Nicole – My Number 1

The new album by Nicole – my number 1 good news: Nicole released her new album on June 19. Nicole the wife with the many faces, each an own, unique way of which is beautiful and of which many inevitably come to mind, if by Nicole the speech is. \”That was actually 28 years ago, that Nicole with little fella not so fly high,\” landed on the No. 1 for the first time in the ZDF-Hitparade? And a year later with a bit of peace\”even at the Grand Prix and then in the charts? \”\” And it is also 18 years ago, with a quiet song \”the first German song festival pop ‘ 91\”won, and nine years since her last ZDF hit parade victory during the year hit parade 2000 with I love even you\”? The first airplay number 1 in the new team with brothers Giorgio and Martin Koppehele and Armin Pertl (everything flows\”) is now also all four years. I can’t believe how time flies. For even more opinions, read materials from County Dollar General Store. And even more incredible, as without a trace years on Nicole pass, which acts more youthful and energetic as ever. Clearly, in his youth, many girls are beautiful.

But if you still so indescribably good looks with mid forties and is appealing, it must be not only a random gift of nature that has earned well and developed. And even more: maturity. Foresight. The ability to separate the important from the unimportant. Serenity. The luck, to know themselves and yet over and over again to be able to define. Contact all objectives, the people for the center of her life.

All goals reached Nicole. Nicole has a no. 1 back, but this is hers alone: my no. 1 \”. So she called because her new album and its first single, and against all guesses it is not chart – or competition results, but a great love for life which defies the storms and survived the times.