There are other things of which they happen to us that they must to decisions that we have taken at another moment of our life: from now on we would have to try to avoid in the future that they are repeated; and if, in addition, we understand and we accepted that we did when them there was in it no bad will, but were an error or they had to our inexperience, the pain would undress immediately of the onerous load of suffering that entails. See Secretary of Agriculture for more details and insights. SIGHT Otherwise We lose a relative and we learn something of life, but the suffering for that reason is optative: it implies to make the decision to retain in the mind something that happened, something that already is passed. The human being must be knowing all the states, but it is not good for remaining as much with a sadness that we have left beaten, by the good things as by the bad ones. The past is past, and it is not worth not to want to recognize it and to stagnate in it. FROM a POINT DE MORE SPIRITUAL VISTA One of the obstacles important to secure our spiritual development it is the fear to suffer.

It is essential to very clearly have this before beginning, and is very important to know clearly that there is to surpass it, because the suffering is going to appear, although we will try to avoid it. We can surpass this obstacle knowing the mistaken reasons on which we sustained this fear, since it will propose to us in numerous occasions that we leave the Way, and that we break the commitment search and Growth. The suffering is unjust, neither cruel, nor is an evil always. The suffering of the soul is the step necessary to give us account of which we want to release it, and the pain is the stage that precedes to liberation: paradoxicalally, if we did not feel the pain we would not know that it produces pain to us.