Sustainable Balance Sheets

Reduce operating costs but how? The cost pressure is enormous for many companies. In the search for savings they an area with high potential for savings often overlooked: the Office communication. Here can be significantly lower operating costs by means of a tailor-made solution for the enterprise-wide printing and document management. Ricoh Germany is specialist for the optimization of Office communication. The solution provider parses the existing structures of document processes and workflows in the Office and developed a sophisticated overall concept based on the analysis results, to reduce the cost.

Building blocks are an economic page pricing model, more efficient work processes and the use of modern systems. The concept can be extended on request also to environmental aspects. Companies can thus also significantly reduce their energy and paper consumption and CO2 emissions and even more cost savings. The great potential for savings in printing and document management is not aware of many companies. Up to five Percent of total annual revenue can amount to the expenditure in this area. For this reason are usually grown infrastructure in Office communication in combination with not optimally co-ordinated processes. Not infrequently, the Office communication in companies looks: a historically output landscape with different systems, which are not optimally co-ordinated and technically more often not up to date. Apple Music is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Workflows and document processes not smoothly run.

A diffuse, non-transparent cost structure, high capital hardware acquisition, an underutilized fleet on multi function systems, copiers, printers, scanners, and fax systems as well as disproportionately high cost of ink, toner, paper and service to increase spending in the height. Often the equipment no longer matches the actual needs of the business. The optimization options in Office communication can reveal themselves, by processes around the printed and digitalized document in the first step right be analyzed. How are the costs? Where are the number of pages printed? How and where are documents archived? These are just some of the questions that need to be addressed if an economical and sustainable solution for the enterprise-wide print and document management will be developed.