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Geography And Economy Of Sweden

Judging by the territory, part of 450 thousand square kilometers (174 thousand square meters. Miles), Sweden is one of the largest countries in Western Europe. At the same time, the population density of the country is relatively large, and lives in Sweden, only 8.8 million people. Like other small economies of the industrialized countries of the Old World, the Swedish economy is very dependent on foreign trade, which she needs to maintain its high productivity and the level of living. Export volume is approximately 40% of the gross domestic product (GDP). Over 80% of all exports are manufactured goods. The most important export markets are in Western Europe.

More than half Swedish exports go to the European Union (EU). Also important are the neighboring Nordic countries, Finland and Norway. Although Sweden is a small country, Sweden's economy is very diversified. Traditional industries based on the two most important raw material resources – iron ore and timber, still play an important role, but the increased value of machinery and various high-tech sectors. Modern Sweden has its own aviation industry and nuclear energy, the two largest carmakers, are well known in the world, the military-industrial complex, the telecommunications industry with high level of technology and two major pharmaceutical groups. Sweden is one of the key players in the world market copper and lead. The largest mines in Sweden: Copper – Aitik, and lead – Laysval. From complex sulfide ore deposits of the district Buliden-Christine Berg, along with copper, zinc and lead are extracted gray pyrite, arsenic, gold and silver.

Sweden's economy as a whole can be called socially oriented. The term 'Swedish model' or 'Swedish socialism' has arisen specifically in connection with the development of Sweden as one of the most developed in socio-economically States. Another feature of the Swedish economy, which secrete economists – a specific relationship between capital and labor in the labor market. For many decades, an important part of Sweden was actually a centralized negotiation of collective treaties in the area of wages, with the participation of powerful organizations, trade unions and employers as the main actors, unions and policy based on solidarity between the different groups of workers. Sweden is a country increasingly integrated into the global economy. On the size of the foreign trade turnover of Sweden took 10 th place among the developed capitalist countries. In the export is dominated by: Machinery and metalworking (49% in value), woodworking and pulp and paper industry (20%), industry (8%). Major imports: machinery and equipment (36%), fuel (18%), chemical products (8%) metals (7%). Geographical direction of foreign trade of Sweden indicates a strong economic and trade policy attachment that country to the States of the European Union.

Holidays In Finland: Fishing And Bath

Finland is a tourist area, which worth a visit any time of year, as it has unique features. Finland borders Russia, and between these countries excellent transport links. To Finland not at all difficult to reach by car from Moscow or St. Petersburg. On any given day you can travel by train or fly on an airplane, as there are a large number of daily flights. (Similarly see: Digital Cameras). Long enough to already have a huge popularity as a tour to Finland, and cottages in Finland, rent and purchase. Love this country people are in it several times a year.

In order to travel to these places, it is best to use a snowmobile, as he be able to go where there is no will, no avtomobil.Novy Year in Finland. Even here in the Arctic, the northern lights get to see not vsegda. in Finland during the winter – it is also a great opportunity to enjoy all types of active programs – here and safaris and dog sledding, reindeer, snowmobile safaris and expeditions on snowmobiles, plains and mountain skiing. Ice fishing and car rally on the ice. Not to mention plenty of entertainment for children in the homeland of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi.

Finns have figured out how to leverage the strong cold: in the construction of the buildings they use very cheap materials – frozen water. For tourists, the town , they build a hotel from the blocks of ordinary ice. There will be room, you can spend the night, a bar and even a chapel. Building materials store here on the street, without any protection. The main two reasons: firstly, there very little stealing, and secondly, it ordinary ice. A considerable number of tourists going to Finland in winter, because the very nature arranges an unforgettable performance – the Northern Lights, which is able to give you a vivid impression. Guests will not miss the northern lights, even if sleep, as if it will, they soon wake up call service. This service, which provides almost all the hotels in Lapland. south, in the town of Sodankyla, built a special “House Lights Aurora house. That consonant with the Latin name for the northern lights Aurora Borealis. Inside the showroom, where there is a chance to see the lights and in bad weather. Here you can even celebrate And when the weather is good, the glow is so bright that You can read a newspaper or go by car, not including the lights. Its duration is different. Sometimes, the heavenly fire is burning for several hours. Due to the fact that from space into the atmosphere come charged particles appear in the sky flashes.

Summer vacation in Finland is strongly converted: rich in fish and crystal clear waters, thousands of rivers and lakes as a magnet for these fishermen. A Finnish cottages, which are distinguished by a special comfort, hospitality will open its doors to you. Many, instead of going on a cruise or a guided tour, pick and outdoor recreation in Finland, it is not surprising – it is here where you can spend time alone with nature, relax and gain strength. And for the fishing enthusiasts and professionals in Finland has it all! Lake and sea fishing, thousands of rivers, which are home to dozens of species of fish. Fishing gear can be brought or rented, and if necessary, experienced instructors will teach you the skill of fishing from how to choose the place for fishing before the fish cook. In Finland, there is even a special multi-day fishing trips.

Tourist Complex

Holiday season began, to fulfill their duties become more problematic with each passing day, the street the sun and the soul wants to south. At this time of the summer everyone goes to the travel agent for tickets to the holiday. Nowadays, tourism company likely to offer you two ways. The first type – a flight on a Boeing to the seashore. Another type – auto trip to Europe with a stop at sea without a check or on vacation.

Which of the suggested types of recreation to prefer – choose only to you. However, it should tell you about the differences between any of these places of tourism. Should start with the ground tour. Global Marine will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Often, tour operators organize sightseeing tour is not in a specific foreign country, and with a stop at five or six countries. Coach sent on a specified route through several countries.

Any transit country you are waiting for the guides, supermarkets and souvenir, fascinating stories about the sights. On Accommodations clients stop in or drive-in city hotels, the rooms in such hotels are not really very attractive, but it basically has and you can sleep well and take a shower. Lunch and dinner in such trips often occurs your account and the price of the tour is not included. The cost includes only breakfast. Advantages of this tour – you will get to see many countries and gain a lot of impressions. Disadvantages – difficult to move tourist transport, not a very pleasant hotel, great weariness from the unusual rhythm of walking. And the quality of the rest of the system relaxation is very influenced by the weather. Begin rain – do not get perfect recreation. Alternative with a stop at the coast and also has strengths and weaknesses. You must know that the holiday in Tunisia – it's definitely hop on an airplane, and this for someone people are afraid to fly, a serious problem. Vacation in reservoirs can be complemented by the same and other problems – food poisoning, heat stroke, burns on the body surface of an accident. However, in the resort and a large number of advantages when compared with tours on buses on the roads of Europe. In First of all, it will find the hotel and melt relaxation in a luxurious five-star rooms overlooking the pool. Also, such visits often go on tour all included, and you do not have to worry about food. Thirdly, the holiday on the coast more like a relaxing, because do not have a full day of walking around the city, you'll just relax under an umbrella. Fourth, if Europe is almost nobody in Russian does not speak, at the southern resorts of the same in Turkey or Egypt so many employees spoke in Russian. Buy a tour and come to the sea or to the countries of Europe.


Traveling by canoe or boat will leave an unforgettable impression in your heart. Looking around the beautiful forests and hills, enjoying the fresh air and scents of herbs, do not forget about the presents! Americans who value their nature and history, offer you many wonderful films and albums of the park. You can choose something from this range as a gift to fellow workers. If such a gift may seem trivial to you, then purchase a cap and T-shirts with the emblems of the state – loons, or actually the park – elk. Here you can purchase gift boss spectacular decoration for his office. If your boss is fond of fishing, he can get stuffed fish caught in the park, and elaborately dressed employees of the Reserve.

Also here in the park you can buy fishing tackle for river fishing. Buy a set of boss if you do not want to communicate with the transport of fragile stuffed fish. Since spinning-shipment no problems. But what do you do if your boss respects fishing only in the supermarket or restaurant? There is a solution for this case! Emblem " is elk. And besides clothing and badges with this symbolism here sell products from elk antlers. Get a head case for glasses or ivory comb – compact and dignity. Do not forget about the older generation, which is also usually preferred practical gifts. Despite the cold climate in Minnesota is growing a variety of berries and interesting varieties of apples. Buy your parents a couple of jars of jam from the American blackberry (which, incidentally, our redder, domestic and appreciate the taste of your own) or strawberries.

Opening A Bank Account In The Czech Republic

When you register (registration) of legal entity must have a bank account. The account can be opened in any Czech bank. Learn more at: Emmanuel Faber. When choosing a bank must take into account: the cost of services for maintenance of accounts and cost of services Reception and transfer of funds. Current account of the legal entity can be used for any conduct of business. Mandatory requirement of any Czech bank – the currency accounts, which should be a national Czech koruna. Perhaps more of a personal design of the account in "online" via the Internet from anywhere in the world. (A valuable related resource: Danone).

When you register as a legal entity made to the account required by law, the charter capital in the amount of 200,000 euros (at the time of writing this 8000 Euro). After registering the company, these funds are free and can be used for any necessary purposes. These means you can transfer out of the country their permanent place of residence. Only in this case, you must notify the tax authorities at the place of residence. Data on open account for money transfers, provided by our company, the carrier responsibility as a design entity, and for the safety of your funds.

Opening an account is based on your notarized power of attorney on the staff of our company. Turnaround time is usually one day. Opening a personal account on the individual as possible, taking into account the wishes of a particular client. This happens with the personal presence of the client or by a notarized power of attorney. Currency accounts may be chosen by the client. Manage your account, you can also using the Internet. When transferring to an account in the Czech bank, funds from abroad, you should contact the tax office at his residence, for obtaining permission to transfer funds. When you open any bank account you need to think and take into account the issue of the possibility of obtaining your next mortgage, because the presence of your accounts at a bank that will provide you or that the credit can be a plus when considering your application for a loan. The personal account of possible registration of a credit card that will allow you to pay for services rendered by non-cash services or goods. Availability of personal accounts in the Czech bank is the best form of evidence of your financial capabilities, feeding information from a bank in the Czech consulate at the time of consideration of a package of documents on issue you a long-term visa or visa extension for foreign police in Prague. Permanent records of the bank, with the chosen frequency, by sending mail you a statement of account allows you to check and you control your money. Keeping money in the bank guarantee their safety and your peace of mind. Free consultations and help with registration account, you can get in our company.

Vichy Thermal Spa

Holiday, sun, vacation, travel – what, if not with the summer associate these magic words. Now rest in certain places in our country has become much more expensive than abroad. In the first place – is inexplicably high prices for housing – Up to 50% higher than in foreign countries. If you like an exotic vacation, Chile you enjoy the most. This country can offer you all the known types of tourism: Ecotourism, skiing, fishing, hiking, recreation on the lakes, many kilometers of beaches, cruises. One of the last wild corners of the earth – the pearl of tourism in Chile – Patagonia tours – in this beautiful place will surprise you with a unique natural topography, beautiful scenery, plenty of unique plants. In addition, the Chilean Patagonia has not been an invasion of people and remains the most environmentally friendly place on the planet.

If you want to spend a holiday not only entertaining but also useful for yourself, you enjoy the health resorts. They can not only relax wonderfully, but also improve their physical condition. Italian spa resort of Abano Terme, located in the Veneto region, is part of one of the world's largest thermal baths. Therapeutic mud spa thoroughly mature in 2 months that they have acquired their own unique healing properties. In the resort of Abano Terme rest every year about 60 thousand tourists from around the world with such indications as: rheumatism, arthritis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, abnormal metabolism, overweight, low immunity, stress and overwork. Another Italian medical Spa – Montecatini Terme.

He is an amazing place in Tuscany. Feature of this resort – its unique water that is saturated with different components and the most similar in composition to human fluids. Therapeutic muds are ripe for even longer – up to 2 years. The main specialization of the resort of Montecatini Terme – renal failure, bowel, stomach, liver failure, digestive disorders. Beautiful Vichy Thermal Spa, located in central France near Paris, is famous healing mineral waters. It was the resort of Vichy is the most qualified in the world for the treatment of hepatitis. It is very well developed infrastructure – the most beautiful parks and the racecourse.

Hotels In Sharm El Sheikh. Your Splendid Vacation .

Among all of us did not really meet people who would not love to go on trips. Differ solely biases. Some choose an intellectual vacation, many masterpieces of antiquity, and in general not relax, how to acquire knowledge. Another soul on the ice north of the state with an impressive bays and mighty pines. But of course most of all among us of such, who incidentally are able to choose options for recreation clear water and bright sun. Realistically, we are so exhausting at work, tired of the dullness of working days, which is extremely bright sun and the beach can be signs of a full-fledged vacation. Numerous the state can boast of excellent service and great beaches, yet only tours in Egypt all over our world – a symbol of high quality vacation. By itself, the country of Egypt – is a school attracts us to the character.

Some of the pyramid for each of us associated with the principal wonder of the world that actually has to consider any. Given their clear how many people say, extraterrestrial origin, No wonder they are curious inhabitants of other countries. At the same time and rock sphinxes, pyramids rulers – is a wonderful monument of ancient sculpture, which creates unique impression. Yet a large the number of tourists prefer hotels in Hurghada is not for the opportunity to relax intellectually. Here are just a place of rest of world level, here the most luxurious hotels, the most polite service staff, and this provides the ability to feel any millionaire, even if you saved their vacation as long as a year. Here you can actually try to briefly luxury real oligarchs, though it does not matter, you live in mid-level plan or premium. Well, understandably, a cafe here in the most refined tastes.

Almost all the resorts of Egypt deserve special attention. It does not matter, you might prefer hotels of Sharm el , or decide to visit Cairo, throughout your holiday will be essentially a luxury. Here is permissible to pamper yourself and shopping. In particular, large assortment of souvenirs, which in future may be the perfect element of any interior. Well Naturally, looking at the precious gifts you will able to mentally travel in the hot summer including our cold winters. Need to learn to relax, understand it all. Egypt – it is specifically that same power, where you can learn to relax a pleasure and luxury. Here even the atmosphere helps ensure that do not remember the routine and feel the joy of existence with all my heart. Besides, including even if you have a low level of income, you will be able to resolve itself if only a week of real vacation. Subsequently, all year long experience of this will help you preserve a positive state of mind.

Soviet Union

In the early days did not leave feeling that you play: it is not English, but something strange. Even the slow speech poorly understood. Everything depends on the pronunciation and vocabulary. When say 'twenty', asks 'twony?'. Many Hispanics.

Spanish is practically in the U.S. the second official language. Telephone conversations – real meal for both sides. Children are adaptable, as expected, a surprisingly fast for account of the reduced lexicon – it is easier to navigate in 200 words than in the tens of thousands. About the eccentricities that characterize Russian immigrants in the U.S. That's 'Russian' – the concept of a different nationality from the former Soviet Union is simply not. Americans sincerely believe all of the Union of Russian. Everyone here in the early years can not eat, especially fruit – in season, they are cheap scary.

Nobody else carries home are full of packages of food. The shops are circulating the same truck, as we have in supermarkets, they can drop off here at home and leave on the street, janitors in the morning will be taken away and returned to the store. But this is only the first time. Without the work in the U.S. can live without the car – no. Constantly go to each other's homes and sit after midnight again Russian. It is unlikely that Americans will have in mind pick out the plug in the sink with manicure set, it is opened by pressing a small lever on the wall. Russian only said 'thank you' the seller or the cashier – in America made the contrary.