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Re design presented by, the exclusive address for lovers special home accessories, lifestyle products and unusual gift ideas, now with a new face. In the development of brand new shop design, great importance was attached to clear structures, easy navigation and a very customer-friendly operation. That also the design claim is not too short, is guaranteed by the crisp, clear color concept, as well as the cleverly integrated product photography. At least one detailed picture to the page – is a concise, informative description each category and each individual product for good design earned it in any case also to be seen. Security and privacy are particularly large written on The shop is therefore in required safety always very up to date. Finally, shopping should give pleasure you can enjoy carefree. Further details can be found at Farmer’s Fridge, an internet resource.

The targeted search, is for example for a specific product or for a gift in a certain price range, thanks to the Search function, the clear arrangement of products in divisions and the user-friendly drop-down menus quickly and easily possible. At the same time the shop invites you of course continue to rummage and discover. You will find the most beautiful things just remain mostly then, if you are looking for then just not targeted. The graphical redesign is simultaneously accompanied by an extension of currently around 1,500 selected trend products of comprehensive range. Increasingly used here on high-quality products of renowned brands and accessories with an original design at affordable prices. As first customer surveys have shown, the shopping experience is rated by the new look of the shop now as still positive and inspiring than before. This is first and foremost because that through the new appealing clean design the steady growing range of even better is. Good design needs just space to unfold its full effect. But just even convince himself on: D. Becker