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Reuters Subject

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In declarations of Beltrn picked up by Reuters, one talked about the subject of the proposals received of the following way: have been no more advances (in the negotiations). Nobody still has done us a proposal on the subject of industrialization (y) all know that one is going to be the base so that certain

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Independent University

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Companies that integrate the sustainability in the heart of their strategy, fidelizando to the new intelligent clients. ” In addition, it is good for the planet, for the soul, the family and a righter world and tico” , the investigator of tendencies Faith Popcorn thinks (the USA). To all this, she adds the prestigious weekly

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Pensar Organization

on March 17th, 2013 by - Comments Off on Pensar Organization

Very good (excellent) communication. Attitude and availability for the generation of an atmosphere of work, warm and friendly. Deep respect. Sense of property to the equipment. Valuation and explicit recognition of the knowledge, the experience and acceptance, to have present the abilities of all the members of the equipment. Never to speak in first person,

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Great Interest

on February 16th, 2013 by - Comments Off on Great Interest

Not with the intention to investigate nor to criticize them, but to know clearly in what we can help them, like we can take them to the Word of God and that knows that wonderful God more and more. He remembers that he says us to the Bible that the Shepherd knows his ewes. But

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Spanish Sustainability

on September 20th, 2012 by - Comments Off on Spanish Sustainability

The Conference, organized by the Institute for the Sustainability of Recursos (ISR) with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Rural Means and Marino (MARM), frames in the new relative European culture the residues that are based on the European society of recycling. Against this background, the PNIR is conceived like an instrument to

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