Working with Leaders

At the beginning of the meeting takes the pupils to reflect that the necessary leader to perceive the leadership, that is, must make possible the growth of its group. The leader serves the group, and contrary it and does not put the group looking at for its objectives and if she places in a position to help them to carry through it its goals. The true one to be able comes of the capacity of living its vocation to help the others to grow. The remaining portion is control and position. It is anguish.

It is as a country wanting to dominate the other. It goes to have whenever to increase the pressure, and, when to linger itself, the other is become free. I grow to the measure that I help the people to grow. I am estagnado to the measure that my group is estagnada. The first step somebody to help the others to grow is to revise its concept of being able.

To reflect on as it exerts its power. The detainer of the power manipulates its dependents for the fear. The relations do not flow. It always has a foot behind. The acceptance of a leadership is a feeling that appears spontaneously. The led one needs to be conquered to respect the leader integrally, as its commander and as human being. This is the secret of the real power. Who does not have the capacity to conquer led its, finishes using the force it position to impose and to be obeyed. People influenced for a truth leader act for the collective, of the group.