DIFFERENT TYPES OF CLIENTS TYPES OF CLIENTS THE AGGRESSIVE SUBTYPE FEATURES Strong character, irritable, moody, impatient, hurried, gray, furrowed brow, tone beaten. This may be the natural form or a personal problem has q. His aggression may be due to inappropriate behavior by anyone in the company WHAT TO DO Keep calm. Count to 10 or 15.If it is our fault, accept the fact and find solutions quickly. Listen with patience, let off steam. Show a strong desire to help. DO NOT Fighting, contradict, to express contempt, false excuses. AGGRESSIVE IN GENERAL THE QUEJADOR He complains of the service, the product of the company. Scolds left and right. He clings to “trifles” to attack in different ways. Listened it until the end and then let them know you understand but do not share their views. Be very polite and diplomatic. Answer and oppose him in the same tone, get on the defensive. Give “Rope.” THE DOMINANT He likes to impose its views, always seeks to be important and wants to force others to do what he wants.Does not accept suggestions of any kind Save serenity. Taking it to the field of logical arguments. Show submissive or scared. Overtly rebel and discourteous to “put in place” THE OFFENSIVE Rightly or wrongly passed to the field of rudeness, insults and attempts at humiliation. Apply evenly respect, show our culture, with appropriate behavior. “Equals”. Reply also rude and disrespectful. : Aggressive, Quejador, Dominant, Rude. Aggressive: Displays more than others and always wants to excel, they like to show off their qualities, demands allegiance, shows contempt and undervaluation. With them, we must keep calm, count to 10 if it is our fault, accept and look for solutions, listen with patience let them vent, show a strong desire to help .. Quejador: It is believed and looks over his shoulder. “You do not know who you’re talking about.” With them you have to listen calmly to the end and then let them know that means but not share their views, be polite and diplomatic. Parent: He likes to show off his knowledge, he is happy saying what must be done, he loves to correct contemptuously, you need to know your opinion. With them, you have to keep calm and take to the field of logic. Rude: Find defects in all, speak negatively, complain constantly. With them evenly Order respect, show your culture with appropriate behavior. Treat customers according to their personality. Selfish: praise him in private and in the presence of friends and acquaintances, cite his opinions in the course of the conversation.