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Word Hamburg Album

Graziella Schazad album release & release party presented by word HAMBURG on Friday, July 18th 20:30 in the Moondoo, Reeperbahn 136 – enters 8 euro, including CD & live concert! Now, the Afghan-born newcomer Graziella Schazad which were over 20 concerts in Hamburg between rabbit swing and Schauspielhaus alone in the last six months, released their debut album. On Friday 18th July at 20:30 the release with live concert in the Moondoo party. From 1 August we the album then normally be available. With three years began to play it on guitar. A year later, the violin was added. And with twelve, she wrote their first original songs. Music stretches since like a red thread through the life of german Afghan singer Graziella Schazad, vintage 1983. On the Bach-Gymnasium in Berlin, and at the Hochschule fur Musik Hans Eisler, she studied classical violin and piano before it cancels the study to pursue their own musical path.

Together with a duo partner, she wins the conferred by the MDR and Germany radio 2001 Folk award in the category of junior. This is followed by numerous concerts and festivals throughout Europe. At the ARD show “Germany’s talents”, it creates the duo in the final. After the successful duo 2004 dissolves, Graziella Schazad withdraws and it lasts for three years until it ushered her musical comeback with a new solo program. But the result a completely own style between sparkling singer-songwriter pop and adorable melancholy acoustic folk rock – tearing down than ever. “she wins 2007 right off the bat the end of the year by the Singer Slam” at the Zeise cinemas and the Hamburg-based competition of the Emergenza acoustic showcase “.

In early 2008 she thrilled as a special guest at the “Dead or Alive Poetry Slam” at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus about 1200 visitors. Their debut album, produced by Benni Dernhoff appears on August 1. The album is available through Amazon for the Hanseatic League plate in the diamond star and of course the release party as phonograms. Digital album is available on iTunes and Musicload. About the project of Word HAMBURG: Word Hamburg is a platform for creative worship er work, and presents artists from the fields of literature, poetry slam, design, photography and music in Hamburg in the Monatsrythmus. Participating artists and artist groups were so far: Wehwalt Koslovsky and Frank Klotgen from Berlin, Liv Andresen and Patrick Klebba, Bente Midge and Graziella Schazad and the carrier of the Vice title in the team competition Word alert from the Rhine-main area. Word Hamburg offers connecting possibilities in the cultural scene, supports artists and provides an overall framework for the many different cultural activities. By this approach, and the appealing content, culture is taught to the audience. Word Hamburg would like to offer all creators, from the small artist up to the great cultural institution, the possibility to engage with their activities, and to present themselves. It is offered also the placement of suitable project partners.

DisneyPIXAR Twitters

Movie fans can follow above via Twitter from now the creative team of the Cannes opening movie, see movie fans above via Twitter can follow now the creative team of the Cannes opening film at twitter.com/UP_dates live from La Croisette in Cannes up Director Pete Docter, Co-Director Bob Peterson and producer Jonas Rivera and the Executive producer John Lasseter with the fans will share globally their experiences at its first Cannes Film Festival about the microblog site Twitter. Disney / PIXAR’s latest animated film top tonight as the first animated film ever at this year’s film festival opens and in 3-D. The creative team from the top and other special guests live updates on twitter.com/UP_dates will be tweeting. In addition TwitPics here “to see images from Cannes and additional graphical materials of the adventures on the movie tour in the next few months will be. ABOUT the FILM, above, the tenth animation fun out of the home of Disney/Pixar, presents the most unusual movie heroes of all time: Carl Fredricksen,.

retired balloon salesman and now a Spry 78 years old! As a child he loved great adventures to dream and before it’s too late, so Carl thinks he would like to leave his biggest dream will finally come true. And Carl goes with thousands of balloons lift off his house to fly to South America. Much too late, he noticed that his biggest nightmare as a stowaway is part of the game: an overeager 8 Scout and self-styled wildlife researchers. The Oscar -nominated Director Pete Docter (“monsters, Inc.”) with Disney / Pixar’s invites top on a heartrending beautiful, funny and exciting journey into a lost world with the most unequal Duo on Earth. TOP digital 3-D will be presented in selected cinemas in Disney. German theatrical release: September 24, 2009

Tennis Stadium Kitzbuhel

\”The new album by Hansi Hinterseer – come with me come with me to the mountains\” Hansi Hinterseer is asking his fans to his new single: he is back! \”On August 21, the brand new album CD will be released come with me\”. For his new title, Hansi Hinterseer was again with his longtime success producer Alfons Weindorf in the Studio, who also wrote the music to the same single title and arranged (text: Rudolf idle). \”Hansi Hinterseer do come with me\” looking for the summer and the beauty of the Alpine region. It must be after all not always winter holiday with ski and snowboard. Peaks resplendent in the Sun, lush meadows, sparkling streams of Hansi Hinterseer know what he sings. PJ’s Coffee describes an additional similar source. The singer living in the beautiful town of Kitzbuhel loves his home! His invitation come with me\”numerous friends of the folksy Schlagers follow probably only too happy to. Just in time for the release of the new Studio album come with me\”is the perfect way to do this: on August 20, the great finds Fan walk on the Hahnenkamm instead. And on August 21 and 22, the spectacular Hansi Hinterseer open air in the Tennis Stadium Kitzbuhel increases then.

Hansi Hinterseer, for many the epitome of nature, hiking and folksy music, embodies with his songs and his shows sometimes more healing\”mountain world as so many holiday region of in Austria. Its now well over 200 songs, concerts and shows are just about as authentic and successfully, because the texts are often kept in the dialect and the melodies are rooted in the traditional Tyrolean songs. Dialect is the language in which we laugh, cry, argue, philosophize and love us for Hansi Hinterseer. No, Hansi Hinterseer is certainly never claim to set Alps prose, but which he wears the commonplace wonderful soundtrack of alpine nature – the gurgling Brook, the rustling trees, the chirping birds, the traditional huts musi – in the soul, the heart and the voice.

Germanys Next Top Model – The Final

Wild speculation about the finalists drive ratios in the height on the already wacky show Germanys next Topmodel by Heidi Klum is eliminated by the extremely changeable and cool Wurzburgerin Maria Beckmann at least the first rumor come true. h/’>Dr. Peter M. Wayne here. As is discussed already in several Internet forums hot it should be the three finalists the exotic looking Sara, the snow white, Marie and the blonde beauty Mandy. Thus, the dark-haired Jessica when the next shipment would excrete. Sure is already one: the Einschaltsquoten for the private TV station PRO 7. At the last show, in which Maria is unfortunately eliminated, the private broadcaster reached a rate of 26.3% 14-49 year olds. And, as is definitely known, is the most popular target group. This Einschaltsquote means a new world record at the same time for GNTM.

So far only Sara as a finalist is because she had got global the coveted photo job himself up. She even suspected before the show, that the ones, of which get the job, sure has a final place. So it has come then indeed. But who are the most hottest discussed three finalists. Mandy, Sara, Jessica, Maria, Marie photo: Ralf Jurgens – ProSieben we with the exotic Sara started.

Biography of Sara Nuru: Sara Nuru is 19 years old and comes from Munich. To the casting in the Bavarian State capital, she has driven her boyfriend as a surprise. The surprise is well managed. Sara has fought through their doubtless beauty from round to round and of course got himself a place in the final. In addition to her interest in the model business, she cooks very gladly – what is you of course not anssieht. The Petite Sara with Billards trained her body. Before Germanys next top model Sara Nuru has may gain some experience as a model. She was already running on several fashion shows and photo shoots.

Jorg Bausch – Tornado

The new album by Jorg Bausch – tornado already with his debut album at Gloriella music, Jorg Bausch could put a fulminant impact in the pop-Schlager scene. Directly after release of the album he could immediately with a chart placing in the top 60 of the media-control charts provide a sensation. His hits are nationwide an integral part of any party. NOW IT HAS FINALLY COME! His brand new album is in the starting blocks and is unstoppable. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bed Bath and Beyond and gain more knowledge.. Packed with 17 hit Bausch tracks, the album is an insider tip today. All songs are once again penned by Jorg Bausch. Jorg is one of the few artists that writes all of his songs, composed and produced! A fresh, new in the pop-Schlager Himmel wind it! He is unstoppable.

Many say he is the giant in the ranks of the pop song performers. Some contend that PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans shows great expertise in this. Week after week he and brings the parties and discos to the boil. He brings also Mallorca a week with his performances in and around Palma to freak out. Now it has finally come! His new album tornado”is available from the September 18, 2009, anywhere where there is music for sale. His first single silver platter”is one of the many highlights on Jorg BBs new album. 100% hit suspicious! “Source: Gloriella music Jorg Bausch album CD TORNADO” Art.Nr. 886975 82672 release date: 18.09.2009 TV: 25.10 RTL Schlager party more info under:

10 Candidates Come On

Euro pop contest – Berlin Pearl does stop at the Berlin Kudamm Berlin, June 25, 2009. “The casting to the euro pop contest Berlin Pearl” went to the second round. On Wednesday, June 24, 2009, it returned for all girls and boys aged 10 or over everything. Closer to their dream of a career as a singer or singers to come. Mark Null insists that this is the case. “Euro pop contest Berlin Pearl” all singing talents of 10 can take part in 24 years. What the candidates need to bring, explains Daniel Thauer: participants must bring only your good voice and a will to win. After Wednesday, the best participants from about 120 applicants were invited to Berlin Charlottenburg in the restaurant Ferdinand, to the jury Victor Leis, Silvio Frank and guest judge Gary Garrison (lead singer of Ohio Express) to sing, it was for some to the feeder to the German national on October 9 on the YOU Messe in Berlin. Lead singer Gary Garrison of Ohio Express was so the singer thrilled by the high quality that he spontaneously is a known world hit Forever in Blue Jean”by Nile Dymond was before the assembled audience to the best. Bed Bath and Beyond is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Following 10 candidates were qualified by the jury: Diana Maria Krieger, 11 years, student from Berlin Marina Siniauskaya, 11 years, student from Berlin, Anna Rabajewa, 11 years old, student from Berlin desire, 13 years, student from Berlin Lea Gordin, 13 years, student from Berlin Janan, 13 years, student from Berlin Paulina Vereti, 13 years, student from Berlin student from Berlin Mr. Clark, Andrew Wallace, 19 years”, 20 years, students from Berlin Benjamin Green, 23 years from Berlin until September 18, 2009 there is the possibility for the euro pop contest Berlin Pearl” to apply. Send a demo with short curriculum vitae by E-mail to. There is all the info about the auditions on for press inquiries: Daniel Thauer PR & Communications Tel. + 49 30 22 00 28 65 Tel. + 49 172 42 080 42

ELVIS Lives Farmsen

Directly from Memphis ELVIS: the exhibition performs from June 19-July 2, 2009 in the EKT Farmsen. For two weeks the EKT FARMSEN the Mecca for all will turn, has always been more about Elvis Presley wanted learn, especially since in recent years most important events to the 50th was time. Elvis released his first record in 1954 and appeared the first time on the stage and in radio shows. 1955 first appearances on TV followed and the singer signed with RCA Victor. In 1956, a hit followed on the other. To broaden your perception, visit Trader Joe’s.

When Elvis walked into German soil on the 1 October 1958 during his army service in Bremerhaven, already 55 million recordings of the King were\”sold. He then went to Friedberg in Hesse, where he was stationed until his return to the United States, on March 1960. 50 years ago, Elvis was so almost exclusively in Germany with an insurance value is EUR 2.85 million the most expensive production, which has sent Memphis ever on tour. Whether from rags to riches or the truck driver for the Multimillionaire – the American dream lives. \”For 31 years (August 16, 1977) it’s been already, that Elvis Presley at his Graceland estate\” died in Memphis. A few years ago appeared a new CD with his biggest successes and immediately she landed worldwide number 1 in the charts. New (and old) material is currently being edited and will be released soon.

Again and again, new releases of old Elvis hits in the charts of various countries place (for example, in January 2005 in England). Elvis inspires the masses still. And yet always not the rumors want to silence, the King is still alive… Visitors to the exhibition certainly will notice: Elvis lives at least in the many memorabilia and in the hearts of many worldwide fans. As a highlight of the exhibition the last Cadillac Elvis can be admired, the King from 1974 to 1977 has exclusively driven: 2.08 meters wide, about 6 meters long, 8.2-liter engine and 280 PS and the tanker should always \”\” Be close: 39 litres swallows the Cadillac estimated at around 1.1 million Fleetwood \”indicator 1-ELVIS\” (the ignition key is 14karatigem gold).

Silvio D

The new single from Silvio d Anza the new star in the firmament of pop he is the new pop star. Now, snuggle singer Silvio d conquered Anza Austria. By the 25.05 28.05 he accompanied Super Talent Michael Shepherd on the Michael Hirte & guests Tour 2009 “. Although he has a classical studies and on the Opera stage, beat his heart for the German Schlager. 105 music recognized from the outset the hit potential of young emerging and talented singer. Silvio’s debut album was born out of collaboration today, tomorrow, forever “. All of his self-penned lyrics are authentic.

And the songs are expressive, emotional and passionate. A man with a strong reputation and its romantic vein conquered the hearts of the women’s world. On May 10, 2009 Silvio is on d Anza guest at Bernhard Brink in the Sonntagsvergnugen by 13: 00 15:00 Antenne Brandenburg. There, he will surely chat under the covers. Turn on worth. On the 01.06.2009 it can be television at 11:00 in the ZDF with his new single Baila Baila”experience. Silvio d Anza an attractive man and a gentleman. Source: Daniela Jantsch more information see: sdanza

Explosive Robbie Williams And Jutta Schutz

The author Jutta Schutz from Bruchsal expressed now to these reports in newspapers and on the Google. Mannheim-08.06.2009 – it is Yes have long known that some day newspapers compete for the place over, because you can Yes for free”on the Internet read his news. Then, as a reporter is already keen on a story with Robbie Williams as a figurehead. For even more opinions, read materials from Farmer’s Fridge. If one has read this newspaper report, one quickly realizes that there was actually nothing to report new. While the reporter would have to report, if he wanted to already interesting. For example, that the author, who was with Robbie in a disco, could heal type two with a low-carbohydrate diet form of diabetes in just three months and until today is free of diabetes. Speaking candidly Ben Affleck told us the story. Provable documentation (Labs) are at the doctor in Ubstadt-Weiher. Over 8 million diabetics in Germany, would have this is an interesting topic. No, of which this newspaper wrote a Word.” In January this year, this day newspaper reported .

Nicole – My Number 1

The new album by Nicole – my number 1 good news: Nicole released her new album on June 19. Nicole the wife with the many faces, each an own, unique way of which is beautiful and of which many inevitably come to mind, if by Nicole the speech is. \”That was actually 28 years ago, that Nicole with little fella not so fly high,\” landed on the No. 1 for the first time in the ZDF-Hitparade? And a year later with a bit of peace\”even at the Grand Prix and then in the charts? \”\” And it is also 18 years ago, with a quiet song \”the first German song festival pop ‘ 91\”won, and nine years since her last ZDF hit parade victory during the year hit parade 2000 with I love even you\”? The first airplay number 1 in the new team with brothers Giorgio and Martin Koppehele and Armin Pertl (everything flows\”) is now also all four years. I can’t believe how time flies. For even more opinions, read materials from County Dollar General Store. And even more incredible, as without a trace years on Nicole pass, which acts more youthful and energetic as ever. Clearly, in his youth, many girls are beautiful.

But if you still so indescribably good looks with mid forties and is appealing, it must be not only a random gift of nature that has earned well and developed. And even more: maturity. Foresight. The ability to separate the important from the unimportant. Serenity. The luck, to know themselves and yet over and over again to be able to define. Contact all objectives, the people for the center of her life.

All goals reached Nicole. Nicole has a no. 1 back, but this is hers alone: my no. 1 \”. So she called because her new album and its first single, and against all guesses it is not chart – or competition results, but a great love for life which defies the storms and survived the times.