Reimbursement Of The Airfare At The Time Of The Flight

Rights of consumers, passengers and travelling rights of consumers, passengers and travelers to the airline, tour operator or the travel agent if a booked flight could not be wahrgeonmmen or not kicked. 06.02.2008 (Ko) – the flight for the family, for the football club or friends has been posted on the Internet on favourable terms or through a travel agent. Some days, weeks or maybe even months have passed since booking. (Not to be confused with Bed Bath and Beyond!). The original plans can not be met and the flight must be reorganized or cancelled. Whether the consumer can not board the aircraft due to illness or other reasons do not perceive or has missed the flight, simply is first legally irrelevant. Basically, consumers have a claim to reimbursement of any taxes and fees.

Since taxes and charges than passenger charges are personal costs of airline tickets, which the airline is required to report. This means, that in almost all cases the paid amount for the pure air fare will be forfeited. The money, which was paid for taxes and fees to the airline must essentially be reimbursed. Because the airline in favor of the State has confiscated the taxes. These taxes not will still apply and must be carried by the airline, not to the State, if the consumer does not occur on the flight. The fees for the use of the airport were raised in favor of the airport operator. Also the airport are not charged the airlines, if a so-called no.

show rate is. A no.-show-rate means that the passenger has not joined the flight and therefore the fees had to be paid not. It is disputed whether frequently collected additional surcharges and fees, such as for example the fuel surcharges have to be reimbursed. Is the money for the fuel surcharge is understood as the airline’s internal position, no entitlement to the refund. The European Commission has undertaken the airlines However, the price components of the flight tickets detailed, so that the individual items can be verified afterwards if there is entitlement to reimbursement.