… and that’s sometimes financially no longer easy to study even without refund at the present time. Unless we are also increasingly tuition fees happen to already falling rent for an apartment. Many students rely on part-time jobs to keep himself afloat. But what if there were a car free to a part-time job? Today virtually unthinkable. But in times of financial crisis, Albrecht sales office makes this possible for anyone. The team led by Armin Albrecht ensures that committed people who want to build an additional income through a part-time job will be rewarded with a VW Polo at no cost.

This is an ideal solution for students. Study, earn money, be mobile. And the whole thing even in the industry, which is very interesting for young people health and wellness. The Sales Office of Albrecht would like to encourage students to start her career, already during her studies and without time – and energy loss. Students, the are interested in and finance their studies themselves want, can itself inform simply and without obligation. To do this, there is the free service number 0 800 880 20 85, in the Internet under or in the studiVZ profile from LR Polo.