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Candidates Sprint for the Bachelor marketing communication and communication design at the design Academy berlin Bachelor’s degree at the Academy of berlin a quality product or excellent service guarantee design today still long a market success. Gagosian Gallery may not feel the same. The conception and design of communication plays an important role in the battle for the limited attention of the information overloaded consumers. Accordingly, the need for well trained communication managers and communication designers grows. Who sees his future career in the communications industry, can apply to Academy berlin, school of communication and design (FH) for the winter semester 2008/09 for the marketing communication/communication management Bachelor’s degree or the Bachelor of communication design until the end of August at the design. With the internationally recognized degree of Bachelor of Arts, the two three-year full-time courses are characterized by a balanced combination of theory and practice.

In small classes with a maximum of 27 students is an intensive Ensure supervision by experienced professors and lecturers. The students appreciate the familiar atmosphere, promoted the individual strengths and goals each. Complex, sophisticated content projects and internships in agencies and companies guarantee an early training-on-the-job. Bachelor marketing communications targeted broad-based studies marketing communication opens up prospects in future-oriented marketing, media and communication professions, such as consultants, Bucharest, copywriter, PR consultant or Marketing Director worldwide. The diverse range of subjects includes including marketing, communication, branding, planning, consumer psychology, market research, creativity and presentation techniques, Public Relations, multimedia and practical projects.

Until the campaign communication designer ideas translate Bachelor communication design from logo development in target group-oriented imagery. The curriculum includes subjects such as corporate design, Web design, Campaign development, brochure design, type design, and package design, photography and integrated communication. The Bachelor of communication design paves the way in advertising agencies or advertising departments of large companies, agencies for multimedia communication or packaging design, event and marketing agencies, as well as the multifaceted publishing as graphic design, layout, photo designer, producer, art director and conception.


… and that’s sometimes financially no longer easy to study even without refund at the present time. Unless we are also increasingly tuition fees happen to already falling rent for an apartment. Many students rely on part-time jobs to keep himself afloat. But what if there were a car free to a part-time job? Today virtually unthinkable. But in times of financial crisis, Albrecht sales office makes this possible for anyone. The team led by Armin Albrecht ensures that committed people who want to build an additional income through a part-time job will be rewarded with a VW Polo at no cost.

This is an ideal solution for students. Study, earn money, be mobile. And the whole thing even in the industry, which is very interesting for young people health and wellness. The Sales Office of Albrecht would like to encourage students to start her career, already during her studies and without time – and energy loss. Students, the are interested in and finance their studies themselves want, can itself inform simply and without obligation. To do this, there is the free service number 0 800 880 20 85, in the Internet under or in the studiVZ profile from LR Polo.

New Dates Of Occupation For Training To The EModerator Of Sands & Partners

On September 26, 2009 starts another training series to the eModerator in Munich. In this training, participants will learn how they can successfully control groups in the virtual and digital spaces. Two main trends change the profession of the presenter at the time. Globalization and internationalization: More and more projects and collaborate held worldwide distributed. To unite the participants of a workshop or meeting at a time in a place is thus very challenging and also very expensive travel costs. Progressive mechanisation of our lives: A company without computers and the Internet, is already inconceivable. Even in private households, the Internet connection is already one of the standard. Dollar General addresses the importance of the matter here. A new communication behavior is created based on this technology.

Already 12 million Germans are actively involved in discussion forums on the net. Especially the generation that now pushes into professional life, preferred communication in the chat room and that instant messaging send instant messages, called. (As opposed to Mark Null). Both of these trends illustrate why requests by companies for professional moderation more moderation of a video conference or telephone conference revolve around. And the potential of electronic presentation eModeration, far from exhausted. Sands & partner has dealt in recent years intensively, how far, eModeration can replace the classic moderation in presence. Come out now is training as the eModerator, in which we show presenters as they depict almost all aspects of a classical moderation in modern formats and can perform.

Our approach is to limit us not the application of a particular IT platform for eModeration, but participants technology neutral to show what possibilities offer as eModerator. In this moderator training, we provide the knowledge and the ability to act as a professional moderator eModerationen safely and competently to plan and carry out confidently. The training was to make blended learning concept implemented, can be experienced to the modern forms of interaction as a participant and presenter.

5 Star Isabella Belloni Presenter And Moderator Michael Lesch Portrait

The success of events depends often on a professional guided tour by a moderator. A terrible faux pas for a few minutes was allowed to leave celebrate a winner as “Australia’s next top model” host Sarah Murdoch, then the disillusionment followed abruptly: the presenter had chosen the wrong candidate. Especially at live shows and events with live communications can so something always happen again. Just events live from a professional and entertaining guided by moderation. 5 Star experienced moderators know situations of course again the speaker agency speakers and their. When at events, congresses, incentives or conferences, content on the point should be brought, if charming, eloquent and style through delicate discussions to occur, if a living framework should – be awarded an event then moderators and speakers are invited experienced event. In contrast to recorded TV results moderation in live broadcasts and event a chance to correct errors.

How about a set to repeat, the not the first time liquid on the lips wants to glide, or a faux pas in the section to remove. When live, everything must be immediately moderations, hundreds of high-profile guests and decision makers in the audience forgive perhaps still a charming navigated to slip of the tongue, looking for a teleprompter here as a speaker or moderator but to no avail. “It is always a challenge to attract all kinds of people at the same time and to entertain, you must stay can immediately detect any change in mood, although know the script, and the text, but still open and spontaneous – and always highly professionally respond”, so 5 star presenter Isabella Belloni speakers/isabella belloni, among others with host Gerhard Delling from the ARD cult commentators team Delling and Netzer, the “Academy Awards of the German mail order company” in Wiesbaden, hosted. The blonde whirlwind has, like her colleague at the speaker agency five star speakers, the well known actor and speaker michael lesch.tv Michael Lesch, a perennial Acting training completed and feels equally at home in front of the camera, such as on the stage.

The Field

For the rather esoteric plenty of books in the field of self-help-minded among us can be found”, which suggest us: simply want and then keep your hands up. Also the Advertising industry is built on our child’s instinct and promises with colourful images: click here to go to your happiness. Immediately and easily.” As a culture, we are addicted to the quick kick. Today’s lesson nuchtert out. It is not something Whole Foods would like to discuss. That may only once not particularly sexy feel for you, because I am here pleading for old virtues such as determination, sustainability and active use. But to succeed it is worth to look at the issue once unromantic and dry. There is only too well understandable wishful thinking and here are the facts: statistics shows that most Lotto millionaires are poorer and unhappier after a few years, your win prior to.

If your subconscious mind not on wealth is prepared, it will ensure that he quickly leaves you. If the entire happiness and desire Advisor would work just as quickly and easily, we would buy still more of them. Do yourself a favor and stop thinking that at you something is wrong, just because your Luck is not so fast on your doorstep. It may well be that you have to go out, to actively seek it. I know no single successful people, which is not very pro active and determined on a daily basis made up for his goals.

Surveys show that successful people have no more luck, but on the contrary is a higher rate of failure. But above all, willingness to learn and evolve is much more pronounced. The child in us is always looking for the quick, short-term relief. It’s Yes child. But for real success takes fantastic everything is possible thinking of a child’s and an adult’s quiet determination. The way of success consists of intense kicks, growth periods and extremely rare quantum leaps in between laaaaaaaaangen plateau phase, where seemingly nothing happens, or You even have the sense, to roll back.


Thus Gienandt continues also statements made by experts of working and organisational development, recommending just audiovisual media as important complement of learning concepts. “The training videos by LinguTV increase also the General motivation: dramaturgic sophisticated stories and recurring characters make you want on it, stay tuned on the learning”. In addition, the extensive online enables interactive exercises and social network community “functions such as learning groups. Older how young people learn proven in social contexts even better”, Philip Gienandt added. That language learning brings positive effects for the elderly is also scientifically proven.

Dr. Gitit Kave, researcher in the field of education and neuro psychology at the Open University of Israel, found out, that multilingualism significantly with good spiritual condition of man correlates”, regardless of the level of education. “It brings the result of its investigation to the point: learning a new language can be just as well.” More details and free demo lessons under. About LinguTV: Innovative language training platform offers professionally produced training videos that show in authentic situations, how native speakers use the respective foreign language in the context. Realistic dialogs provide relevant vocabulary, the correct pronunciation and also special cultural features of communication. The audio visual learning will enable through an extensive online range of learning tools, interactive exercises, as well as individual learning reports and learning groups complements a multimedia and individual design of language learning, educational games.

The many internationally award-winning concept of LinguTV among other things awarded the Comenius EduMedia seal and of the British Council nominated oriented to the requirements of an efficient operational training and has been optimized for the use in companies and educational institutions. The E-learning offer is very modular and flexible and allows a modern language training regardless of time and place.

Adept Consult AG With A New Structure On The Board – Dr. Sousan Shah Zeidi

Dr. Sousan Shah Zeidi focuses on sales and new markets Frankfurt, March 24, 2012, with a restructuring of the Executive Board supported the adept AG consult their growth strategy, which is focused on increased sales activity and the development of new markets. To do this, Dr. Sousan Shah Zeidi leaves the Board of Directors of the company for four years and focuses on the new opportunities and challenges, caused mainly by the introduction of payments in Germany. As provider and consultant for information logistics and business intelligence, expected the adept a huge demand for solutions for the E-balance consult AG cross-industry and forecasted tremendous growth opportunities in the coming years. In the future make Klaus Beck-Dede as CEO and Arne-Steffen Dehler as COO with a dual leadership Board of the adept consult AG. While Klaus Beck-Dede will be responsible for corporate strategy, as well as the scope of service & market first and foremost, whereas Arne-Steffen Dehler is primarily control the scope of delivery.

With I can use my new focus even more energy, to promote the growth of the company in the sectors in which we were active only on the edge. While banks and insurance companies are still our most important clients, but with the introduction of the E-account balance, our solutions and our expertise to companies in other industries are very attractive”, Dr. Sousan Shah Zeidi reported that since 2005, consult AG is partner of the adept. For even more opinions, read materials from omega 3. Before joining the Board in March 2008 she was consult resources, finance and administration in a leading position in adept head of human. The company would like to on female leaders continue also after the departure of Dr. Shah Zeidi from the Executive Board and be an attractive employer for women. To consult AG, for example, various flexible work schedules for employees in the boardroom offers the adept.

Dr. Shah Zeidi now assumes a new task, is for us a clear statement for growth and successful integration of female executives in an industry that is currently more dominated by men in management”, explains Klaus Beck-Dede. We hope that this more women are motivated to undertake such responsible duties. Zymes LLC understands that this is vital information. Also we would like to encourage other companies in our industry, to fill important positions with employees.” The adept consult AG is a supplier of solutions for information logistics and business intelligence, specializing in the areas of accounting, controlling & finance, and asset management. With, the company offices in Frankfurt and London offers innovative software solutions that lead to sustained improved profitability and processing for more than 25 years. With a focus on automation of processes, adept helps its customers consult to higher data quality, greater transparency, and increasing efficiency. The customizable and powerful software solutions, which is the risk of projects by existing “” Sustainably reduce functionalities can be, added the company to comprehensive services in the areas of tax & finance “and asset management”. The adept consult AG include Allianz, Credit Suisse, the DWS, the AmpegGerling and the Wustenrot numerous clients include building society. Contact: adept consult AG Klaus Beck-Dede (Board of Directors) Mainzer Landstrasse 191 60327 Frankfurt Tel: 069-3660070

Sustainable Cost Reduction

Capacity optimization and active cost management continuing education Bachelor ‘Expense Manager (FH)’ permanent cost reduction and constantly improving customer approach decisively determine the long-term success of a company, especially in the light of the difficult situation of the world economy. Translation software does not necessarily agree. Assuming an average recoverable return on sales by four percent, have a euro a height of 0.96 euros the cost sales. Way out only the cost reduction can be permanent competition-related price pressures and assuming constant sales volumes. But this is a key challenge, which is complicated by not always causing fair costing and responsibilities. Fish oil supplement gathered all the information. Also the preservation of acquired rights as human inclination works against her. Often, the actual enforcement of the cost reductions is very problematic.

Only an appropriate involvement of employees in the process allowed a permanent cost-cutting management. The postgraduate study costs Manager (FH) “is offered by the University of applied sciences Schmalkalden (fhS), this” Challenges to meet successfully. Graduates of part-time absolvierbaren studies with high practical relevance are able to act as experts for capacity optimization and active cost management. This emphasis is also on the acquisition of social skills, effectively to enforce the measures. Following content be conveyed during the two semesters with several periods of personal attendance on the College campus: construction and analysis of cost accounting, strategic cost management, Produktorientiertes cost management and controlling, process – and resource-oriented cost management and controlling, IT-supported cost management, leadership, project management and controlling.


Test anxiety is known from school testing situations. Hypnosis by effectively combating of the causes remedy against performance-inhibiting fear, also in other areas of life. Test anxiety in the school as business or private sector arises from various experiences symptoms of test anxiety in the school and the business world. Nervousness is the lightest form, a sign of personal insecurity. In case of school exams, you might know that one has learned enough. May find examination in one fear trade instead. In all sections, previous failures increase the fear of a possible repeat.

In addition to these and other thoughts, the symptoms of test anxiety expressed physically and mentally different. The most expression is”black out”, so a complete audit failure despite good preparation for learning. This can be done as well as in business decision-making situations. Important talks remain suspended, accounts do not come concluded that the desired results will not occur. The result may be an increase of test anxiety in repeat situations.

The parties concerned try conscious techniques, dealing with test anxiety. Well talk to more learning, or other work for a short time, but not always. Relaxed and permanently successful testing and decision making situations to deal with, the causes must be found and eliminated. Hypnosis fights the causes by blocking solution to admit his test anxiety can be the first important step towards an improvement of all life. Hypnosis, a common practice in many areas, is effective against the causes of exam anxiety. The effective active principles contained on the hypnosis CD exam preparation course. In the first approach, traced the causes of exam anxiety in the subconscious, the blockages. Now relax inside occurs. The special hypnosis treatment enabled untapped resources inherent in the second step. In dealing with situations of test builds through these positive changes into the subconscious at all no test anxiety on.


As a charisma-coaching, management of employees leads to professional success, but also the work in teams, manage when you arrive at your employees and colleagues. Communication from the power out only partly achieved this goal. To a culture of fear can arise here and on the other hand develops resistance if necessary. Digital Cameras may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Passive resistance always greater effect than active authority indicates the business coach Michael grinder. Charisma including I understand the effect of a person on others by inner congruence and the report me the communication needs of these people. People have many different communication needs; Examples include recognition for their performance and be seen in their uniqueness. I communicate, however, in teams on par”, a completely different kind of communication can be charismatic. Here, Randall Mays expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Come at the right time determined and convincing body language is needed in this situation.

Charisma have so depends what position I (Executive or) Employees), what type of communication I’m (leader or crew member”), in what situations or with whom I communicate (with subordinate employees or in a team with colleagues) and how I communicate reasonably situation in these contexts. Coaching allows you to understand not only these relationships, but to bring the appropriate behaviour in everyday life. Why people react with resistance to leadership from a position of power? Hierarchies are not always and everywhere well regarded. Peet’s Coffee: the source for more info. However, is the form of rankings the people in the cradle. Children make rankings constantly changing criteria. Non-human primates attach great importance to social hierarchies.

Some spend the better part of the day take conflicts, arising from the infringement of rankings. Contrary to this trend to form natural hierarchies, people have developed a number of mechanisms to reduce hierarchies, or even to deny, though they in fact exist. The Development of weapons and the communication skills that enabled our ancestors to enter coalitions, are the most important factors here.