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I woke up remembering me of a consultation marked to the weeks, was with a doctor specialized in nefrologia, I got ready more than fast I directed and me to the bus point. I waited the transport would lead that me until another city, where would occur the consultation. I was observing the road and the forms if losing with the movement of the transport that if dislocated quickly, thinking about which would be the name of that vi of glance and if certain constructions or same the vegetation would be there when it returned. Arriving at the destination city, I went down I directed and me to the center, I was walking, ignoring the passer-bys until arriving at the doctor’s office, where I was surprised by the presence of one another responsible doctor for the maintenance of my health, this, specialist in asthma, pneumologista. It also was there if consulting, what he sent my mind to the image of the mortality of the doctor, who as well as any another human being, is passive of patologias. I was called to consult and adentrei the room of the doctor, who made me the usual questions and prescribed a series of examinations stops an evaluation, that already became delayed, due my negligence. After to finish my shortness and routine consults, the doctor still was in the room of wait, waiting resulted of its examinations and repaired that it was not using its habitual jaleco.

I thought: – She is the civilian! – It made What me to sketch a mental smile. The fact is that it waited the results of some examinations and had the coinscidncia to be there, offered me a hitchhiking until our native city, what I accepted for the discomfort of the collective transport. It surprised what me was when leaving the doctor’s office, to evidence that the way of transport that it used was a motorcycle, disliked that me, for not considering trustworthy something so vulnerable and quick.

Learning For Life

Certain time, a man who liked to help the people started to teach everything what it had learned during its life. But, nor all the people heard who it to speak believed its teachings. One day, a boy who listened to always it asked: – Why he loses you time with people who do not want to learn? the wise man said to it: – Why the young does not listen to its parents? Same that its children do not listen, why the parents continue to teach? Mine filhinho, God also in says the all moment to them, but we have difficulty of listening and we ignore even though it. It says in them with the wind, the nature, with the sun, the moon and the stars. Then, the boy said: Ah! I also want to understand the language of God! On this day the man was hours teaching some things on as God had created everything and as it communicated itself with the men. The boy was so made an impression with what he was learning that invited in the following day its amiguinhos. thus every day the teachings of that wise man had many children listening.

He passed some time and that man perceived that now the children not only were to also listen to it with its parents. Then it spoke to all: when one wants something of truth, God in its infinite wisdom and goodness in the aid to reach what we want since that our objective is noble. The love of God is infinite, us we were made its image and similarity and It want that let us be happy. The more we are happy more easily we obtain what we want, therefore the God pleases that it is that let us have abundance, prosperity and happiness. When this man finished all was astonished and already they had plain of as to change the route of its lives. After some time this wise man who already was with advanced age died, but that one cidadezinha already was not same therefore the conscience of that all we can have a better life with abundance, health and prosperity made with that the city grew and if became the one metropolis and all had become happyer for the ticket of that wise man on the land. All in that city that one day listened to its wise words can pass it others and thus the people had knowledge of that man who at the beginning did not have nobody that had given importance to it until the child gave importance to it. The man who if leans over in its problems: he multiplies it, the ones that foca in its happiness wins all the obstacles.


The lady then admired all was as tivessevendo and danced a new type of dance. An fan felt itself before umartista of the bailado one. It did not have skill, the cheese fell and the staff without seeing, hall had been kneading coitado in the way it. My uncle used to advantage ospassos of the dance and left for the other empedaos side and nor looked at the white snow for the soil and nor the participant capsizes and if they capsize nor they had bound, I only know that they had followed in front and in the dance. Carcule Joo if desvencilhouda obligation to dance and looked my father in the way of the cantoria. Ltomou some sips, sang dissonant in some musics and completed otanque with the too much sips. There for as much, already of bule full decanjibrinas, had decided to come back. they had been to search the conduction noestacionamento of the grass.

After some tumbles and blaming the pipocada one party for the overthrown slips and, had pulled the donkeys until the exit. In this meantime, my uncle, hanging for here and there, was to make pee, he turned the coast for the animal removed pingolim for it are and ordered water in guanxuma. What it not wise person and that the animal would go to prepare with it. Said and feitoo donkey gave cabeada in its back one and for it did not fall badly of skill, released mangueirinha to rescue itself in the tumble. She pingolimentrou it for inside of the pants and made a soup, was one I ruin sensational.

Incontinence would urinaria abrupt was the diagnosis given for mine paiassim in the impulsivity. Ensopou the coitado one. Avexados, the two had gone up in the horse, had taken off the hat in respect to excessively the e, of farewell, had disappeared in return for house! In the way vieramconversando, talking and talking, it wants to know of a reading thing? It arrives of chats! For today he is only reading! You are excused and podeat, if to want, to sleep! Tomorrow we will be here! One I hug and until outrocaptulo. (Ademar Oliveira de Lima)

Paulopai Son

Perpetual love wonderful Times those the men were dressed with esplendor and elegance the delicate, sensible women extremely feminine. The man being the head of the family the dictator of the laws and its desires is irrevocable orders; the women mothers of the children and in service educators obedient fidiciary offices and. Joo Alberto Martins comercianteem Is severe Paulopai and loving of an only Tereza son a young candy, romantic and impetuous its mother falecera when still he was baby. Tereza young girl consisting its 16 years pink faces, black hair and eyes, delicate traces of small stature; he was not satisfied himself to have been born woman and its father not to have a son man, in such a way, it acted as youngster and was treated as one until handling with weapons was accustomed. It did not delay to appear pretending, but who domou its heart was the young journalist Philip Castrates just formed with a small column in the local periodical. Mr.

Joo, honest trader with a modest financial situation without great ambitions alone wanted the happiness of its son. Both already dared in the visits of Philip the touch of its hands and its visits were frequent. Mr. Joo received in one morning the visit from noble Baron Jose de Almeida widower has three years wanting to kill its curiosity on the enchantments of the son of the trader who had it some loans, when seeing with its proper eyes the extraordinary beauty of Tereza, considered without roundups marriage, a common act of a cold man and calculating he wanted to possess it as an adornment without any affection. Mr. Joo was infuriated with such proposal, but he was pressured and without having as to react to the threats he gave its only one filhaem marriage. Terezatentou to act as it could to the situation declaring openly that possua no affection to the Baron and did not want to marry foiem goes.