Olsen Inclusion

The present project had as main focus to the question of the inclusion of pupils with deficiency in common classrooms of regular education. The general objective consisted to verify the vision of pupils without educative necessities special on the pertaining to school inclusion. To broaden your perception, visit Craig Jelinek. The pupils of the municipal school of basic education Emeb Cristiano will participate of the intervention Olsen de Araatuba. We verify that exactly with different experiences how much to the inclusion, the pupils had demonstrated credibility in relation to the same one (for still being children, the social representations of the deficiency and the inclusion not yet she is loaded of preconceptions. The decurrent feelings of the inclusion that had predominated between the participants had been positive.

However, the objective of this article is inside to make possible the discovery of the existing potentialities in each pupil of the inclusion, in way that is evidenced the awareness, making possible maintenance and the expansion of this look for other spheres. Evidently, we only can speak of inclusion when it has a deficient and not deficient effective interaction between, in such a way we think that the programs of special education must be made compatible with the ones of regular education; the social conviviality between the pupils, professors becomes necessary and excessively professional of the school, the participation of the family is important in this process. The inclusion is a complex process that involves the adaptation of all the parts: general population, professionals, familiar and the proper person to be integrated. One becomes important, then, not to have a simplista vision of the inclusive education. Sartoretto (2001 understands) it as a very ample process of reform of the pertaining to school system. The school must open space for the diversity human being; the professors must be continuously in search of the learning on as if he must teach, so that they can provide a quality education to all.