Home-style cozy and at the same time looks solid in the kitchen natural wood floor. It may be possible: parquet, parquet or solid wood. These floors are long, but difficult to look after them: they must be periodically “refreshed” polishing. Laminate flooring, though sometimes disguised as a tree, in fact – a synthetic material. Laminate is more resistant to moisture than wood. Its easy to lay. A good material for kitchen floor – Ceramic tiles, hygienic and easily washable. Wallpaper for the kitchen – a separate issue.

The first strike of any kitchen accidents – spray oil or steam from a boiling kettle – they assume. So here it is better to stick vinyl or washable wallpaper that will stand the wet cleaning. About the wall designers know a secret, when creating the design of flats: if the window overlooks the north side, beige, gold, pink-colored “add” the kitchen heat, at least visually. And finally, the top – the ceiling. Naturally, the kitchen must be well-washable and moisture resistant.

Ceiling tile glue and easily without the need for leveling the surface, it is economical. However, this option now not so fashionable, that is almost in bad taste. The false ceiling panels or strips, of course, looks more modern, fitted quickly and relatively easily, allows to “hide” communication and set point lamps. True, the room will lose 7 – 10 cm in height. Another version of the ceiling – drywall. With him a little more trouble: when the sheets are strengthened, they need to putty and paint. But this material is perfectly absorbs sound and makes it possible to create any multi-level figures Stretch ceiling for the kitchen, too, will help bring your design ideas: a choice of colors is practically unlimited. But if suddenly you damage a surface roughness of paint or putty will not work, just change all the linen. Although the stretch ceiling is an obvious advantage, not peculiar to other structures, if suddenly burst pipe upstairs or neighbors forget turn off the faucet, durable fabric will save your quarters from flooding, and dozens of gallons of water will be securely detained. The kitchen is very, very important. And finally, the ceiling may be plastered and painted. It Takes a lot of time and effort, but he did not “eat” for many precious inches of height. Colors and shades of the ceiling can be any – good choice of colors, Kohler, wallpaper for painting is huge.