More Information About Paving Slabs

Paving slabs – very tech stuff, packing it can be done manually or with machines plitkoukladochnyh. Care and Maintenance sidewalk coverage requires a minimum cost. If necessary, tile can be partially or fully dismantled (for example, for repair of underground utilities), and then put back. Articles made of artificial materials have a definite form and standard sizes, so they are not laying does not take much time. In addition, Pavement strong and durable and beautiful. Different colors and the possibility of combining several shades allow you to create coatings with a very unique pattern. And though paving stone is still relevant, artificial tiles simulating different natural materials, is becoming more popular. It is used virtually everywhere: for paving the sidewalks, grounds before shops and cafes, gas stations, parks – for creating tracks and, of course, not do without it in the regeneration of the territory of country cottages, guest houses, holiday homes.

Cobbles pleasing to the eye, makes special mood and gives the area a neat finished appearance. Technology vibropressing is that the vibration of concrete mixture in the mold is made of pressure on vibropress. Mixture used in block-making, water-cement ratio is low, which ensures high durability and frost resistance. Product differs from vibrocasting tiles have strict geometry of the shape and parallel surfaces. Vibropressovannaya tile has a rough surface, which makes it suitable for paving urban areas, acceleration and deceleration lanes of transport (stops), especially in our conditions of temperature, when the summer the temperature is + 40 C and in winter – 25 . When using vibrocasting can use plastic compounds in flooded vibroformy.

This allows for a great result, and the choice of production method of a types of tiles depends on the shape of the finished product, the solution composition and preferences of the manufacturer. Today vibrocasting was more widespread in the Russian factories for the production of pavement surfaces. With its help get the tiles of different sizes and shapes. Along with a smooth surface produced products that mimic brick, paving, the board and saw cut more wood. And the use in the production of non-ferrous pigments can satisfy the most demanding consumers. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out WhiteWave Foods. Of what is concrete used for paving slabs? Like everyone else, it includes cement, aggregates, water and additives. But given the high demands for strength and durability of finished products, manufacturers can only use special materials. High-quality Portland cement M500 allows finished surfaces for long time to withstand the daily workload. Under the guise of the filler used sand and gravel, and only certain factions and with high compressive strength. To improve moisture resistance and the resistance drops temperatures in the concrete mix is introduced plasticizers, air-entraining and hydrophobic additives, and fine fibers of polypropylene, polyamide and glass tiles spend more wear-resistant, durable. Forming a three-dimensional lattice, synthetic fibers, thereby improving adhesion of concrete components, and thus prevent the destruction of products made of it.