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Herbert Mead

George Herbert Mead (1934) proposed a proper distinction when he pointed out that what characterizes the person is to be object to itself. He aptly explained the emergence and construction of the person as a consequence of the use of the language. The same Maturana, much more recently, reaches similar conclusions, although on the basis of other premises. I believe that in order to be able to attribute consciousness or self-awareness to the operation of an organism, an observer must be able to sustain the body which makes attribution operates in recursive distinctions of second and third order in the language. Or, in other words, I would argue that consciousness is an attribution that an observer makes a living system if he thinks that his behavior can only be understood as an autodistincion autodistincion. (Maturana, b, 1993, p. 4) Maturana maintains that the experience of self-awareness is a recursive autodisticion experience and that the mechanism generative to make this happen is the operation in the language, i.e. the dynamics of consensual coordinations of coordinations consensual behavior between individuals.

Asserts that humans as beings that exist in the language, we live in a world of objects, objects that are not pre-existing language but rather arise as signals in the consensual behavioural coordinations of the lenguajear. During the lenguajear individuals operate in a series of distinctions of increasing complexity, calling recursions Maturana (1993 b):-Recursion of the first order: consensual behavior of the lenguajear arise in the flow of the consensual coordinations of coordinations objects. For example, a father tells his son of a year and a half while playing with him: the ball, the ball patea. -Second order recursion: objects that arise in the continuity of the coordination of the language are distinguished by the observer. Continuing with the previous example: the child distinguishes the object ball and try to play back the sound with that his father points out.


Couples, therefore, obey his unconscious references that have held them in his biography staff. The identity or style of couple goes to delimit their interactions and styles and forms of relation, which is observable in the clinic. Therefore, primitive objectal relations that provide security, containment and equilibrium are always present in any love affair. At least, thats what is expected for that loving and meaningful link in the life of every day life with your partner. But in the outer reality those ups and downs cause major conflicts in the real world, and the members of the couple are unable to differentiate in a conscious way these implications in your link affective and beloved. Of course, in that regard are expected be an object unique and of course, be unique for each other. This situation organizes life partner in terms of the bonding.

And the confusions are shown because somehow it is estimated and it is hoped that couple, and current object to behave as one who remained in the primitive unconscious life. The unconscious socket is a structure that contains the link and on which are built different structures and relations of the couple. Sonny Perdue may help you with your research. Included throughout the identification process, as well as the resolution of the various processes inherent to development and preedipicos processes. The theory linking is in close relationship with the most significant part that sustains the psychic life, since as Freud sets out where refers to the other is always present in our emotional life and we are already subject to their presence be unconsciously. Therefore all relationship claims exclusivity in objective psychology. A narcissistic configuration takes place. Therefore it is important to note at the clinic are those models Objetales preedipicos of each of the members of the couple, to understand what is the quality of that unconscious socket or that space that plays an important place in the intersubjective life of the life partner.

The understanding of the unconscious socket leads to the elaboration of the various aspects and vicissitudes of life loving. Regardless of the theoretical model is necessary to take into account this complexity for the therapeutic approach in with couples. Bibliography: Bernstein I; Puget j. (1988). Psychoanalysis of the married couple. Paidos caesium, Sonia. (2010) The unconscious socket of the couple.

The Weak Thought Venezuela

Teodulo Lopez Melendez No weak thought Venezuela there are all-inclusive legitimization in the Venezuela of today. We are moved by a weak thought. A thought is required to speak the truth. Necessary to have recourse to a paradigm of complexity contrary to immobility and bury the static concepts. We require an instituent society. The Venezuelan being shown splinter, pessimistic and selfless.

It happens because the country is moving in the bosom of exhausted paradigms, in an old world. The old ways lead nowhere. This is what I propose to the country, make an instituent society. What is now is to propose a new reading of reality, that is, the creation of a new reality for the permanent activity of a Republic of citizens who change forms tailored to its evolution towards a democratic society eternally perfectible expiry of existing paradigms, or the defeat of inertia, should be sought by means of innovative and unusual approaches. The uselessness of the old paradigms is of manifest when the man begins to suspect that no longer serve him successfully to the solution of the conflict or problems. It is clear that the revocation of the above requires a sustained effort because data and assumptions should reassess. Venezuelan society is a victim of the evils originate in representative democracy, one that did not evolve towards higher forms. Venezuelan society is accustomed to delegating and forgot about social control every mature society exerts on the power.

Behind all explicit power is an unreachable imagery of an instituent power. Thus, it is recalled that the Greeks, when they invented the tragic democracy, noted that nobody should tell us how to think and in the agora was discussing on the Polis in a self-reflective process. Hence Castoriadis: A subject that gives himself reflexively, his laws of being. Therefore the autonomy is the reflective Act of a reason that is created in a movement without end, in a way at the same time individual and social.

Emperor Inverted Tarot

The Emperor (Arcanum greater IV of the tarot), is a deck that speaks of power. It leads to the image of a man as powerful as wise, that supposedly appears in the life of the consultant to help you. But such help will be verified in the form of protection that can dispense a superior person. The Emperor grants his favors to the consultant, making him the great honour of benefit you. It does not speak here a relationship that develops in equal. By this, the output of this arcane tarot Chuck upside speaks to us about the dangers of winning an implacable enemy.

Because as well as the Emperor can determine favour us filling us benefits, have it as enemy can be extremely risky. The appearance of this arcane in this position speaks of adversaries or fierce enemies stubborn on putting obstacles to all our projects. Each which recognize, in his life, to his own personal Emperor this interpretation, however, can present some nuances. The appearance of the Emperor in upside down inside the Chuck does not refer necessarily conflicts with a particular person. It may happen that the consultant has, on the other hand, conflicts with authority figures in general, are parents, teachers or bosses, or who fails to adapt to follow the norms established by the institutions of each society. This deck can talk then of a rebellious personality, or, why not, perhaps too idealistic. On the other hand, this arcane condenses the positives and negatives of a figure of unquestionable strength and power.

So how, if it appears to the right on Chuck, this deck refers to personalities firm of great force and energy, walking with decision to conquer their goals, and even obtaining rewards, honors and glory. If it appears upside down, on the other hand, indicates that all these positive qualities are exacerbated, jeopardizing the balance and justice of the decisions. By the appearance of this letter, the tarot prevents about the dangers become stubbornness, firmness, tenacity and conviction obstinacy and excessive desire for power. Who advances crushing who were crossing on their way, is the message of this inverted arcano, never achieved solid and lasting achievements. And you’ll soon see their victories turned into defeats. Listen to the messages of the tarot can help prevent it. Gen. David Goldfein will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Juan Carlos Montillo


If you need to record videos to strengthen its online presence and knowing that they have an immediate impact on your audience, but if it is the type of person who has a thousand ideas in his head and finds it difficult to sort it while talking to a camera, you should use a teleprompter. My guess be listening when he said that these equipment cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Because it does have reason, professional teleprompter are very expensive and unaffordable would do any effort by having one at home to record domestic videos. The good news is that based on the principle of operation of the more expensive you can make yours at home. Place the camera behind a Crystal reflecting the letters coming from a monitor, an ipad or a laptop.

the funny thing is that the camera by being well close to the Crystal is unable to capture the letters that go against the glass. His gaze falling on the glass, reading, is then captured by the camera than this just behind. Everything is you talk looked at camera when you actually look at glass that projects reflected from a source monitor lyrics. To build the teleprompter you will need two or three piece of wood to manufacture base. Some commonly used Lego pieces. My experience has told me that a glass of dollar store can serve but will have to have to adjust the angle of reflection to achieve contrast on the glass. The camera is behind. You don’t worry, the letters never will be captured, (thanks to a physical principle) that if you place the camera thing more close to the glass, to ensure image cleaning.When have you finished your appliance, you can call home teleprompter, cover with a dark cloth, old camera type, this will increase the contrast within the reflector housing.It’s fun, practical, because it works and especially economic. Do luck, then tells me how you did?

William Shakespeare

Some are born great; others do great things, and others are crushed by them William Shakespeare introduction when one has ventured into parapsicologicas investigations, which have been for years, even before consolidating the parapsychology as science, meets big paragnostas, gifted medium who have left major challenges to scholars of Paranormal phenomena, which in his time were a true starextremely interesting to be studied, such is the case as noted Eusapia Palladino (1854-1918) considered to be the most famous medium and the most researched of late 19th century and early 20th century, during the years 1905, 1906, 1907, in a total of 43 sessions. Basic annotations, background, scope and interest when you participate in the Chilean society of parapsychology in the years of 1966, specifically when I was in that country doing my graduate degrees in business administration and Economics at the University of Chile, I had the wonderful experience of entering me in parapsychology widely, thanks to contributions, which provided me with a great friend and extraordinary professional as it was Dr. Brenio Onetto Bachler, so I learned of Eusapia Palladino. It reminds us of laverdad-this-there-fuera.blogspot.com that Eusapia Palladino was born on January 21, 1854 in the South of Italy. His story was not very cheerful, lost his mother at birth, and when he was only twelve years old, his father was murdered.

Shortly after began with Paranormal phenomena: listening to strange sounds, saw eyes in darkness and worst of all, when I slept and invisible hands removed him the bed blankets. On it also it gives us interesting data Renaud Evrard, telling us, Eusapia Palladino, was a central figure in the Organization and in the evolution of psychical research. Since 1888, the paranormal capacities of Eusapia attracted the attention of the leading figures in the international community of researchers psychic, to merit the title of diva of scientists (Edelman), although on several occasions it was discovered cheating in some of the experiments of the SPR, however, was ended up recognizing that this does not mean that all phenomena were a hoax.