Technology For Manufacturing Metal Doors

For the manufacture of metal doors used a simple, enhanced, or a special type of design. The first thing to make a box, where the standard type of construction of a metal door, use shaped tubes 50h25 mm. From inside the box welded "battens in the form of a square 10×10 mm. Made of profiles 40h25 mm grating, a box of leaf, an integral part of which – the edge rigidity. Lock secured in a metal pocket, and its frame is made of the same profile as the carton leaf. Most often used in metal doors and two locks for their efforts from the outside weld metal plate of 2 mm. The result is that the castle is located within 4 mm of metal. The next stage of manufacturing of metal door hinge is welded to the profiles of the door frame and interlocks.

Bollards are located between the loops at a distance of 50 – 100 mm above the bottom and at the same distance below the top. Then welded to the outer sheet metal, fabric on each side of which more than 10 mm (to hide the gap between door leaf and door frame). Special notches in the loop by being made to lie flat sheet metal. After welding the casing to the three sides of the box, the door is ready for assembly and painting. On request customer in the metal door drill a hole under the eye or slotted holes for bolts of the gates and locks. The final stage of manufacture of metal doors – its finish.

If you finish using imitation leather, fabric superimposed on wooden beams, which may drive a decorative nails, and locked all the hardboard sheet with its inner side. If you use another type of finish metal door, then bars do not need, and instead of hardboard can be used mdf, laminate or plastic. If used in the finishing decorative panels, they are glued to the door leaf with special glue, and finish with imitation leather, First foam or batting is superimposed on the canvas, and only after that imitation leather stretched on a door leaf. Edge in this glued and then nailed to the studs before nasverlennye holes. Assembly metal doors with imitation leather trim in some cases, be longer – a process with more time consuming than using a plastic finish, mdf or laminate.