The Torrent Of The Cedron

Often Jesus happened through this place. This valley surely was witness of some episodes narrated in the bible, most important it went when Jesus arrived at the mount from the Olive trees in the eve from his passion and death. The torrent of the Cedrn also known like valley or stream, separates the old part of Jerusalem of Monte of the Olive trees; it is characterized by his rough and singular landscape, to which it gives to his typical aspect a stony and rough punteada hill only by a few olive trees and one that another one matojo of grass. In that place rock tombs exist until today numerous, as the tomb of Absaln, the one of Josafat and Zacaras, which go back to itself II a.c and are considered more to the tradition than to the certainty of their origin. This valley surely was witness of episodes such as the revolt of Absaln, narrated in 2. Of Samuel or the reconstruction and splendor of Jerusalem, view in Jeremas 31; 38. The most indicated, as we mentioned at the beginning, she was the lived one by Jesus before the treason of Judas Iscariote, narrated in the gospel of Juan 18; 1-11 and say; When Jesus finished praying, he left with his disciples and he crossed the stream of Cedrn. To the other side there was an orchard which it entered with his disciples.

Also Judas, the one betrayed that it, knew that one place, because often Jesus had met there with his disciples. So Judas arrived at the orchard, at the top of a detachment of soldiers and guards of the heads of the priests and the fariseos. They took torches, lamps and arms. Jesus, that knew everything what it was going to him to happen, left to them to the encounter. Who they look for? I ask to them.