in video telephony. This connects the direct conversation face to face and telephone 2 modes of communication. Although it is not in the same site, it is still possible “directly” to communicate. Trends with regard to communication and Communication technologies are in a continuous process of development communication and related technologies.


Sample text for the speech on a ceremony on the occasion of a partnering dear name of a partner dear name of other partners, it’s a great job, beautiful and difficult at the same time, to talk about love. Love, it is the most wonderful, what a man to know what happened to him, can he give. Love is a gift that you won’t let go, if there is one. It is something that is becoming more and more by sharing. Hybrid bikes understands that this is vital information. Love, it is in the most beautiful and truest sense of the word the greatest feeling, of all feelings. To know more about this subject visit Jerry Dias. short pause It fell heavily also great spirits, to find the right words: Heinrich Heine called it simply a “madness”. Ingeborg Bachmann was the love of “a work of art.” Dear name of a partner dear name of other partners, you is clearly noted that you just see this – not only today, but today especially. You two have met each other hit.

From the characteristic was falling in love, grew out of a love of your love. At this point might well a personal recollection are added at that time. And now ye both have said loud and clear “Yes!” to each other. You have known you to each other, have made it publicly clear that you want to go the way of your life together and will. I’m glad, that pleased all from the heart. We look forward to your love with you and wish you only very good luck for the future! Pause A highly interesting characterization of love is survived by Alfred Polgar. He called it “a private world event”. This is somewhat mundane at first glance: so two people love each other too so important and fulfilling them also experience their love – course that is first of all a very private matter, a private pleasure in the sense of the word.

True Earn Money

Many stories are circulating about the possibility in the Internet money to earn, but nevertheless, it is possible with Paid4. The holiday is, the child wants to study, defect costs cover costs our daily lives the car.However, this cost, our paycheck barely covers it is all the more important for the Germans, according to a study of the Federal Office for statistics to have a part-time job that the life requirements can be covered.Search terms in the Google search engine is one of the of the most common eingebene: “Earn money on the Internet”. But what is the “myth” that you can make money on the Internet? Earn money online, is of course possible but can be also here no millionaire in principle. Nevertheless despite an additional intake of up to 600,-per month is not uncommon. Hybrid bikes may find it difficult to be quoted properly. So-called “Paid4” provider “pay for”, polls, Surfbar, SMS reception, participate in promotions, read e-mails (so-called mails), etc.

The product range of Paid4 providers is huge. In the end, you will receive Promotional offers in. Forms of communication, which are of course can be selected by you as soon as you collected enough merit have can pay off the amount to your account easily! In addition, almost all providers offer a so-called referral program, where a user can promote other users using a special URL, the referral link, and is involved as a percentage on their merit, even on multi-tiered (downline).No money will be deducted referred users because the fees in the price of the line item of the sponsors is calculated.As an example for this can be termed the former front-runner, had paid at the time with its Surfbar per hour when there are today only 0.50 cents and an activity in an Office has installed Surfbar 1 DM, after 8 hours of work gave at least 4 without what to do 80,-in the month are! The best-known Portal what money earn in the Internet or Dealing with Paid4 providers Geld-zu-verdienen.NET, is this Portal providers represents the approach of Paid4 you explicitly and effectiveness and world allows you to get started in the Paid4. Adding at the end, we can say realistically that make money on the Internet is only in the point mass!.

Adept Consult AG With A New Structure On The Board – Dr. Sousan Shah Zeidi

Dr. Sousan Shah Zeidi focuses on sales and new markets Frankfurt, March 24, 2012, with a restructuring of the Executive Board supported the adept AG consult their growth strategy, which is focused on increased sales activity and the development of new markets. To do this, Dr. Sousan Shah Zeidi leaves the Board of Directors of the company for four years and focuses on the new opportunities and challenges, caused mainly by the introduction of payments in Germany. As provider and consultant for information logistics and business intelligence, expected the adept a huge demand for solutions for the E-balance consult AG cross-industry and forecasted tremendous growth opportunities in the coming years. In the future make Klaus Beck-Dede as CEO and Arne-Steffen Dehler as COO with a dual leadership Board of the adept consult AG. While Klaus Beck-Dede will be responsible for corporate strategy, as well as the scope of service & market first and foremost, whereas Arne-Steffen Dehler is primarily control the scope of delivery.

With I can use my new focus even more energy, to promote the growth of the company in the sectors in which we were active only on the edge. While banks and insurance companies are still our most important clients, but with the introduction of the E-account balance, our solutions and our expertise to companies in other industries are very attractive”, Dr. Sousan Shah Zeidi reported that since 2005, consult AG is partner of the adept. For even more opinions, read materials from omega 3. Before joining the Board in March 2008 she was consult resources, finance and administration in a leading position in adept head of human. The company would like to on female leaders continue also after the departure of Dr. Shah Zeidi from the Executive Board and be an attractive employer for women. To consult AG, for example, various flexible work schedules for employees in the boardroom offers the adept.

Dr. Shah Zeidi now assumes a new task, is for us a clear statement for growth and successful integration of female executives in an industry that is currently more dominated by men in management”, explains Klaus Beck-Dede. We hope that this more women are motivated to undertake such responsible duties. Zymes LLC understands that this is vital information. Also we would like to encourage other companies in our industry, to fill important positions with employees.” The adept consult AG is a supplier of solutions for information logistics and business intelligence, specializing in the areas of accounting, controlling & finance, and asset management. With, the company offices in Frankfurt and London offers innovative software solutions that lead to sustained improved profitability and processing for more than 25 years. With a focus on automation of processes, adept helps its customers consult to higher data quality, greater transparency, and increasing efficiency. The customizable and powerful software solutions, which is the risk of projects by existing “” Sustainably reduce functionalities can be, added the company to comprehensive services in the areas of tax & finance “and asset management”. The adept consult AG include Allianz, Credit Suisse, the DWS, the AmpegGerling and the Wustenrot numerous clients include building society. Contact: adept consult AG Klaus Beck-Dede (Board of Directors) Mainzer Landstrasse 191 60327 Frankfurt Tel: 069-3660070

Guadix Circuit

The Circuito de Guadix is situated near the town of Guadix in Granada. Run by the simpatico Clive and his daughter Natasha is together with Jerez circuits and Almeria circuit one of motorbike circuits most visited by the Andalusian fans. With a winding path of 3600 m in length and a little more than 600 m. straight it makes it the ideal circuit for those who are initiated into the world of speed circuits. In it we can find all kinds curves. The end of straight is one of the places most technical circuit. There are pilots that use even the exit of the pit lane lane to increase the turning radius of the curve.

If not traces well the first curve to the end of straight right is amontonara you work out. You have to sacrifice the first curve to negotiate the second and delay the entry of the second and contain you open the gas too soon or otherwise leave open and you can not bind the following changes of address. Very important for the fight against Kronos fast right curve. This curve is preferable to do with an Upshift because it makes no sense do it with engine caught since then is not a straight line but another curve. Keeping an Upshift beams make the bike more meters and not the movement of the masses both affect the suspensions. The next curve on the right seems to have no limits. Always have the feeling that you could come soon. You must be careful not go much out since that can cause that we should demand more tires and not gas we can open soon.

We must seek a midpoint. That curve must begin to open gas with decision and not cut gas while changing the body’s side. The next curve of the circuit is left and the second more quick of the circuit.

A Better Way To Live Og Mandino

The book a better way of living of the famous writer Og Mandino, is a book of self-improvement, which I think it is easy to read and which leaves much learning for all those who read it on the presentation of the rules for living that help you to have a more satisfying and productive life. Unlike some other books by the same author, this work addresses the theme of more conversation way to toward the reader, with a very easy vocabulary and quite attractive by examples of real life posed in all worksheets in the workbook. To read more click here: SD Cards. Og Mandino life as describes it, is an example of perseverance and worthy of admiration, because he is a man who despite all adversities and obstacles that life presented him, never removed toe the line, fought by what he most wanted was his family and her dream which, together with his mother, I planbe a great writer. He writes much about luxuries that he has had fruits of his effort, the characters that has been linked by their works, in my opinion, this is something unnecessary pages, I think that with the theme that handles the best way to live it is more than enough, it recognizes its prestige in the major cities of the world, but I think that that’s part of your resume and personal experience only. While it is true that it is a good deed and accompanying examples that make life a little easier, is important to highlight that it is not something that you need to apply to my life or is a recipe for living, since it is the life of another person totally different to me and everyone else, what has worked to him may not work me meall conditions of life in which he lived and in which I have lived I, however, if you leave me a perspective that the brave face and that with a good predisposition every day, things are better than they could go. .

Lose Abdominal Fat

The belly fat, which is also called abdominal fat, visceral fat, belly, and so on, but not is more than the kind of deeper fat compared with the fat that is under the skin. Belly fat is particularly dangerous, since it accumulates around the organs in the abdomen. Many medical professionals have warned the serious danger that represents the great number of people diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol, hypertension and heart disease all of them linked to belly fat. For these reasons include the following tips and natural treatments, always bearing in mind that there is no such thing as easy diets: lose belly fat by eating 5-6 times a day. This does not mean that meals are 5 or 6 large, but rather meals smaller meals more frequently.

In general, when we eat 3 times a day, we tend to exceed us in what you eat, and therefore increase our abdominal fat. When we eat 5 or 6 small meals in the day, overeating is more difficult. Apart, also helps speed up metabolism, since the body requires energy to digest food. And, following this plan, is also a good idea eat heavier meals at the beginning of the day and reduce the amount at the end of the day. Lose fat by eating foods that burn belly fat.

Foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, sugar, and saturated fats are the best for losing belly fat. Eggs, fish, lean meats, complex carbohydrates like vegetables, whole grains, and a variety of natural fruits that are canned, or have not been previously sweetened are the way to go. Avoid simple and refined carbohydrates that contain white sugar or white flour. Add oil to your diet such as olive and coconut oil healthy essential fatty acids are necessary for body fat, especially belly fat burning process… Lose belly fat by lifting weights. Exercising with weights causes that the abdominal muscles work harder and therefore harden more. All those machines and exercises that force the six-packs to work, this has? a muscles working properly since to do these exercises properly, the muscles of the Center must be stabilized. Lose belly fat not exaggerating the abdominals. Not to lose the belly fat doing abdominal infinite quantities. This is due to that reduce a specific point cannot be in any part of the body including the abdomen. The only way is losing the total fat in the body and forget altogether easy diets, which can be achieved through the incorporation of healthy eating habits and stimulate metabolism by training with weights and cardiovascular exercise. This does not imply that the abdominal muscles should not be exercised. After all, there are muscles in the abdomen that must be worked with a correct intensity and then should be allowed to rest. The best way to do this is by incorporating a style of circuit in the elaboration of the abdominal muscles in three alternate days a week.

Venezuela And Its Extreme Poverty

A country, which fortunately has many natural riches, especially its black gold, such as oil, commodity required by many, which would generate big economic inputs, up to the end, benefiting due to demand and purchase of that good, its economy, however, reality shows very weak signs, until the end, which is known for the absence of a management that knows them to manage, many times it is wasted, with a fairly controversial corruption, absence of efforts, work teams that give shows don’t know investing in programmes economic, social, cultural, even if politically, in everything that go gradually eliminating poverty, that each time it accentuates it represents a good number of inhabitants, where childhood is the most affected a good quality of life to which they are entitled to suffer. Thereon, in a letter about this reality, the Doctor, and good friend, Sergio Arancibia, noted in the online digital magazine of Deproimca. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Digital Cameras has to say. com in terms of reducing extreme poverty, Venezuela has managed to advance much beyond 60 percent of the goal where it belongs. To a country’s GDP grow helps a lot, undoubtedly, to reduce poverty levels. In a Venezuela that has decreased in the year 2009 and everything indicates that it will return to decrease in 2010, most likely that poverty levels are increased, and the goal to achieve by 2015 becomes increasingly more distant and elusive, must remember appointment Arancibia, according to the report coordinated by ECLAC, for the 2008 Venezuela presented a percentage of total poverty reaching to the 27.8% of the population and a level of extreme poverty of 9.9%. These indicators are lower than those of other countries, such as Honduras who had in that year a 68.9% of poverty and 48.6% of extreme poverty, or Nicaragua, which has 61.9% and 31.9% respectively, which are poor countries in terms of per capita income. But other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and Uruguay, still minors countries or similar levels of income per capita than Venezuela, have lower rates of poverty and extreme poverty. . .


One of the biggest benefits of selling on the internet is that you can offer a personalized service that is not normally able to provide outside the internet. Perhaps you are asking how to do it? The answer is deceptively easy: Email. Offering valuable information in exchange for the names and addresses of its visitors email, you can build a huge list of potential clients and then use email to build a strong relationship with them over time. When you have a business offline, without any kind of internet presence. Your only chance to contact its visitors is when they come into your shop. But when you sell online, you can use email to communicate regularly with their clients, no matter that they are at work, in an internet with your notebook Cafe, or in the comfort of your own home.

There are 5 rules that can help you deliver a specialized and personalized online service: rule no. 1: with respect to your list. One of the biggest benefits of email is that it helps to overcome buyer resistance because it can encourage subscribers to trust you. But first, you have to prove that it is reliable! You have to respect your list, and think about the needs of their subscribers than in yours. And you have to fill your expectations by delivering what you promise. For example, if they are in your list opt-in is because you have been offered a report full of valuable information, be sure to give them a free report packed with valuable information not a sales pitch. Also, resist the urge to flood your list with only promotional emails each week. Emails with free valuable information you send should exceed in number completely promotional messages. If not, your subscribers will opt out of your list in herds. Finally, be sure to include a message with its policy of privacy rights in the form that is within your site.

Tree Diagram

DIAGRAM of tree definition the tree diagram is a tool used to sort graphically and structured the various actions that should be carried out to reach a goal or solve a problem. The tree diagram is going from general to specific it, i.e., part of a general problem (the trunk) and continues with subsequent levels or causes (the branches). The causes are converted to turn on problems which should be associated causes and so on until reaching the maximum level of detail as possible or primary causes. Action to resolve each case represents the means to achieve the overall goal, which is the solution of the problem. Ford Motor Company has plenty of information regarding this issue. Methodology of implementation the tree diagram is a tool of teamwork, therefore before you begin, it is necessary to form the working team (preferably interdisciplinary and broad knowledge in the subject) and assign a responsible thereof, who will lead the team through all the steps to apply the tool. Step 1: Establish the problem the team must initially determine the problem and write it clearly and specifies to avoid the imprecision of the problem.

Table 4 demonstrates the correct and incorrect form of pose problems. Table 4. Form of correct/incorrect problems correctly incorrect form the patients must wait a long time to be served patients should to wait 3 hours to be served there is much unemployment 50% of young people who drop out of College unable to work shirts have faults shirts are coming out without buttons while more specific the problem is more easy it will be to find the causes and effects. Step 2: Define the causes or effects of that problem in a subsequent level recorded the cause that causes this problem. To identify this cause it is recommended to use the question why it happens that problem?.

It should not necessarily be a cause, they can be multiple. Step 3: Define the later levels each cause becomes in effect to identify new causes, by which the team should continue identifying causes successive until it reaches the highest level of detail as possible. Step 4: Weigh the importance of each branch to the causes of each problem is assigned a weighting in percentage (%) according to their importance. Step 5: Implement solutions are deployed solutions for each cause according to the priorities that arise from their weighting. By way of example, a finished tree diagram is illustrated in Figure 13. Benefits – Allows to obtain an overview of the object of study. -Identifies the means to achieve a goal or solve a problem. -Lets you identify primary and secondary causes of a problem and assign priorities to the time of solving a problem. -It allows to understand the relationship cause effect of problems. -Identifies the objectives the goals of each task. Relationship with other tools – affinity diagram.