Silvio D

The new single from Silvio d Anza the new star in the firmament of pop he is the new pop star. Now, snuggle singer Silvio d conquered Anza Austria. By the 25.05 28.05 he accompanied Super Talent Michael Shepherd on the Michael Hirte & guests Tour 2009 “. Although he has a classical studies and on the Opera stage, beat his heart for the German Schlager. 105 music recognized from the outset the hit potential of young emerging and talented singer. Silvio’s debut album was born out of collaboration today, tomorrow, forever “. All of his self-penned lyrics are authentic.

And the songs are expressive, emotional and passionate. A man with a strong reputation and its romantic vein conquered the hearts of the women’s world. On May 10, 2009 Silvio is on d Anza guest at Bernhard Brink in the Sonntagsvergnugen by 13: 00 15:00 Antenne Brandenburg. There, he will surely chat under the covers. Turn on worth. On the 01.06.2009 it can be television at 11:00 in the ZDF with his new single Baila Baila”experience. Silvio d Anza an attractive man and a gentleman. Source: Daniela Jantsch more information see: sdanza