Couples, therefore, obey his unconscious references that have held them in his biography staff. The identity or style of couple goes to delimit their interactions and styles and forms of relation, which is observable in the clinic. Therefore, primitive objectal relations that provide security, containment and equilibrium are always present in any love affair. At least, thats what is expected for that loving and meaningful link in the life of every day life with your partner. But in the outer reality those ups and downs cause major conflicts in the real world, and the members of the couple are unable to differentiate in a conscious way these implications in your link affective and beloved. Of course, in that regard are expected be an object unique and of course, be unique for each other. This situation organizes life partner in terms of the bonding.

And the confusions are shown because somehow it is estimated and it is hoped that couple, and current object to behave as one who remained in the primitive unconscious life. The unconscious socket is a structure that contains the link and on which are built different structures and relations of the couple. Sonny Perdue may help you with your research. Included throughout the identification process, as well as the resolution of the various processes inherent to development and preedipicos processes. The theory linking is in close relationship with the most significant part that sustains the psychic life, since as Freud sets out where refers to the other is always present in our emotional life and we are already subject to their presence be unconsciously. Therefore all relationship claims exclusivity in objective psychology. A narcissistic configuration takes place. Therefore it is important to note at the clinic are those models Objetales preedipicos of each of the members of the couple, to understand what is the quality of that unconscious socket or that space that plays an important place in the intersubjective life of the life partner.

The understanding of the unconscious socket leads to the elaboration of the various aspects and vicissitudes of life loving. Regardless of the theoretical model is necessary to take into account this complexity for the therapeutic approach in with couples. Bibliography: Bernstein I; Puget j. (1988). Psychoanalysis of the married couple. Paidos caesium, Sonia. (2010) The unconscious socket of the couple.