The Lid

The method used to prepare the fruit depends on the use that is want to give. Fruit prepared in syrup is best for use in desserts; prepared with sugar powder or unsweetened fruit is best for cooking, because it contains less liquid. Packed in syrup dissolve the recommended amount of sugar in warm water and let it cool completely. Put about 1/2 cup syrup in each bottle of 500 ml. wash and/or peel the fruit; slicing it so it falls inside the jar to cut it. Add more syrup to cover the fruit leaving space to the mouth of the jar, to allow it to expand as it freezes.

For the fruit that darkens place crumpled paper moisture-proof between the lid and the fruit to keep it submerged. Use the following table as a guide to know how much space to leave between the fruit and the mouth of the bottle. Wide mouth space 500 ml (with liquid) containers 1.5 centimeters 1000 ml (with liquid) 3 centimeters 500 ml and 100 ml (without liquid) 1.5 centimeters. Narrow-mouth space 500 ml (with liquid) 2 centimeters 1000 ml containers (with liquid) 4 centimeters. 500 ml and 1000 ml (without liquid) 1.5 centimeters. Packed with sugar place list fruit in a bowl.

To not hurt the fruit do not prepare more than 4 cups at a time. If necessary use a treatment to not darken the fruit. Sprinkle the fruit necessary sugar and let stand a few minutes until dissolved in the juice that comes out of the fruit. Gently stir the fruit until everything dissolves sugar and that each piece of fruit is covered with juice. Place the fruit in the container tightly without crushing it. Allow 1.5 cm of space to the mouth of the bottle. Packed without sugar packaging without sugar normally produces products of lower quality than the packed with sugar or syrup; However, it may be necessary for certain diets. Figs or berries freeze well with or without sugar. Use a solution to prevent discoloration. Leave 1.5 inches of space on all packaging. You can also freeze berries in a pan. Accommodate them separated into single layer and freeze them. Once frozen, put them in any container and return them into the freezer. Unsweetened fruit is can also pack in water or fruit of Apple, pineapple or white grape juice unsweetened. Packed with artificial sweeteners follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Original author and source of the article.