State Standards

There are currently 1265 construction state standards. We will try to consider the most important ones. This Standard governing the general rules and norms for construction, and building materials, terminology, symbols, types of drawings, standards calculation and design, safety. In this section, general rules can be found on the State Standards construction helmets, belts, safety ropes, the rules of execution drawings and calculations. The next section is devoted to State Standards classification, nomenclature and general rules of construction materials. Music downloads recognizes the significance of this. It can be wall materials, adhesives, insulating building materials, concrete and mortar, roofing and waterproofing materials finishing materials. Each of these sections, in turn, has a lot of documents. For example, in "finishes" are guests parquet, GOST 862.2-85 m hardwood products, tiles, plasterboard GOST 6266-89, Concrete slabs, slabs tiles, linoleum and other materials for decoration.

A large section devoted to the state standards veterinary, engineering and fire fighting equipment of buildings. This water supply and sewerage, and elevators, and construction lifts and lighting, and acoustics, and even heating, ventilation and heating. By building also includes guests industrial buildings such as warehouses, storage tanks, gas tanks and. Thoroughly regulated by the construction of bridges, railways, roads, and subways. Important for us guests are guests of wood, stone, concrete and concrete structures and components, and construction tools.

Guest on building structures and details that guests mortars, concrete mixes and concrete panels, guests, and construction and reinforced concrete products, such as reinforced concrete panels, beams and stairs. Or Concrete and reinforced concrete pipes, wells and construction of sewer, water and gas pipelines. Of course, guests must comply with sand, cement, and gravel. GOST 8736-93 – a specification for sand for construction, and GOST 6139-91 – a specification for standard sand for testing cement. As for the gravel, its parameters are adjusted around 10ti State Standards. For example, GOST 8267-93 – Standard for crushed stone and gravel of solid rocks for construction work, GOST 25607-94 on a mixture of macadam, gravel and sand for the coatings and the grounds of highways and airports. In the construction used by many types of cements. This cement gipsoglinozemisty expanding, cement sulfate, backfill, and any other. General specifications for cement – is GOST 30515-97 GOST 25328-82 – is the cement for mortar. Specifications. GOST 310.4-81 – methods for determining the limit strength of cement in bending and compression, and GOST 310.3-76 – all methods of determining the normal density, setting time and soundness of cement.