Candidates Sprint for the Bachelor marketing communication and communication design at the design Academy berlin Bachelor’s degree at the Academy of berlin a quality product or excellent service guarantee design today still long a market success. Gagosian Gallery may not feel the same. The conception and design of communication plays an important role in the battle for the limited attention of the information overloaded consumers. Accordingly, the need for well trained communication managers and communication designers grows. Who sees his future career in the communications industry, can apply to Academy berlin, school of communication and design (FH) for the winter semester 2008/09 for the marketing communication/communication management Bachelor’s degree or the Bachelor of communication design until the end of August at the design. With the internationally recognized degree of Bachelor of Arts, the two three-year full-time courses are characterized by a balanced combination of theory and practice.

In small classes with a maximum of 27 students is an intensive Ensure supervision by experienced professors and lecturers. The students appreciate the familiar atmosphere, promoted the individual strengths and goals each. Complex, sophisticated content projects and internships in agencies and companies guarantee an early training-on-the-job. Bachelor marketing communications targeted broad-based studies marketing communication opens up prospects in future-oriented marketing, media and communication professions, such as consultants, Bucharest, copywriter, PR consultant or Marketing Director worldwide. The diverse range of subjects includes including marketing, communication, branding, planning, consumer psychology, market research, creativity and presentation techniques, Public Relations, multimedia and practical projects.

Until the campaign communication designer ideas translate Bachelor communication design from logo development in target group-oriented imagery. The curriculum includes subjects such as corporate design, Web design, Campaign development, brochure design, type design, and package design, photography and integrated communication. The Bachelor of communication design paves the way in advertising agencies or advertising departments of large companies, agencies for multimedia communication or packaging design, event and marketing agencies, as well as the multifaceted publishing as graphic design, layout, photo designer, producer, art director and conception.