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Cheap travel to Granada for a holiday in the snow the municipality of Granada is presented as a comprehensive proposal for tourism in the Iberian peninsula. The area is a large plateau located at 738 m above sea level. The city of Granada has an enormous amount of historical treasures to visit, many that attest to the passage of the Moorish culture by Spain. The historic centre of Granada is one of the best preserved in Europe. But for who enjoy life outdoors more, and winter sports, about 30 km from Granada you will find Sierra Nevada, one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Spain. Its proximity makes it possible to get cheap travel to Granada, and daily travel to tracks of ski.

The natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada is notable. The site is a large natural park, where it comes to preserve the local flora and fauna, at the same time maintained an active tourist and commercial life. Sierra Nevada at the southernmost station on the continent. Is located at 3000 m of height, which makes it simultaneously accessible, but ideal for the practice of winter sports. The climate of the Sierra Nevada is extremely mild, dominate the days of sunshine throughout the year. One more remarkable from its ski features is what them for all level of difficulty.

Whether for who is taking its first steps on the snow, or for more experienced skiers, Sierra Nevada insurance you will find the appropriate track for each. Lagoon and Veleta tracks are more difficult. From the top of the complex, it is possible to descry the spectacular Mediterranean Sea, a view that will surely endure for many years who have the fortune to contemplate it. The resort of Sierra Nevada in itself constitutes a tourist variety proposal, since fun not just get off the skis. There are shops, clubs, cinemas, and lots of places for a walk. It is also possible to organize a parade for this beautiful place, full of rivers and small watercourses. Hiking is another option for lovers of natural life. The site It has large amount of routes for those who wish to walk, ride, a bike ride. Book now same any of the many cheap travel to Granada and Sierra Nevada to know this incredible place near of everything, but far from the daily concerns.