I woke up remembering me of a consultation marked to the weeks, was with a doctor specialized in nefrologia, I got ready more than fast I directed and me to the bus point. I waited the transport would lead that me until another city, where would occur the consultation. I was observing the road and the forms if losing with the movement of the transport that if dislocated quickly, thinking about which would be the name of that vi of glance and if certain constructions or same the vegetation would be there when it returned. Arriving at the destination city, I went down I directed and me to the center, I was walking, ignoring the passer-bys until arriving at the doctor’s office, where I was surprised by the presence of one another responsible doctor for the maintenance of my health, this, specialist in asthma, pneumologista. It also was there if consulting, what he sent my mind to the image of the mortality of the doctor, who as well as any another human being, is passive of patologias. I was called to consult and adentrei the room of the doctor, who made me the usual questions and prescribed a series of examinations stops an evaluation, that already became delayed, due my negligence. After to finish my shortness and routine consults, the doctor still was in the room of wait, waiting resulted of its examinations and repaired that it was not using its habitual jaleco.

I thought: – She is the civilian! – It made What me to sketch a mental smile. The fact is that it waited the results of some examinations and had the coinscidncia to be there, offered me a hitchhiking until our native city, what I accepted for the discomfort of the collective transport. It surprised what me was when leaving the doctor’s office, to evidence that the way of transport that it used was a motorcycle, disliked that me, for not considering trustworthy something so vulnerable and quick.