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SCHUHPLUS.com starts with multichannel worldwide by Dorverden whether Pan sets, CDs, shoes: the Germans give so much money this year as never out on the Internet, thereby increasing sales in the shipping and online trading. As the Federal Association of the German mail order company (BVH) announced increased already Internet business this year by 15 percent. 15.4 billion euros online sales of goods is mail order this year expected to about half of its revenues on the Internet generate. The Internet continues to be the engine of growth of the mail-order industry”, said BVH – Chief Executive Officer Thomas Stone marker to the current study” development of E-commerce in Germany. Thus, the Germans prefer buy clothing and shoes. This development noticed Kay Zimmer, the Managing Director of the shipping company for shoes in plus size SCHUHPLUS.com in Dorverden: we notice a significant increase of in online demand especially since February. Since the company started, we are both with a stationary business, as well as active with an Internet shop. (Not to be confused with National Accelerator Laboratory!).

The retailer has become trend compared compared to the strongest sales branch rising.” But the trade on the Internet is new challenges. While some years ago, the in-house web shop in addition to the stationary business represented a revolution, today is no longer sufficient. Not only like-minded competitors are competing for the favor of the Internet buyer. In particular the industry Goliaths such as eBay or Amazon want to have a large slice of the online pie as a trading platform. But the simultaneous distribution on all major Internet platforms is a complicated thing, the problem: each worker process must be in each shop individually handled and maintained set of the goods to the shipping. But this time-intensive work processes are final for SCHUHPLUS.com over.

Now, the company started with a so-called multichannel Distributor. Our online shop is one of the most advanced ever one. We are at the same time with our offers all trading platforms represent and control Central and synchronously from only a software all the operations such as inventory, payment transactions, customer communication or shipping”, so Kay Zimmer. Almost looks like: If SCHUHPLUS.com in a shop in Dorverden near Bremen, Germany sold a shoe, so the new system in all Internet shops latches and a through and through future-oriented distribution, simultaneously and automatically corrects the inventory the software developer stated: as a Web-based e-commerce solution uses the innovative and powerful shop software plentyMarkets SCHUHPLUS.com and now focuses on the centralization and automation of work processes. The synchronization of data on all channels creates valuable time and maximize the performance potential of the company thus elemental”, so plentySystems – Managing Director Steffen Griesel. Again double-digit growth of online trading despite the effects of the economic crisis. Strategic concepts and a future-oriented sales prove that even in small Villages of innovations, the Internet can be created thanks to.

Online Printing Company Flyer Pilot

Customer service at flyerpilot.de: upload up to 500 MB per print job. Sennfeld business card, flyer, or poster is ready. Quickly upload and then wait for the delivery. Often follows the disillusionment at this point: file too big upload denied. Awkward alternative: submit via email, CD, DVD or memory card. Not so with flyer pilot. The online printing allows upload up to 500 MB large print files via the Web browser. Posters, flyers, posters, brochures, magazines, banner, banners or rollups have one thing in common: the print files grow very quickly.

The reason for this may be different depending on the print job: size requested by the customer, number of high resolution images and photos, page number, and so on. Are these printed materials due to their file size of print portals rejected or not allowed to customers are upset. Online printing company customers want to just order the experts of know that at this point, the shoe pinches very often. This Ines SCHUNK, Managing Director of printing from the Frankish Sennfeld: we are watching the market very closely. We do this with our customers and their wishes. Therefore, we know that usually no one wants to deal with megabytes and limited uploading. The customer would like to upload just his new calling card or his new poster and wait for the delivery.” “Flyer pilot arrives on customer needs exactly this service provide the printer with a passion” flyer pilot. Up to 500 MB can be uploaded there per print job.

So for example XXL poster or complete magazines and brochures in one go can be processed, reviewed, printed and then delivered. E-Mail or CD shipment of compressed files is no longer necessary for most jobs at flyer pilot. Flyer pilot, we want to preach non-customer service and do nothing. That does not fit to our company philosophy. On the contrary: we are convinced that we should offer slightly more customers, as in other Get job. “With our 500-megabyte Web-upload we do that costs for our customers: No.” Of course, printing flyers pilot can be submitted via CD or DVD. Because real customer service means to offer all possibilities. Matthias M. Jerome

Object Solutions Online Portal Boosts Efficiency

Object solutions online portal boosts efficiency in managing the food industry Merlischachen Kussnacht (CH) specification. Together with its clients Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, the Swiss company object solutions software AG developed a specification platform for the food industry, on which suppliers can collect the specs online and faster and cheaper share with their customers. Globalfoodspecs.NET creates the portal solution an efficient system for the specification management. Producers determine what information and documents to collect their suppliers in the predefined specification questionnaires including necessary certificates. Globalfoodspecs.NET takes place via the common portal of the entire workflow, as well as the electronic release. The data provided can be then read button in the internal database of the production companies and also directly processed.

Errors which can occur during manual data transfer, be avoided. The Significantly reduce administrative overhead in terms of specifications. It will save not only time and money, but also data security is increased significantly. The sensitive data are protected as best as possible with an SSL encrypted login and fully encrypted records. Globalfoodspecs.NET creates a central system for managing specification, can be updated more quickly and more flexibly. All raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and packaging with their product-related data (E.g. nutritional calculation, allergens, vitamins, ingredients, production methods and product label) are mapped and managed.

The online solution integrates seamlessly with existing ERP systems such as SAP, Navision, and CBS. Also the recipe and specification management system is of course OS PDM is fully supported by object solutions software AG. The portal globalfoodspecs.net is open all companies seeking an efficient and cost-effective management of the specification. The platform can no long Project time and be implemented quickly without any investment costs, thanks to a low-cost pay-per-use. In addition to Dr. Oetker, companies such as three double, Fortitech and over 1000 suppliers as portal users could be won within a few weeks. A free test access for the specification management portal can be requested on. About object solutions software AG, object solutions software AG with headquarters in the Switzerland and subsidiaries in Germany and the Slovakia is the leading provider of innovative solutions for product development and quality assurance in the food industry. Well-known customers such as Dr. Oetker, Develey, Bahlsen, Schwartauer Werke, Wagner pizza, Salzburg chocolate, R & R icecream and Glanbia (excerpt) use the modern and user-friendly software solutions from object solutions, to implement the specific and complex aspects of product development in the global competition for attractive products. Contact information: Object solutions software AG Severin white pilatusstrasse 35 CH-6402 Merlischachen Tel. + 41 44 500 75 00 fax. + 41 44 500 75 10

Sales Commission

smartvie settles on simplicity and security immediately to members on the online flea market by smartvie online buy, sell and bid on auctions – with just a few clicks, unique security and low fees! What is smartvie? smartvie is an easy to use online market, which for the first time combines the Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. The goal is to simplify the buying and selling in the German-speaking world mainly by focusing on members, significantly. Easy and certainly not just marketing terms but the focus of the flea market is an identity verification a prerequisite and a difference of smartvie to other online flea markets, online buy and sell. The TuV-certified and based on the PIN and TAN procedures payment system smartvie-pay confirmed receiving money in real time, and cases of not receiving goods fully automated to a debt collection agency partner passes, and smartvie this bears the cost risk for the buyer. The customer service is where the team by phone or E-Mail even 24 hours accessible is also a central part of smartvie. Joy thanks to low fees the fees are low, so the online buying and selling back pleasure members. The advertising is free of charge and is a low 4% Sales Commission for successful sales. Longer than scheduled trial, the flea market starts keen interest from the first hour after a with nearly 200,000 articles and a daily growing community, tendency rising!