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Preferred Dough

To not burn crackers in the oven must make a minimum fire open the door, remove the baking time to time and change places, often turning crumbs. When drying the fire pieces of bread strung on rods (at the corner of the lower crust). Bars with the bread is placed on the windward side of the Flyers fire and periodically inverted by 180 . In the intense heat can dry biscuits for 2-2.5 hours. Crackers should be protected from moisture damage and wear. It is best to lay a dense pile of fabric in the bag at first, and then two nested within each other plastic bags. Neck bend, shrink bags grocery bands. Tortillas.

Instead of a roll can, of course, to bring the existing stores in the "white" crackers, cookies or drying. However, much tastier baked their own hands fragrant rosy cakes. Soft, just from the frying pan (as the saying goes – "from the heat, with heat"), they do not go to any comparison with the "prosaic" biscuits, and even with the usual bun. They taste best cakes made of wheat flour (100 g of energ. meal – 334 kcal) for dry yeast or baking soda. The preferred oven bread in small pans, for example, duralumin pans – covers "Regular" tourist pots with a diameter of about 20 cm in a large skillet, flatten the dough and harder to turn the cake.

The basis of all calculations we take 150 grams of flour (250-gram cup) this amount of flour tortilla turns thickness of 2-3 cm and weighing approximately 300 g dry yeast obtained from the ordinary without special baking – chopping and folding them thinly. Of the 100-gram pack will yield approximately 27 g dry yeast. 3 average per cake is half a teaspoon of yeast (3-4 g), while the dough rises in 1.5-2 hours. If the tortillas are needed quickly, we must take a full teaspoon of yeast and put the dough in a bowl of warm water (the dough rises most rapidly in temperature of 32-35 C).

HighSpeed Weekend

The event, namely racing, was born in May 1947 and was called “Around the stone platform.” Even then it was the organizer of the sports club of Nuremberg (MotorSportClub Nurnberg), who spent the war ADAC race on a circular distance. In 1950, the competition track is called “race around the ring Noris.” From late June to early July in Nuremberg there are hot tires and powerful engines. “High-speed weekend” takes over for 50 years and collects more than 100 000 spectators. Over the weekend class pilots demonstrate exciting match in a dozen ponds (Dutsendtayh) on a single track of this kind in Germany. Educate yourself with thoughts from Costco. The track has a length of 2300 meters, the width of ten meters and it should go round 44 times in one race. It held the race in the Cup VW ADAC Touring Cup and BMW ADAC Junior Cup: Championship Supertourenwagen and Deutsche Formel 3 and Porsche Carrera Cup.

All this made the “200 miles of Nuremberg,” the apogee of the German racing scene. Among the spectators, keen follower of grand races often meet celebrities. Everyone is invited to participate in the Framework Programme, from living contact with the riders off the track to participate in the selection of Miss Noris racing around the ring. That is why “High-Speed Weekend” and became everyone’s favorite meeting place for both groups and individual supporters.

Eco And Sports Tourism

Perhaps new to this kind of discussion was the emphasis on the importance of the so-called eco and sports tourism, which involves intensive work on the revision of the old and developing new programs, tours, visits, biking, sports, etc. Guided tours of the road, all admit. Therefore, in conjunction with the airlines will develop a plan to introduce lower-cost group and individual tours, which will greatly increase the flow of travelers with an average dohodom.Primechatelno that adopted at this conference were in the same spirit, and even partially absorbed the ideas and decisions which were announced at the October in Nicosia, the first international conference on religious tourism, it also attracted great interest and have really wide and positive rezonans.Turizm itself has a positive potential, not only in terms of recreation, education, communication, but also as a natural acquaintance with other peoples, cultures, practices, thereby promoting mutual understanding and friendly relations among nations. However, the tourism industry can develop with one important condition, ensuring the safety of people and keeping calm stable environment. Not surprisingly, the question on the forums mentioned stood as one of the most important and linked, given the current international situation, the fight against terrorism. Allow ourselves here to clarify – struggle against those individuals, groups, organizations that resort to violent acts, acts of terrorism to achieve their goals by using excuses and cover, such as: the requirement independence, autonomy, political, economic and other rights (for example in Ireland, the Basques) or under religious slogans, such as do the Islamic extremists.

Holidays In South Bohemia

South Bohemia – a surprisingly comfortable margin, where you can fully feel the spirit of "good old Europe." Ancient castles and fortresses surrounded by great beauty of lakes and forests, cozy restaurants with delicious fish and beer, friendly and smiling people. South Bohemia is popular among outdoor enthusiasts in all its manifestations. The virgin forests of umava, which is called 'Light of Western Europe' – just made for walking and horse riding, as well as for hunters. Abundance of fish in lakes, bike trails, golf courses and tennis courts, all at your disposal in a small area of South Bohemia. One of the most popular forms of recreation – water tourism. Water tourism in the Czech Republic – for those in whom the blood boils noble corsair. On a multitude of reservoirs Czech Republic can do sailing, windsurfing, boating, rafting, water skiing. And you can just swim and sunbathing.

In addition, the Czech Republic – a paradise for those who are attracted to 'action' winding river rafting on the Czech Republic on rafts and canoes. Sports equipment for windsurfing and sailing can be rented from local sports clubs or organizations. Natural ponds and reservoirs in the Czech Republic offer excellent opportunities for water recreation. Here, for the fans of water sports ideal conditions. The largest of the artificial reservoirs of the country is Lake Lipno in South Bohemia.

Here are located along the shores of entertainment centers, hotels, guest houses, holiday villages, which offer visitors a variety of categories accommodation and meals. Here you can rent sports equipment. The lake is located near the Sumava National Park and includes many architectural monuments (Vyi Brod, Czech Krumlov, etc.). On the left coast between the villages of Lipno and Hormah Plan can rent boats, motor boats and catamarans. There is also laid biking trails that are associated with the umava cycling road surrounding the lake Lipno. Traveling by water always titillate. The river winds through the midst of nature and shows the beauty of our land. Travel Czech rivers through beautiful landscapes, unforgettable, richly decorated with historical and cultural monuments, many of which lie directly on the coast. "Czech way" in the summer, take care of the traveler and provide transportation.


– To vacationers can buy anything your heart desires, and souvenirs as well. New modern shopping centers have opened in Divnomorskoe in Kabardinka, in the Gelendzhik – on the streets of Kirov and Maxim Gorky. Buy here and may food and industrial products. The city also offers plenty of cafes and restaurants. All this makes it even more attractive. Back to Top holiday season will work a unique ‘Skate Park’ in the open air, in the same complex from which the pavilions for the sale and rental of sports equipment, gaming halls, recreation areas for parents with children. Fourth reason: security – Securing the citizens and guests of the Gelendzhik – our main concern, – says Sergey Pavlovich. – Several years ago, we built two police checkpoint on the part of Novorossiysk and from Dzhubga.

Now everyone entering the city come under the attention of law enforcement officers, computer records are held in the passport and visa service. Similar information comes from the resorts and summer recreation. With this system, annually can identify dozens of disloyal citizens, including those who are being sought. Safe and secure holiday resort on the troublesome and expensive. But in Gelendzhik to not save. Fifth reason: it is a holiday from May-June until the end of the velvet season becomes a city of Gelendzhik-carnival with endless concerts, festivals and other entertainment.

Not be bored here any minute. Since 1977 holiday season offers a magnificent and colorful spectacle, a carnival. Every year we have festivals ‘Southern Nights’, ‘Azure mask’, Russian review of ballroom dancing. At the concert venues are the pop stars. Free concerts give students of our Institute of Arts. As a true resort town, Gelendzhik is proud of its waterfront, water parks, cable cars, and entertainment centers. – As a walk on the sea is incredibly popular with our guests, decided to build piers over the coast, which is about 100 kilometers, – says Sergey Pavlovich. – Older some marinas have long worn out. Already, investors have for a new project, and even started the construction of piers in Dzhanhot, Kabardinka and Arhipo-Osipovka.

Sarny White

Ukraine – a very versatile, and hiking trails may lie not only in such well-worn tourist regions like Crimea or the Carpathians. In fall 2008 Agency adventure ‘UAdventures’ was organized by jeep – extreme – tour (visiting swamps and marshes) in the little-known places of Polesie. As it turned out to visit in Switzerland do not need a passport and plane tickets to take – just come in Sarny region Rivne region, and you find yourself in an amazing edge – Nadsluchanskoy Switzerland … In this three-day tour, which has been available for passage to the lungs and crossover SUVs, our back of the field visit to the lake ‘White’ and ‘stone village’, which go legend. Secretary of Agriculture may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Convoy started on Friday at 17.00 from 22.00 to Kiev and had reached the place of first night in Sarni. Early in the morning the column moved to the side of the lake ‘White’. Forwards, we were able to admire the beautiful landscapes, which were replaced one by one the windows of cars.

When approaching the lake began long autumn rain, which did not spoil the mood and even the opposite: because we were ‘warm and fuzzy. ” On the shore of the lake was organized a field kitchen. The machines were placed so as to be able to protect themselves from the wind and pull the curtain between them. There is no feeling that you’re in a fantasy land. Forest with old oak trees, where you can see deer, wild boars, and in the evenings distributed nightingale warbling .

The Highest Towers And Bell Towers Of Italy

Italy a country of towers and steeples. In every city and town, especially in those who had the medieval past, over the rooftops rises the tall beauty. Many of the towers and the towers are well known in around the world, for example, Leaning Tower in Pisa, Giotto’s bell tower in Florence, St. Mark’s bell tower in Venice and the two towers of Bologna. The highest is the bell tower of the Cathedral Mortelyano (area Friuli-Venezia Giulia), her height – 113.2 meters! Age is not as impressive bell tower – it was built in 1957-59 years. Next to the bell tower height Toratstso of Cremona (Lombardy).

Tower was erected in the XIII century, the height of 112 meters, on top are 502 steps. Heavy lifting will be rewarded with stunning views over the city. Third place goes to the bell tower at the Cathedral in the city of Alessandria (Piedmont), yielding a total of 6 meters Toratstso, for a total height of 106 meters, it was attached to the cathedral in 1922. 101 meters – this is the height of the bell tower at the Cathedral of Santa Sofia in Lendinara (Veneto), built the bell tower was in 1797-1857 years. The bell tower of St.

Mark’s in Venice, not the highest – its height “Only” 98.6 meters, but one of the most beautiful. The modern form of the bell tower acquired in 1513 she served as a watchtower and a lighthouse for ships.

Restaurant Prices

Japanese Restaurant Jodo Prices "Jodo" today does not correspond to that obtained customer product. Perhaps here also include the establishment and "Games Empire," as one of the basic land-based network. Price list: Since talking about it … Not the highest in the city, but one of them. Cuisine: Mediocre. Nothing is released and memorable. A must have! Staff: The feeling that their meeting in the morning to beat.

They look a little more fun to Auschwitz. The girls, well, let's somehow probyvat smile? .. Good the idea was to share in the land, water pipes, etc. "Academy of land" a new facility. The interior is simple, though, and sometimes even austere, but rather 'fresh', and so comfortable. Kitchen: A large number of hot dishes. Although so far and have not tried, but selection is not bad.

On all standard roll, although I note a lot of hot rolls on the menu. Such a number of more or who do not. In general, a good quality. Apparently, this element of promotion institutions. Although portions could would be and more. My favorite 'Philadelphia' was really very small. Soups have not tried yet another time, but I think with 'exit' slukavili – 400 grams on the menu … Do not believe it! Price list: What sort of strange. 'Philadelphia' in its 'not great' cost almost 300 rubles, and hot dishes on the menu are much cheaper than in many institutions in this field. The logic of strange, considering the cost, labor, etc. Staff: Moderately courteous and friendly.

Orient Express

Station interesting, not a modern one, the station is a small museum 'Orient Express'. We went to Topkapi Palace Park, but decided it still did not have time to work around it to walk on the boat, put off the next day. We got to the Aya Sophia – the former patriarch of the Orthodox Cathedral, which was then rebuilt in the mosque. Now it has long been a museum. The cathedral is striking in size and mosaics.

We sat in the square between the cathedral and the Blue Mosque. Danone wanted to know more. Very nice, all in color. Walked around the Blue Mosque, looked at the schedule. Not at any time it can just enter. Hike into the postponed later.

It was already time for the boat. Swam for about two hours. Very sincerely, look at the bridges over the Bosphorus. At first worried that not time to take a seat at the boards, but then they were freed because the weather was not hot, but blown away by boat, so all moved closer to the center, so that pofotkat still failed. In the summer, probably in some places is more complicated. After boat ride back to the Blue Mosque. I did not expect that it will impress me so much. Inside, everything is very beautiful. And as far as I am far from Islam and religion in general, but inside the mosque are able to complete appeasement. So there is light and easy. People sit on the floor (carpet on the floor, be sure to take off one's shoes at the entrance), think, read books. To me there was good, too, wanted to sit and think. Even a book has read in educational purposes. In the evening still had time to go to the Basilica Cistern. It seems that the time has already been closed, but it turned out that tickets are still selling. There is unusual. Cool and damp, but as a fairy. We got to the room, fell to sleep. I wanted to sit on the balcony, view of the Bosphorus, it was cold. They say, next to Taksim Square, live bad, very noisy, impossible to sleep. Nothing that I can not remember, the truth may be here just a window overlooking the Bosphorus, helped. That is such a rich day turned out. Myself wondering how so much time to. Although not quiet the next day would call …

Sustainable Travel

Now online: Traverdo, the first independent platform for sustainable travel. Berlin, January 18, 2011. Traverdo helps. The first independent platform for sustainable travel offers individual offers for those who want to travel not somehow, but environmentally and socially responsible. Traverdo stands for climate-neutral holidays for eco-friendly designed accommodation and fair paid providers on-site. Traverdo (www.traverdo.de) is the first portal that allows users to compare sustainable travel online and book. Traverdo sets high standards to its provider and provides comprehensive background information. The global travel offers and accommodation are adapted to the needs of a modern lifestyle.

The customer booking travel, the audited sustainability criteria. Traverdo is provider-independent and guaranteed a responsible travel experience through a close collaboration with eco-tourism associations and labels. Sustainable tourism – which meant a trip with views of their environmental and social impact to make”, explains Holger Haberstock, one of the three young founders from Berlin-Kreuzberg. Regional development is promoted and local resources and ecosystems. We focus also on the cultural conditions in the partner countries.” “” For the founder of Traverdo, greater sustainability means is by no means less comfort in the contrary: our aim is to establish sustainable tourism as a contemporary alternative to conventional travel “, says Holger Haberstock sustainability needs a modern framework: deceleration, enjoyment, health and wholeness are with us in the foreground.” These aspects are integrated into a high-quality natural and cultural experiences.

The ever-growing range from kayak tours in Germany about eco-lodges in Costa Rica small group tours to Southeast Asia. Traverdo offers also unique adventure Antarctic expeditions, Amazon crossings as a five-month bike tour over 11,000 km from Berlin to Beijing. Traverdo cooperates with 160 providers on all continents. Download image material: Press = sub pictures press contact: Holger Haberstock CEO Traverdo GmbH Schlesische str. 38, 10997 Berlin phone 030/838-709 45 fax 030/838-703 17 email about Traverdo the Traverdo GmbH was founded in March 2010 to enjoy travel in good conscience. The team operates the online portal the first German-language travel portal in the network, which is focused on providing sustainable travel. Close cooperation with currently 24 associations and labels guarantees the compliance with environmental and social minimum standards for a growing new travel market.