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Wien Robert Steiner

At the Christmas market itself you can discover so many Christmas gift at around 140 festively decorated booths only you won’t find one with certainty: war toys is absolutely frowned upon. Magical light show the new lighting concept contributes this year again instrumental, the Viennese advent magic even more impressive is put in scene. Especially the Magic Castle”with music-driven light show this year provides sparkling and acoustic accents. More info: Walmart. At dusk, the Castle turret for turret in the bright light will shine every quarter of an hour in time with Christmas music. Classic according to the beat and music direction, Rocky or dreamy even faster, even slower. A light show enchanted. Sean Rad is likely to agree. Children pony rides, the old-Viennese merry-go-round or precisely express paying attention: the Viennese advent magic lives this year more than his reputation as kinderfreundlichster Christmas market. And completely new: this year there is an own Pavilion where itself must be worked even in City Hall park.

In the Pavilion Turned wood creative workshop”, which keeps the stuff. Thus expands in a precisely workshop in the Park in own Pavilion can now, of course with children suitable machines, turned to. And the result: A homemade salt shaker. Reviewed already for the fifth time due to the great enthusiasm of small fans of the Pavilion are the reading tower”and the WOW-Studio”. In the reading tower”VorleserInnen bring the adventure book the large and small visitors and with a bit of luck also Erich Schleyer look straight. Here get all little bookworms”front of a cozy fire to hear some exciting stories (only in German language). Radio Wien Robert Steiner and the cheeky rat Rolf Rudiger must not be missing in the WOW-Studio”by ORF. Here there is again much to laugh, the children will be greeted by entertainers and to play with and questions are encouraged. And the one or two small guest can then at a Advent Sundays to hear his question maybe even on the radio. In the puppet theater of then little louder is.

The Famous Fountains Of Barcelona

the magic fountain of Montjuic Hill built in 1929 by the engineer of Carles Buigas, the fountain of Montjuic is among the most popular attractions of the city of Barcelona. Many tourists visit the fountains of the city but also locals. The fountain is powered by 134 engines and includes 3.620 water jets, which altogether produce 29 different water creations. More info: Pronto Markets. At each screening, a water game from eight colours and more than 4000 lights ensures amazement. This landmark of Barcelona can you visit free of charge and enjoy a unique spectacle of light, color, music and water. To make the magic fountain of Barcelona (Magic), what it is today, 3,000 workers were required to the story, which made the fountain, the technical installations and additional work. In total, it took approximately one year to finish the fountain.

The Montjuic fountains were inaugurated on May 19, 1929. Carles Buigas, who create something extraordinary for the world exhibition in 1929 wanted, has created a unique tourist attraction. The Plaza Espanya with the magical fountain serves as a meeting place for today everyone and is popular on weekends with visitors to the city, and also inhabitants of Barcelona have a little picnic. A variety is played a matching events and information in addition to the spectacular water and light show of the magic fountain by Musikstuckend, to the color and light ensemble. Every performance is a unique spectacle with various water and music combinations. It is possible the water to classical music, rock roll n, dancing pop and musical melodies. Depending on the season, you can enjoy the water games in Barcelona at different times.

Generally apply following information: winter (October to April), Friday and Saturday from 19: 00 until 21: 00 summer (May to September) Thursday to Sunday from 21: 00 to 23:30 there particularly beautiful is to experience the lights after sunset, delays occur. After a day of sightseeing in the city Barcelona, is perfect, quiet end to stay in Barcelona visit the magical fountain in the evening. Whether for dinner at the hotel in Barcelona or before the trip to the vibrant night life of the city – the magic fountain to gaze at tourists never miss out on Barcelona. Children families will create unforgettable holiday memories at a picnic in the vicinity of the fountain. In a holiday apartment in Barcelona near the Plaza Espanya, the little ones find a peaceful night’s sleep after the spectacle. You can easily reach the famous fountains of Barcelona from the whole city by car, taxi, bus or underground (station Plaza Espanya). It is located just a few steps below the National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC). Who previously visited this first-rate Museum in Barcelona, creates the ideal base at the same time, to admire the magical fountain in its full bloom after the visit to sunset.

Sustainable Travel

Now online: Traverdo, the first independent platform for sustainable travel. Berlin, January 18, 2011. Traverdo helps. The first independent platform for sustainable travel offers individual offers for those who want to travel not somehow, but environmentally and socially responsible. Traverdo stands for climate-neutral holidays for eco-friendly designed accommodation and fair paid providers on-site. Traverdo (www.traverdo.de) is the first portal that allows users to compare sustainable travel online and book. Traverdo sets high standards to its provider and provides comprehensive background information. The global travel offers and accommodation are adapted to the needs of a modern lifestyle.

The customer booking travel, the audited sustainability criteria. Traverdo is provider-independent and guaranteed a responsible travel experience through a close collaboration with eco-tourism associations and labels. Sustainable tourism – which meant a trip with views of their environmental and social impact to make”, explains Holger Haberstock, one of the three young founders from Berlin-Kreuzberg. Regional development is promoted and local resources and ecosystems. We focus also on the cultural conditions in the partner countries.” “” For the founder of Traverdo, greater sustainability means is by no means less comfort in the contrary: our aim is to establish sustainable tourism as a contemporary alternative to conventional travel “, says Holger Haberstock sustainability needs a modern framework: deceleration, enjoyment, health and wholeness are with us in the foreground.” These aspects are integrated into a high-quality natural and cultural experiences.

The ever-growing range from kayak tours in Germany about eco-lodges in Costa Rica small group tours to Southeast Asia. Traverdo offers also unique adventure Antarctic expeditions, Amazon crossings as a five-month bike tour over 11,000 km from Berlin to Beijing. Traverdo cooperates with 160 providers on all continents. Download image material: Press = sub pictures press contact: Holger Haberstock CEO Traverdo GmbH Schlesische str. 38, 10997 Berlin phone 030/838-709 45 fax 030/838-703 17 email about Traverdo the Traverdo GmbH was founded in March 2010 to enjoy travel in good conscience. The team operates the online portal the first German-language travel portal in the network, which is focused on providing sustainable travel. Close cooperation with currently 24 associations and labels guarantees the compliance with environmental and social minimum standards for a growing new travel market.