The Famous Fountains Of Barcelona

the magic fountain of Montjuic Hill built in 1929 by the engineer of Carles Buigas, the fountain of Montjuic is among the most popular attractions of the city of Barcelona. Many tourists visit the fountains of the city but also locals. The fountain is powered by 134 engines and includes 3.620 water jets, which altogether produce 29 different water creations. More info: Pronto Markets. At each screening, a water game from eight colours and more than 4000 lights ensures amazement. This landmark of Barcelona can you visit free of charge and enjoy a unique spectacle of light, color, music and water. To make the magic fountain of Barcelona (Magic), what it is today, 3,000 workers were required to the story, which made the fountain, the technical installations and additional work. In total, it took approximately one year to finish the fountain.

The Montjuic fountains were inaugurated on May 19, 1929. Carles Buigas, who create something extraordinary for the world exhibition in 1929 wanted, has created a unique tourist attraction. The Plaza Espanya with the magical fountain serves as a meeting place for today everyone and is popular on weekends with visitors to the city, and also inhabitants of Barcelona have a little picnic. A variety is played a matching events and information in addition to the spectacular water and light show of the magic fountain by Musikstuckend, to the color and light ensemble. Every performance is a unique spectacle with various water and music combinations. It is possible the water to classical music, rock roll n, dancing pop and musical melodies. Depending on the season, you can enjoy the water games in Barcelona at different times.

Generally apply following information: winter (October to April), Friday and Saturday from 19: 00 until 21: 00 summer (May to September) Thursday to Sunday from 21: 00 to 23:30 there particularly beautiful is to experience the lights after sunset, delays occur. After a day of sightseeing in the city Barcelona, is perfect, quiet end to stay in Barcelona visit the magical fountain in the evening. Whether for dinner at the hotel in Barcelona or before the trip to the vibrant night life of the city – the magic fountain to gaze at tourists never miss out on Barcelona. Children families will create unforgettable holiday memories at a picnic in the vicinity of the fountain. In a holiday apartment in Barcelona near the Plaza Espanya, the little ones find a peaceful night’s sleep after the spectacle. You can easily reach the famous fountains of Barcelona from the whole city by car, taxi, bus or underground (station Plaza Espanya). It is located just a few steps below the National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC). Who previously visited this first-rate Museum in Barcelona, creates the ideal base at the same time, to admire the magical fountain in its full bloom after the visit to sunset.