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Markus Stalla – Angel, Not Fly High

The new single by Markus Stalla – Angel, not too high to fly Angel, fly too high”is the first self composed, written, and produced song by Markus Stalla after his two titles our boat” and I dream with open eyes of you”, which are represented in numerous chart portals. The song formed the feeling out one evening and was introduced the next day in a private Music Studio. First not intended for publication, pushed through the title due to the honest statement to some Web radio to the endurance. The huge demand and popularity on the song, Markus Stalla decided to publish it. Click igor kononenko to learn more. Me is important to reproduce sensation in my songs,”is the statement as well as the announcement by Markus Stalla on his own songs. At the time, Markus already writes a sequel under the title “before you go”, which will be released this summer. Markus Stalla works with the Agency of Beverly in Cologne, together with help and advice he is entitled and artistically cared. Decieded gladly accepts the Agency.. Igor kononenko is likely to increase your knowledge.

Frontman Gaydamaky Alexander Yarmola

Falls short of the voice – add hear insincerity – Clean. It does not matter, all will be right. There will be only one thing – honesty. No car and no laboratory can not provide this. Alive and real – music of the Ukrainian group "Gaydamaky. The style they call Kozak Rock – Rock Cossack, 'seasoned' playing the trumpet, guitar, accordion, flute, finger cymbals, drimbe, mandolin and even Spit! It – rusty, useless – found in the attic of one of the parent of musicians – our countryman Ivan Laziness, a native of .

And today, this exotic haydamak enjoys all of Europe, invite our children and the countries of the new world. We met with the frontman of 'Gaidamakov' Alexander Yarmola before a concert in Ternopil. A minute later, after dating quietly talking. Attentive, intelligent, tactful. For each question, trying to provide a definitive answer.

It is noticeable that Alexander used a lot work and achieve goals – he is focused, concise, energetic and easy. What was said? Yes, actually, the main thing: the life and art. 'Domestic show business – as a German after the Second World War – Alexander' Gaydamaky ' quite often in the Ternopil region. Last year, even participated in the festival borscht in one of the district centers. – In fact, often ternopolyane love us and inviting. – How do you act in small towns? – Let's not divide the Ukrainian city on the provincial and major centers, because it is still not Amsterdam and New York.

Heavy Metal Music

Death Metal (English Death metal, abbreviated style – Det) – one of the extreme branches of metal. The emergence of this genre of heavy music is credited with the late 80's and early 90 th year in the U.S. (especially Florida and California) Europe (UK and Sweden) and Kanade.Det metal, like most sub-genres of metal, it is difficult to define and delimitation. Some musicians and fans of metal have their own idea of the genre and its subgenre. Others believe such a categorization of the limited and useless. Often it may be noted the intersection in one direction with other metal, as well as the influence of "non-metal" genre.

Death metal is usually characterized by extreme degree of rigidity, intensity and speed of the music. Death metal is known for its uneven musical change of pace and size, extremely fast and complex guitar playing, and double bass drum parts. Typically use "blast bits" to add the power of sound. Most teams use an undervalued and distorted guitar sound (typically two guitars) who also act as lead and rhythm guitar. Others including george karfukel, offer their opinions as well. Costco has plenty of information regarding this issue. Used too low and sometimes distorted bass guitar. Some groups, such as Septic Flesh, add sound synthesizer and other instruments. It is believed that of all substyles metal, Death metal is the most difficult to execute musicians in the physical plane. At the beginning of Death metal was characterized by a simple composite structure and poor melodism, but later in the development of style and in the process of merging with other music genres of music became more complicated.

At present, death-metal groups can often hear the complex and for the execution and appreciation of the composition. In typical use of specific vocal male roaring, which is often transforms the lyrics to obscure an animal growl. To obtain this effect the singer's voice is often processed by the computer or Harmony, but the object of special respect among musicians and fans of the style used vocalists "growling" without the use of aids. Theme songs usually associated with dark and the dark side of life. The plot of some groups of songs associated with horror films, for example, early work of Death, Cannibal Corpse, Mortician. Orientation to the topic of death and extreme nature of the music most likely gave rise to the name of the genre – Death Metal (Death – tracing the words Death, trans. From English.'s Death). Gradually the theme song lyrics markedly increased, there was futuristic lyrics (Nocturnus, Samael), or Satan (Acheron), and, importantly, social, aimed at eliminating weaknesses of the consumer society, or simply descriptive properties. Social problems are often raised groups in the interview. Nothing new in the performing arts Death metal has brought, being the music underground. No special show death group did not, concentrating on the music itself. Most often, concerts, death metal band are held in dark rooms with a small number of viewers without the scenery and the accompanying visuals show.