Great Interest

Not with the intention to investigate nor to criticize them, but to know clearly in what we can help them, like we can take them to the Word of God and that knows that wonderful God more and more. He remembers that he says us to the Bible that the Shepherd knows his ewes. But in addition having a knowledge of our public, helps us to put us in its place, imagining to us same seated in one of the seats listening to us themselves preaching the message. 2. It wakes up A Great Interest By Your Message.

It is in the introduction of the message where we notify good to him to our listener that the Subject that we are going to develop with complete certainty presents/displays the solution to him for its problem. And we must know that the majority of the problems of the people if not all, begin with a spiritual necessity. In addition, also you can read this if you wish to know about ” Conclusion of the Mensaje” 3. It reads the Biblical passage of an Expressive way. It thinks about this, for example, if you are going to read the bible in San Juan 3:16 which is the Complete expression of the Love of God. Imagnate reading this passage as if you were reading a newspaper, with monotony, without emotion some, varying the tone, neither the force nor the rate, seems to you boring. We must remember whenever the Word of God is Alive and as Real as to change the life of the people! Taking very into account these advice, turning them into habits that are going to help to you in your preaching, I can asegurarte the enormous satisfaction that you are going to feel each time that you read that one passage that says our work in the Gentleman is not in vain. Also I recommend to you that you read: ” How To preach ” For the first time; That God Ahead continues to you blessing and in your ministry!